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Tue Oct 23 10:47:09 2012 +0000
43c585774a134e99b359ed9c31a9e978ed0f7df0Alexandre Lissy — Bug 788191 - Exporting ICC SPN and MSISDN, r=vicamo, sr=sicking
369d723c52eedad74603eee235323ef414dc88f6Henri Sivonen — Bug 687859 - Make the BOM take precedence when determining the character encoding of scripts. r=smaug.
a0f3f814aade9d752b5bf2bbd273a7df42498301Matthew Gregan — No bug - Update media/libnestegg's README_MOZILLA to point to correct git commit. DONTBUILD
f55e223907b04b094b1623738cfb7c39d88e4b49Matthew Gregan — No bug - Update media/libcubeb's import script to include upstreamed OpenSL backend.
618a14edc7e0aa5f3e81719e6717f5e5ec183188Mark Finkle — Bug 802946 - Cleanup the 'Hide Apps/Promo' mess [backout the preprocessor code] r=blassey
1f5c210cc85508df38298fd34dcde23fbe744a87Etienne Segonzac — Bug 803628 - Fixing test file for bug 795164 [r=fabrice]
2263f8c760ff526d355e7c43cad0f65c3e58ea86Robert O'Callahan — Backing out 20279718e3c7 (bug 717178 part 2) for test bustage on a CLOSED TREE
c6fe2305d29c60ad266614974f3448469f81fa99Henrik Skupin — Bug 804118 - Fix crashtests to use mozRTCPeerConnection insread of mozPeerConnection. r=jesup
ab22c6590cfdc2099d98f7355e5cc20d62b44d84Andrea Marchesini — Bug 803452 - Remember my choice for geolocation doesn't work. r=vingtetun
9e1b8da160a290d32432560eb7c551aaf5c5ec5aAnthony Jones — Bug 791428 - Remove unnecessary malloc from number format function. r=roc
d587ce3af2f357775ac939e346fc1de374a264a3Anthony Jones — Bug 791428 - Limit pixel sizes so that they can't exceed app unit limits. r=roc
9ae8f8f7028fbd5793247806c7ffcaaf3ed79a67Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 790393 - Add MozPower.factoryReset() for factory reset. r=cjones, r=vingtetun, sr=sicking
a0158d3707850441cbbd3156395390380d90ef36Karl Tomlinson — b=793501 attach DocumentViewer to top GTK widget r=roc
8da9c24417d07c87a8006a170efc2bfae0825512Karl Tomlinson — b=793501 invalidate new regions of even toplevel resized windows r=roc
1c2eaa7e3edd494847197f380c9d3c8e3acde309Karl Tomlinson — b=793501 don't log child window XIDs as this has the side effect of creating X Windows early r=roc
9541dbf6e0208e58c0c0794c4a97f25b2f57b987Karl Tomlinson — b=793501 don't use a separate GdkWindow for MozContainer (unless necessary) r=roc
ded8c7f9a0d2be789c805017f756dfbf0dd9cd2dKarl Tomlinson — b=793501 remove unused event handler parameters r=roc
31df6929909f429b5c9c7e20376a7c49cdb2befcKarl Tomlinson — b=793501 don't resize toplevel window in response to resized notification r=bz
45b8a00043d5ab818a276d528cb46083beb8a5ceKarl Tomlinson — b=793501 set gFocusWindow on fallback instead of early, which interfered with container window focus change detection in SetFocus() r=roc
363b1a7f2cae656f2afe35f6497bcd2432c5a50dBrian Nicholson — Bug 803289 - Only set stubbed tab URLs for valid URIs. r=mfinkle
bf04510e09eed0b900cce06e6765bbea0fdf1373Robert O'Callahan — Bug 800859. Part 4 alternative: unconditionally dispatch MozAfterPaint to all subdocuments. r=mattwoodrow
74f3a93b928335df8e3b03bc1a6a317a8336ee8bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 800859. Part 3: Dispatch MozAfterPaint after we've done the COMPOSITE step for the invalidations recorded in the event. r=mattwoodrow
1bf5c18ae382f29e7442aae37dac48a815eb6425Robert O'Callahan — Bug 800859. Part 2: Remove nsIPresShell::DidPaint. r=mattwoodrow
6e108817d0c564adc2ab27ba379f8f85e6e6afdeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 800859. Part 1: Refactor PaintType into two independent flags. r=mattwoodrow
f18a8893e7ff0fd50bba83427b8ae0eb52ac369aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 802457. Ensure that positioned children of intrinsic-height viewports are reflowed with the correct container height. r=mats
20279718e3c7a6f9f48aa6d4c86e4bf3c7e29af3Adrian Johnson — Bug 717178. Part 2: Import changesets eb29a25d, 6e3e3291 and 101fab7c from upstream. r=jrmuizel
40e9ab16d3b23f7e0bb173f78089bf7f754c3032Robert O'Callahan — Bug 717178. Part 1: Don't crash when passing a nil scaled-font to _name_tables_match. r=jfkthame
f0dc54155f65fe63e0392233f6c0c78416deb58dCarmen Jimenez Cabezas — Bug 773891 - With AppsService changes
e2594523cb92d7ea78eb45cc819b93facf664724Jonas Sicking — Bug 786009: Give about:feeds pages the rigth principal so that they work even when the user has disabled JS. r=bz
74dd92789173f64e8992fc607d377e01a66e76bcBas Schouten — Bug 758531: DWrite fonts create mScaledFont on demand. This causes GetCairoScaledFont to return NULL. This subsequently caused the surface to go into an error status which caused the CreateSimilar call to fail for that surface. This patch properly uses the call which will create the cairo_scaled_font_t if it's not there yet. r=jrmuizel
ba0934ab716ac6b8603a895e4815ff0ce95d4770Wes Johnston — Bug 789888 - Catch errors thrown using document objects that have been destroyed. r=mfinkle
ccfda593ba944de08ce8224373e5b0c6e30b6d82Till Schneidereit — Bug 784400 - adapt GlobalObject::hasIntrinsicFunction to changes in self-hosting initialization. r=luke
c78126b314878b17affc0d25f4c152860a3f0149Bas Schouten — Bug 803949: Do not draw anything for zero size images. r=roc
f2686a2cd826699d16eef33fa11f810dfc4a08cbMark Finkle — Bug 801630 - random cleanup in exception.js r=bnicholson
a1170e62ccd519d89585fd1e50bb50145a302f84Mark Finkle — Bug 801630 - exception.js makes use of the global Private Browsing service to make decisions r=ehsan