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Sun Jan 24 11:40:56 2010 +0000
f565b53ba490bb96a9170fd185c20c48d24d15dbDão Gottwald — Bug 498312 - page style menu should follow the media query spec more closely. r=gavin
e3cbcefd4e44f9216bb80abb1927a24a26ce61ebGeoff Lankow — Bug 480443 - URLbar should only show address tooltip when overflowing. r=gavin
f077fca0d235919894a3703b553accee7ef87024Dão Gottwald — Bug 504475 - closing last tab shows tab bar with "Always show the tab bar" off, and browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab = false. r=gavin
36a5be172c9120ae11edcd6df4e4ececb4866371Dão Gottwald — Bug 528732 - getMostRecentBrowserWindow should skip closed windows. r=gavin