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Tue Apr 09 22:08:13 2019 +0000
a31032a16330ca069db82160d2203fa7a9737acaDave Townsend — Bug 1542716: Allow overriding the update channel that is used when generating the default profile name. r=froydnj
17040bb20e256476df548a6be770e7d8f78387efNathan Froyd — Bug 524410 - part 5 - merge adjacent line records where possible; r=gsvelto
d048bcf083e5df1547230ecc780139a264389889Nathan Froyd — Bug 524410 - part 4 - look through lexical block DIEs where appropriate; r=gsvelto
b3e5b74ed19fcf6c6f44457accccf4bb59eebcb3Nathan Froyd — Bug 524410 - part 3 - replace line information for inlined functions; r=gsvelto
589e276c75fadc2f261f3edb1c8d7f59d2008d55Nathan Froyd — Bug 524410 - part 2 - parse DW_TAG_inlined_subroutine DIEs; r=gsvelto
578c94538897c59349de77ee3c2da4252198a371Nathan Froyd — Bug 524410 - part 1 - extract file information out of .debug_line parsing; r=gsvelto
ac23ad5ef0c18d7bf5b55fd9d07cfd1c0da33033Bobby Holley — Bug 1542862 - Eagerly fail when building Android on OSX with rust 1.33 and point to the bug/workaround. r=glandium
1c24cd92ef54fcfbcc8cf32ee194ae6009d7809dshindli — Backed out changeset d389f6f9743e (bug 1540861) for causing perma failing bc7 failures in browser/components/urlbar/tests/browser/browser_UrlbarInput_tooltip.js
b58bc30029527864cb1b36658440e9242fa8524eSebastian Hengst — Bug 1543034 - ifdef traceMagic to avoid warning about unused variable. r=tcampbell
0c487b484577f639879f47bd7fdb2c7bab4713a4Oriol Brufau — Bug 1504567 - Don't prematurely insert lazy tabs in customize mode. r=dao
bba6d1554446f902ce948c8700406c53a5f662deGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1381951 - reserve preferences shortcut on mac, r=dao
dfe05bf32adb3591ae15b0b3f4016b73db92037bOriol Brufau — Bug 1540530 - Don't tear down Customize Mode when reloading about:blank. r=dao
bd12a191e5af168f52a03e0546cf4b02054d5414Lina Cambridge — Bug 1542990 - Use "Toolkit :: Storage" for kvstore bugs. DONTBUILD r=mak,myk
e1fa16165c528ccb201e8f9e2a24ce6833aeededEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1540220 - Stop uselessly calling EffectCompositor from ResolveStyleLazily. r=hiro
07a87bbee9ca37c2852b620e52b62679719e64f4Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1540220 - Cleanup a bit the lazy style resolution APIs. r=heycam
ae9783be99324502017f3c9bfc92cb811fd1993eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1540220 - Remove some useless usage of LazyComputeBehavior::Allow. r=dholbert
9194b56c65fa97430a2badbb583565e33a1c5275Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1540220 - Cleanup unused style traversal flags. r=dholbert
8cbdae26bf7b3727f7a108fb2af8e5012d07b3d7Andrew McCreight — Bug 1543169 - Use nicer XPIDL arrays in nsITouchBarUpdater. r=spohl
e05177437976417d180e1173ef99e3c17079ca34Mathieu Leplatre — Bug 1541428 - Improve invalidation of polling when adding new Remote Settings client r=glasserc
5c5765ae3e648c812c09e86b76ca59d297363cb2Jeff Walden — Bug 1542910 - Make all script compilation APIs directly return a JSScript*, rather than returning a success code and returning the JSScript* via outparam that exactly duplicates the success code value's meaning. r=arai
6a948ab124ae27dc4f66bd7059505ae11b096fc4Brindusan Cristian — Backed out changeset 2647a23c02bf (bug 1534351) for mochitest failures at test_multipleFilePicker.html. CLOSED TREE
b9d09627acaf8aca013c0d8e8e3ca58896061254Brindusan Cristian — Backed out changeset 53e379a5738f (bug 1542910) as requested by waldo on irc. CLOSED TREE
53e379a5738feb54107333ef592198263ea1cf44Jeff Walden — Bug 1542910 - Make all script compilation APIs directly return a JSScript*, rather than returning a success code and returning the JSScript* via outparam that exactly duplicates the success code value's meaning. r=arai
89c293eaf78e37edc34917370ee62a6c2a83d172Mike Shal — Bug 1536194 - Fix uses of MOZ_LTO in a few mozconfigs; r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,glandium
17b96c33164ec887ae256a7e5501dd365af8911dChris Manchester — Bug 1542707 - Don't replace 'nightly' jobs with artifact builds on try. r=glandium
83e7324dc00b7cfcf4e3f05ebe9523bbbac6d6ebAndrew McCreight — Bug 1542944 - Release nsITouchBarInputCallback earlier so it doesn't leak. r=spohl
9bc397e8199db4df590f7307b8ba6afb32c9ce96Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 47d793fbd8cc (bug 1533385) at nalexander's request.
9c62f06c8c6a719bf0cb82c6a49ac5e2a1029904Jonathan Kew — Bug 1542773 - Make the mac font activation/sandbox test (browser_bug1393259.js) more robust. r=haik
382518bd8029480395692ca5c724c2b10cf205a1Chris H-C — Bug 1539257 - Show Origin Telemetry in about:telemetry l10n-r?flod r=janerik,flod
09338587b68ec81fce358678fd79c558bc8f5ea8Tom Prince — Bug 1458385: Repackage windows builds on linux. r=glandium,Callek
f7791b680d462524e8b8c7b640ca2f5a4a727c38Tom Prince — Bug 1458385: Update linux-upx to 3.9.5; r=glandium
cc06a7beb3d14069f406f7846b55d8e2f38e39edTom Prince — Bug 1458385: Make linux64-upx toolchain tier 1; r=glandium
3b10487587c399057f13465266e1130c609332a9Tom Prince — Bug 1458385: Package mar and mbsdiff as a toolchain; r=glandium
20c3796517dababd5f650efcfeaaa361f1474b95Oriol Brufau — Bug 1541422 - Escape special characters in autocomplete. r=nchevobbe
f558bd686d04a94c66f74593abed7d0eeaa2b8c1Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1541230 - Part 2 - Add /System/Library read access to the utility sandbox r=Alex_Gaynor
247f24a6210293589d56c1420b84a8a1f8f627c4Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1541230 - Part 1 - YouTube Tab Crash on macOS 10.11 with security.sandbox.rdd.mac.earlyinit=true r=spohl
01c63dabf6cb0cf8321f183ad73c7660268d55ebCosmin Sabou — Merge mozilla-central to autoland.
3aa2e84843939738f07e6fa12983e1c52788d9a1Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset d470f958ea61 (bug 1542910) for bustages in testEmptyWindowIsOmitted.cpp
20c86313e33273d6b5eb02a5eb8fc3e291abc753Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1542242 - [taskgraph] Hack required mozbase module onto PYTHONPATH rather than run 'mach python' for Windows builds, r=marco
d470f958ea613268f839f8346e983dc9d8820c06Jeff Walden — Bug 1542910 - Make all script compilation APIs directly return a JSScript*, rather than returning a success code and returning the JSScript* via outparam that exactly duplicates the success code value's meaning. r=arai
2647a23c02bfbedd487e436835fca01ba06f1c7cAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1534351 - HTMLInputElement should always allow popups for system principal, r=smaug
bfaec0e9d5d8de54f678094b26e4b7cd61a807adAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1542198: remote: build tests only on --enable-tests; r=ochameau
917d4b516ba958539d8145c13fab63a5344e953dCosmin Sabou — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1531838) for assertion failures on ClientLayerManager.cpp.
e217cf252bb06d2c4f4e61b49ccd1e77614a54dfBryce Van Dyk — Bug 1540136 - P5: Handle if ChromiumCDMProxy is shutdown in the middle of init. r=cpearce
f09291096c4f9589a14f43468a04970202ae2468Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1540136 - P4: Remove ChromiumCDMParent mMainThread as it is unused. r=cpearce
7178347182f50db3fce7af4910e97274d11cb7faBryce Van Dyk — Bug 1540136 - P3: ChromiumCDMProxy runs CDM init thennable code on the main thread. r=cpearce
bc7e92510e95a39fef9f9fc32224c416e9d6f11fBryce Van Dyk — Bug 1540136 - P2: CDMProxy stores main thread as nsISerialEventTarget, rather than nsIEventTarget. r=cpearce
7c83e08566d34fe194069a5219a16755d1cbe757Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1540136 - P1: Log more info in ChromiumCDMProxy dtor and Shutdown. r=cpearce
de1c51fce80e5bee60661bff92e2006970ecd760Yaron Tausky — Bug 1539538 - Introduce UnsafePtr r=froydnj,janv
b979e271d9550c9baa63c1e98f4db5bc7f5677c5Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1540152 - Run checks done in push-apk in promote-phase, instead of the very last task of the pipeline r=mtabara
b53ad32487116413bb6fa068ce43af2eae217e69Dan Minor — Bug 1533071 - Enable OpenH264 plugin for win64-aarch64; r=jya
106e58c798efea5320f6806f2ef6781a5987b294Micah Tigley — Bug 1282084 - Don't allow RDM to show triggered hover states while touch is enabled. r=pbro
d389f6f9743efc1f349d44305a84eb620f433805Marco Bonardo — Bug 1540861 - Limit the length of titles and URLs we display so layout doesn't spend too much time building text runs. r=dao
6db3e21f8901c808ad1da3706fbc166328c4af22Paul Zuehlcke — Bug 1492668 - Store temporary site permissions by base domain to mitigate permission notification spam r=johannh
829c937f690939edeb83cc5143214e8445fbbf36Mathieu Leplatre — Bug 1541888 - Enable ESLinting in dom/push/ r=glasserc,lina
354e9abf1a431424b554e2ce00e232dcc6955ff8Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1534927 - Create warningGroup outside of r=Honza.
f09e9d011ba193397c2f0035ab74b3120355b99dAndrew McCreight — Bug 1542854 - Make [System Principal] into a static atom. r=froydnj
5c20b75a9e32bbd62d1709eb42d3323ddfbe1d28Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1531838 - Ensure we don't set up twice on any window. r=johannh
1badfbad01fb4ec5278cd0dbde44f165665491e9Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1531838 - Reliably wait for click-to-play popup notification in private windows. r=johannh
f54fe4e4822f7a1587e655de17487540a2e86544Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1531838 - Inline PanelUI code and avoid leaving behind properties on windows. r=johannh
712bd9022cc297ce0ffc6074f797d259f31835d8Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1531838 - Enable Firefox Monitor by default. r=johannh
2b272977a1e5267db194b3dc33fe4f240a226dd6Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 1839a68aea95 (bug 1492668) for assertion failures on GMPParent.cpp. CLOSED TREE
22602954561c86b58ab9fde7a019b361aba7080aCosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 9a6c6c9c8119 (bug 1542292) for causing build bustages. CLOSED TREE
3e0f17ff1cccb20dc339268450f654288df23fe2Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1542539 - Add crash test for mp4 with a 0 by 0 dimension track. r=jya
edb31d22aafaf64e640079a4ad85f190f6e88371Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1542539 - MediaData::ValidateBufferAndPicture warns on 0 by 0 dimension data instead of asserting. r=jya
a16ab9d38fe748d125dad628afd99d442185f9e5Vijay Budhram — Bug 1535937 - Add custom telemetry for FxA toolbar menu r=janerik
18a310712e500571d2080ad0c175427122d7423eChris Martin — Bug 1052579 - Refactor and cleanup for JS StringBuffer class r=sfink
660471b4a2ada83f46bcb2f072f1c69a1d317724Ted Campbell — Bug 1541580 - Cleanup ProxyObject creation r=jandem
bbfe142d94f9569c59266550d6dc3ba5f5ac98b4Petr Sumbera — Bug 1405345 - ldflags as defined in gypi shouldn't be ignored at least on Solaris for now r=froydnj
7366858bc6ada4d4839937a3f3e69df1fa2a0aa3Ted Campbell — Bug 1535137 - Store inline-doubles as Values in bytecode r=jandem
17ae35a549afd32c827d9031db5628d23c41c4f7Ted Campbell — Bug 1535137 - Store JSOP_DOUBLE literals inline r=jandem
fd0ffc19dd6b3d7c56da650d5504d0d1b6a3b3b7Ted Campbell — Bug 1535137 - Use copyAndSwap in BytecodeUtil instead of manual endian mangement r=jandem
9a6c6c9c81199563416ffe9795b76c382d736f41Luke Wagner — Bug 1542292 - Bump 64-bit executable quota to 2gb (r=jandem)
1839a68aea956a9c69f305f1c6b493a20e72a2d7Paul Zuehlcke — Bug 1492668 - Store temporary site permissions by base domain to mitigate permission notification spam r=johannh
3b8444793f558bd769d35515f4c0cc8f3ba52370Olivier Tilloy — Bug 1436457 - Add a group policy file to disable app updates, as those are handled by snapd. r=jlorenzo,mkaply
a024c4370f280ba0222b2f358f3c71e96d7f4b62Justin Wood — Bug 1541917 - Mac Talos tests are running on every push to integration branches. r=jmaher
7a2b3a8fab9c308673dc571ff97717424647d0f9sotaro — Bug 1515448 - Set eglSwapInterval to 0 on wayland r=stransky
468689f35a67bf324c486999775bb58f7c78ea1fJonas Allmann — Bug 1539183, Remove tree.xml, content-task.js dupplicate from eval() whitelist, r=ckerschb