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Thu Jan 20 06:28:04 2011 +0000
3b6ff0e5ecffdb5b69d2d5ed8c4ffc5b417862e4Siarhei Siamashka — Bug 619481 - after binutils upgrade, 'xptcinvoke_arm.cpp' fails to compile for ARM thumb2 with hardfp ABI r=Jacob.Bramley a=approval2.0
a32b4edf277ae93b0c228f5ad81c87e15154fa82Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 623868 - Qt popup menu content is not positioned correctly r=romaxa a=npodb
3a9a6b749df64db06ec671278c86af6cdb29c55fTatiana Meshkova — Bug 626632 - nsFilePicker is broken in qt desktop. r=romaxa a=npodb