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Tue Mar 05 04:19:19 2019 +0000
7c5b913dc2e3b68cb7b019574de03d7b5d8de364Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1532477 - Return BEnd() from LogicalRect::YMost() in the case of non vertical. r=dholbert
b6a5fe5a1c5287718bab9da980c212afac30a8eeAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 34d5cbb640e3 (bug 1530557) for failing bc at browser_double_close_tab.js
79c8caa8661252b8ecbc98c4c2a8ad91304c010ajjo — Bug 1530179: Replace promiseWaitForCondition with TestUtils.waitForCondition in browser_double_close_tab.js r=johannh
1cc8b60d8a6bcbcca357e2e32c047669fb50d12eNick Thomas — Bug 1532236 - longer timeout for asan partial generation, r=tomprince
29a17314e008b518935a689a125ff767b34752d5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1466208 - part 30: Create PresShell::EventHandler::AutoCurrentEventInfoSetter class r=smaug
ade393862e9dddf6a3acce62453db19e29596688Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset b6c437beca62 (bug 1530179) for failing bc at browser_double_close_tab.js on a CLOSED TREE
88ffdaa924cd625629d50fdbc97923ee9ee42b0fAndreea Pavel — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1524992) for valgrind failures on a CLOSED TREE
f324b0fe247192d8f1a3cad23b84e2e16a56249cAndreea Pavel — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1529394) for bc failures at on a CLOSED TREE
5da51a38627583a85cee0aaf1dcc313518332632Yaron Tausky — Bug 1484524: Allow creating a StrongWorkerRef for IPC in the Canceling state r=asuth
bc972ff775adcb8faa2436968a6305fc5ae5dfd7Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1530584 - Correct placeholder overflow calculation. r=miko,mattwoodrow
341088b5783b543852906cc7c7b87e0a78b64732sotaro — Bug 1530585 - Re-enable test_background_video_resume_after_end_show_last_frame.html r=jya
bfb349870bbfec611db4ca53391bdf61df15992bDaniel Holbert — Bug 1531025 part 2: Skip an unnecessary border-radius calculation if the radii are 0 (to avoid division by 0). r=boris
818af1db79a228cc7709fd82eabe417e521259d1Daniel Holbert — Bug 1531025 part 1: Add braces around conditions in nsIFrame::ComputeBorderRadii(). r=boris
71e5f2f8ca11283011a40cc7a30199417a0e48bfAlexander Surkov — Bug 1531155 - Support context menus in html:textarea in the parent process, r=NeilDeakin
469b9a04697237a28a1a76e364803c9645b1e1baMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1265903 - Remove duplicated "ClearType Parameters" section. r=Standard8
a1fc95a1f08d57bf14bd36b6420ccf9f8035e443Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1530208. Fix isEqualNode to not do a bunch of string-copying. r=mccr8
face9d1e886872033b70fbdff5a40eaa244db3fbJames Willcox — Bug 1524992 - Use Marionette for Linux profile runs r=mshal
ae1e20a595c44100776589dcc1f76418208c88c7James Willcox — Bug 1524992 - Don't trigger crash in about:crash* when opened from external apps r=mconley
b0b9322c7a5986af47dd41331a1ffd6c196ffc53James Willcox — Bug 1524992 - Treat command line URIs as external r=mconley
d019f0762a071678ba7a280f1bdfbe5ccff02daeMark Banner — Bug 1532367 - Remove accessible/.eslintrc.js and use the global rules for accessible/ r=surkov
34d5cbb640e33ad6b06af239788470118156764bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1530557 - tabprompt dialog box size restrictions are completely broken, r=MattN
33a6f98be59c81ef5ebf53c3853a76b340ede88cCiure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
faa8822a034d76e920b9c4670795fd6b100836f4Rob Wood — Bug 1530353 - Temporarily stop measuring hero element in tp6-1 to prevent intermittent failures; r=acreskey,davehunt
7f3e254c982c86371a0dc92a78c929b9cabbc3c1Shane Caraveo — Bug 1529394 pref 'on' incognito not_allowed r=kmag
3a8c338af709b1d911ba645f914d26ca87db0988Shane Caraveo — Bug 1529394 fix tests for pref'ing on incognito not_allowed r=rpl
b58080db50e6d16aa2e9c8e83188435353a2ecdcBastien Abadie — Bug 1527895 - Add code-review-issues task in CI, r=dustin,marco,tomprince
7df695610f7f17d3ef2c3da8aae44344320395ecShane Caraveo — Bug 1531974 revert automatic extension permission in permanent private browsing r=rpl
02e06636f9d5e6603017e5187ddebec5bc41b2fbAndrew Erickson — Bug 1530546: change hostutils version in raptor test r=gbrown
031a1548a83cfcef87cc0d0834f8a2d8c6ea4c6cAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset adf5830d08b5 (bug 1532171) for build bustages on a CLOSED TREE
774a5ee90bae16072134941ebefab18f203ffe74Ryan Hunt — Bug 1531528 - Rename CrossProcessCompositorBridgeParent to ContentCompositorBridgeParent. r=mattwoodrow
fa641ad0f4b8aeb31237ab51ef5ce5797ac56b82Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1511740 - Use nsDisplayAsyncZoom items to insert zooming animations in WR. r=jrmuizel,botond
adf5830d08b510ee37df21177ac71cd9c389660fLee Salzman — Bug 1532171 - don't use light-on-dark mask when font smoothing is disabled on macOS r=rhunt
15d98a1290fa75aa119120ad3b591dff90956bc4Rob Wood — Bug 1531169 - Add the ability to run Raptor page-load tests against live sites; r=davehunt
dd200b211b4adbbf149096dcf7341576384c5129Dana Keeler — bug 1521983 - remove some unused certificate pinning telemetry probes r=jcj,ulfr
8cbf86043273811dd463d6707945ca3346ade726Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1531538 - Delay resolving the promise returned from requestStorageAccess when the automatic storage access grants are invoked; r=baku
ce7738b3a35df45b1984a8fccec773cc3a429325Akshay Kumar — Bug 1528097 : Fix FIDO U2F support on Windows 10 19H1/20H1 Insider builds r=keeler,jcj
b9acd5279c31d159c9d0dcf1a0e038cb324593b6Andrew Erickson — Bug 1530546: updating hostutils for linux, round 2.1 r=gbrown
7e2c495ba4ee1b918b04024ceb4ada1115fcd05eJ.C. Jones — Bug 1520278 - Disable Intermediate Preloading on Android (and non-Nightly) r=keeler
5e31168aa777bb9589a79f5bcfaf7f0efe9858f3Jan de Mooij — Bug 1527148 part 1 - Fix an Ion polymorphic inlining issue. r=bhackett
b78a82f30f4e002102d0925ddabbb800bf803c79Glenn Watson — Bug 1531524 - Support running wrench on Android. r=kvark
e0828fccefb530fa25fdc473db6ac42cb6662e77Tom Schuster — Bug 1531788 - Use Value::type in js::GetProperty. r=jandem
7cc86fd0d3865f54f91a92e01b21a62aa0125d8bMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1531443 - Clear the `lastProfileAutoCompleteResult` during a form history fallback search. r=jaws
e544d9948446156682f0ae8870308fdde72916eaHenri Sivonen — Bug 1529237 - Use matrix instead of offset for converting between chrome and content process event coordinates in TabParent. r=kats
3d9f5f3d386bab092634df66e49f684d433e2507Ed Lee — Bug 1532321 - Add impression positions, React 16.8.3 and bug fixes to Activity Stream r=k88hudson
292b61ced52c4144fedc4e2cf455410cf85cde66Dan Mosedale — Bug 1529007 - update React license text in about:license for 16.8.3 r=mhoye
ea800ec9b4ae8877c2bc4b56aa7cf892a2612205Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1532122 - Make word-spacing, letter-spacing, and line-height use Rust lengths. r=boris
8f8fffb64cd134c4fc468c4d020ae9c5e199f304Robert Strong — Bug 1532093 - profile-per-install shouldn't use the registry entries for cached hashes. r=bytesized