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Fri Jul 16 13:03:44 2010 +0000
ced41ebe9e7545d14f4138597db806582bf169c6Markus Stange — Bug 392188 - Tests for click-through.
f1cd1c78ebd3e4fc011b21b47b6178ae13662fbdMarkus Stange — Bug 404267 - Always allow click-through on scrollbars. r=roc
e491889be2ec2d9d7b619e2b04b39da95d2c0bf9Markus Stange — Bug 392188 - Don't allow click-through on XUL trees by default. r=Enn
3a1683e3fcfa96ca3bf37b79f11563b6bb013308Markus Stange — Bug 392188 - Don't allow click-through on tab close buttons. r=Enn
ffbbedb69cac431d91af064c1a4e659d14ae2775Markus Stange — Bug 392188 - Don't allow click-through on <browser>s by default. r=Enn
e18854fb9aed5bfe72a05ec21eb09e60f839ce4eMarkus Stange — Bug 392188 - Add a XUL attribute called "clickthrough" that determines whether an element accepts mouse events when it's in a background window. r=smaug
e5c19ff58cf98ed9f198c71587a047254ba8a3f0Markus Stange — Bug 392188 - For mouse events on background windows, send a mouseactivate event into that window to determine whether it wants the mouse event. This turns on click-through. ui-r=limi, r=josh
2d09181ec4cd0cc45482a2315e6e21fc39a7d61bMarkus Stange — Bug 557449 - Send mouse move events that are targeted to popup windows but not over the window to the popup window's contentView which will redirect it appropriately. r=josh