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Mon Jan 12 10:44:52 2015 +0000
643589c3ef94ab60157309c3be7f1441c32503c2Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1110469 - Remove NS_OpenURI (r=sworkman)
922d760d0dcf2d5418f85ccbab105c4fa5929643Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1113323 - Make sure Protocolhandler sets same instance of loadinfo on the newly created channel (r=sicking)
b684185c1c542c75868adf0b7d16293d3cc6b1c7Nigel Babu — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1055658) for M5 bustage on a CLOSED TREE
e341d9d84469c1e4c93df41799b5edefaab09fbeChris Peterson — Bug 1120159 - Replace nonstandard expression closure with an arrow function in file:// directory listing. r=mcmanus
3cbd9323c8963df4f15b83a19e6efa7a74a2c23eXidorn Quan — Bug 1055658 part 4 - Revert RubyReflowState. r=dbaron
99e071295c420e0eb237b287be1546975148ba73Xidorn Quan — Bug 1055658 part 3 - Add reftests for ruby annotation relative positioning. r=dbaron
55119d19e4c5f127b19b28c930c12a8ab4dc3e5bXidorn Quan — Bug 1055658 part 2 - Add relative positioning support for ruby annotations. r=dbaron
e82f640cb53fa9765f4fefcacdb6d351fe6cf887Xidorn Quan — Bug 1055658 part 1 - Move code for applying relative position to an independent method. r=dbaron
de7cd37e48e8a718eff35ff63dfe1d7dd207ff3cSeth Fowler — Bug 1118087 - Correctly sync decode even if an imgFrame is partially decoded. r=tn
225fd7ea8fc6cb4e1f5e5f0fc21c43facfa4c419Matt Woodrow — Bug 1119033 - Don't try to evict when we don't have any initialized decoders. r=ajones
a0954dd9d40ae52531631bba4116f7531175d60dAnthony Jones — Bug 1105066 - Seek after switching reader; r=mattwoodrow
db991158a2fed494e4d36093a620536470b6b6a7Matt Woodrow — Bug 1105066 - Chain seeks in MediaSourceReader so that we seek audio to the same time as video; r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
f433e2cda30722dde9556bc96ab34a15dac6a6b1Matt Woodrow — Bug 1105066 - Make SeekPromise return the time we actually seeked to; r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
0cbf1255694dbd5fe91a8fed3dfdc4955445336bXidorn Quan — Bug 1111463 part 3 - Fix ruby reftests for default styles. r=dbaron
82612d0c8c73cb1b0d3713ca4d18f0f793bddd99Xidorn Quan — Bug 1111463 part 2 - Add styles in html.css and ua.css. r=dbaron
70e558ca91634f889d6557960f6baad8c9607256Xidorn Quan — Bug 1111463 part 1 - Invalidate html.css when ruby pref changes. r=dbaron
26f5729d5ccc245abe201fb339b6b16351c148b4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1120252 - Avoid trying to get the APZCTreeManager if APZ isn't enabled. r=mattwoodrow
ebb112ced42c29f85fdd5947d25c921c24441dddRobert O'Callahan — Bug 1119117. Don't clip nsDisplayOpacity items, since some of its descendants maybe should not be clipped with the nsDisplayOpacity clip. r=mattwoodrow
98e34be1fb44344c1173d9d3c981b3e5a2da4762L. David Baron — Revert one of the assertion additions in Bug 1110277 patch 3 since it fires, causing orange. r=orange
1bbebe9fec17e88234845d8da22c8b44f394121bL. David Baron — Bug 1110277 patch 3 - Look for the GenConPseudos() property on the first continuation/ib-split so that we can find it when looking for the ::after frame. r=bzbarsky
fbbafc2a957318cc4fa2c2dbfd774124ccf597beL. David Baron — Bug 1110277 patch 2 - Add nsLayoutUtils::LastContinuationOrIBSplitSibling(). r=bzbarsky
86088b6c69e8414e6a9845fc7985de6dbbf6f16eL. David Baron — Bug 1110277 patch 1 - Consider the ib-split chain when checking for ::before and ::after in order to reframe when they're missing. r=bzbarsky
ca02a661d6dc7a4a844488e30961da354ae7227cL. David Baron — Bug 1110277 patch 0 - Add mochitest for patch 1 and patch 3. r=heycam
9fe58932c19292f5df92507aa611db1506ea51d5L. David Baron — Bug 1115691 patch 2 - Expose counts of frames constructed and reflowed on DOMWindowUtils. r=roc
d1510c5deff9c9972fda8edfebaac493d3ea5635L. David Baron — Bug 1115691 patch 1 - Store counts of frames constructed and reflowed on the pres context. r=roc
5c772b35c40dd6d6d3966f7f3f02c2d9032acaaeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1120211 - Don't force the innerwindow size to the outerwindow size if the viewport is overridden. r=dbaron
010693d8f889809b9415019f0beb0845bc52b6f7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1120214 - Fix logging-only build failure. r=botond
93c6ac70dc60ec1442c97ee4d22648c3551286feTom Schuster — Bug 1119217 - Implement %TypedArray%.prototype.{keys, values, entries}. r=till
86f23a66df4a6c5bccac46ffeb1be7801101af61Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1113062 - IndexedDB FileSnapshot not CCed, r=janv
d6581084a01f38ebaf28a4629d6e69e95071a03fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1113062 - patch 2 - ArchiveReaderZipFile non-CCed, r=smaug
a0ec121ce6bffb7aff20ae78be3fa7136ec0560bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1113062 - patch 1 - PIFileImpl and FileImpl merged, r=smaug
3ffd66a3f1bd9d2bca1acf5c6086c85dec1119c2Bobby Holley — Bug 1119456 - Work around the fact that media cache does not quite guarantee the property we want. r=roc
19b8c420b13a31d1d1e12cc642493be2e82059deBobby Holley — Bug 1119456 - Make MP4Demuxer's blocking reads non-blocking and hoist blocking into callers with a hacky retry strategy. r=k17e
7e4003516dd5f56463945c8e06515f28abefa83cMatt Woodrow — Bug 1118528 - Increase fuzz threshold for mp4. r=ajones
6f70785ed447f102427cc01a76cdb1ddfe14fce6Matt Woodrow — Bug 1118528 - Use fuzzy comparisons in MediaSourceReader::HaveData. r=cajbir
c9177ec839af085abfe9390c947e1a277a3a5e80Matt Woodrow — Bug 1116284 - Don't run MP4Reader::Update after we've shut the reader down. r=cpearce
0aaec62e668467cc9e90e6959c3feccfcf0652bcMatt Woodrow — Bug 1116626 - Null check mDecoder in AutoNotifyDecoded since it might have been shutdown already. r=karlt
238f460e7aedc87a4ce3fdff8b9479256d3f3d58Randell Jesup — Bug 1030372: use explicit runnable and Release for ReadBlob to avoid wrong-thread release assert r=bsmedberg relanding on a CLOSED TREE
8f3cc2c90893ab18bcb9eda7961ff3fc08022a99Tom Schuster — Backout changeset b4ebefd0f7e3:a8044fd506db Bug 1117607, Bug 1118087, Bug 1118092, Bug 1118105, Bug 1030372, Bug 1079627 on CLOSED TREE
a8044fd506db631fe74958c453dec459f10e3b11Seth Fowler — Bug 1079627 - Additonal commit to allow push on a CLOSED TREE since these patches should fix the oranges
460c36a4666ad3f9c8316020069df9670e673193Seth Fowler — Bug 1079627 (Part 3) - Support multiple decoders for a single RasterImage. r=tn
4d93dcf74f01409f8166fb93f8e535c1ae6ac898Seth Fowler — Bug 1079627 (Part 2) - Add SourceBuffer. r=tn
3dd5401f359cd1d442c2ebb800c9a4938396aba6Seth Fowler — Bug 1079627 (Part 1) - Make image decoders hold a strong reference to their image. r=tn
7bd61e25e18fcfef89c1424b413a639cf89e518eRandell Jesup — Bug 1030372: use explicit runnable and Release for ReadBlob to avoid wrong-thread release assert r=bsmedberg
81d28669e41e5515bfe6f8cff2709d2e4c247588Seth Fowler — Bug 1118105 - Make SurfaceCache::Insert let you know if you try to insert a duplicate surface. r=dholbert
36e21bed08f2cad14b87baa73c7dcf52daa0e50bSeth Fowler — Bug 1118092 - Manage invalidation policy directly in the image decoder. r=tn
a31abccd4bd79153deed3d1686edb42630eaa386Seth Fowler — Bug 1118087 - Correctly sync decode even if an imgFrame is partially decoded. r=tn
b4ebefd0f7e3a0814ea9d9f42dc0da74be3fb998Seth Fowler — Bug 1117607 - Make decoders responsible for their own frame allocations. r=tn
3928ee1b0381453833c00fbe1e1b72a26143f13aMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1120062 - Part 1: Remove most Nullptr.h includes. r=waldo
5f41156dbd4c15193f07ae77a88313153b5782cfDan Gohman — Bug 1077742 - IonMonkey: Don't allocate BitSets individually on the heap r=sstangl
29229def6b2e26f1e7d10016f6abe14e1182d9cbRobert Longson — Bug 1117514 - lines with zero length dashes are not rendered. r=jwatt
b55daf871dd244abd3b173815a19207378670566Ms2ger — Backed out changeset f5a5f7463224 (bug 1119117)
c213d9d53886ebc66b681fb5767cf4a267ad3056Jan de Mooij — Bug 1118826 - Rewrite and simplify JitFrameIterator::baselineScriptAndPc and related code. r=shu
a55f093defe1023db222cbd5be3a65f1bb963e39Jim Chen — Bug 1103036 - Don't send shutdown message to Nuwa processes; r=billm
19017193859ab2cedee889654d106745f5f8f4a8Jim Chen — Bug 1103036 - Use kill timer when shutting down ContentParent in shutdown observer; r=billm
66083ac0f3c069c5b0bb4908b50cffb15d7d2eb6Jim Chen — Bug 1103036 - Wait for ContentChild shutdown during profile-before-change; r=billm
ebb500eb92d8cbadf2bff07540b6cca70204c33dBill McCloskey — Bug 1103036 - Use nsITimer for ContentParent shutdown timer (r=bent)
5c4c5685381fc6511ef71d5ecf0c346833e9dbfdBill McCloskey — Bug 1103036 - Ensure __delete__ message from TabChild doesn't get sent after ActorDestroy (r=bent)
9d50f9865ed636c85de582b8d77b5b5d054fd497Bill McCloskey — Bug 1103036 - Follow-up to initial patch; r=jchen
818164d97da8d620836a5ff023e4a20fbbfae1f6Jim Chen — Bug 1103036 - Allow ContentChild to perform tasks during shutdown; r=billm
ee29d84c968a826c02463a76c5a8361ff001ae1fBas Schouten — Bug 1119854 - Followup: Correct one missed conversion of timeout to a finite number. r=jrmuizel
3cfe8379a8a55ed1eb5586aca7a1f1650dcfce59Jim Chen — Bug 1112212 - Send key events in onKeyMultiple; r=cpeterson
779b73087f78ad76aba77dd3d01a5f0a20f2c261Jim Chen — Bug 1112212 - Implement key-events-only mode for Android; r=cpeterson
00c219a74edefbeb1b9187aab91a3927ec4e119cJim Chen — bug 1112212 - Set flag in InputContext for IME-unaware webapps; r=masayuki
d3e8e73bafdebd002ffc69a9684c93ac3718ecbeJim Chen — Bug 1112212 - Add may-have flags for key event and input event listeners; r=smaug
6cbf0b1ec001b3a26f1c83347b70cef858311adfJim Chen — Bug 1113416 - Don't read stack labels inside hang monitor sighandler; r=nfroyd r=snorp
ab841f36d62f699d04853b7cc613bc27845a4760Jan de Mooij — Bug 1119288 part 4 - More ShapeTable cleanup. r=njn
2ea97247b91ac2930e23e1d55b864c54950d288fOlli Pettay — Bug 1119652, create mozilla::dom::Event::As*Event automatically for all the codegen'ed Events and annotate As*Event with MOZ_OVERRIDE in the codegen, r=bz
305c554e799427e6161709c07035737e4007e363Magnus Melin — Bug 1114011 - for autocomplete with for minresultsforpopup > 1: entering match doesn't work properly. r=mak
6ff9b0e3a59789fad59cb9fc1d9bb1748117c3afMagnus Melin — Bug 1114010 - remove unused/unimplemented autocomplete ignoreBlurWhileSearching. r=mak
1eab42dfb4282700cd927704bb905ee2f3dc26e4Magnus Melin — Bug 1043310 - AutoCompletion doesn't take capitalization from address book entry, can leave angle brackets characters >> in field, when loosing focus by clicking outside (not enter/tab). r=mak
f5a5f74632247cbd336a486955a0c6aa1e141d89Robert O'Callahan — Bug 1119117. Don't clip nsDisplayOpacity items, since some of its descendants maybe should not be clipped with the nsDisplayOpacity clip. r=mattwoodrow
2552e114980df1e982aecaf7ebfbfffaab1be534Geoff Lankow — Bug 1114297 - Improve performance of nsTreeBodyFrame::AdjustForCellText for very long strings; r=smontagu
6a2b37d4c1e223f225b695b4a4d962a735877dacMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1112399 - Treat NS_ERROR_NET_INTERRUPT and NS_ERROR_NET_RESET as SSL errors on https URLs. r=bz
5e38f65cb5878858b5a85c2e06f4ac2f7c8a57a4James Graham — Bug 1025066 - Update web-platform-tests expected data, a=testonly
93c1be3769114a317f023031e64f27cd28ce441fJames Graham — Bug 1025066 - Add certs and mach integration for running web-platform-tests with https, r=ted
d16c7eac45de738cfbee6c902ea41a87232232e7James Graham — Bug 1025066 - Update web-platform-tests to revision 430c01c52a60299eaa1dd89fccaa869d7386a4b1, a=testonly
47671b5f66ab8182bebfe255f946b500cab65908James Graham — Bug 1025066 - Update to ssl-supporting wptrunner, a=testonly
9de247dc316174bd7c35d1e7449a82a5318cc153Bobby Holley — Bug 1120023 - Switch SourceBufferResource::Read{,At} back to blocking. r=cpearce
677f21c77f7e092f4187342f43694c55463c164dBobby Holley — Bug 1120023 - Fix some bugs in MockMediaResource. r=cpearce
8ce96306c2d339d94a49a442d5c56320b13b8169Bobby Holley — Bug 1120023 - Clean up semantics of SourceBufferResource reading. r=cpearce
6dab2820469ae49c71d3bd7045d44a915810f7b5Wes Kocher — Backout ca411b1cf001 (bug 1109945) for shader editor failures
6bed029c93f6cb2d93b3cc668260b3ef141ff2f7Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound a=merge
cadb53efd449dfb7f4f8af292b7421da2746835eChris Peterson — Bug 1118076 - Remove MOZ_THIS_IN_INITIALIZER_LIST. r=Waldo
1831405086dc4c3a8b10b632da3f62ba43b85bebShu-yu Guo — Bug 1118559 - Make checking if a slot is aliased less confusing. (r=jandem)
18bc11b32f6f637b3358a63d54e91a4aaa5c428aBas Schouten — Bug 1119854: Crash when AcquireSync takes more than 10 seconds. r=jrmuizel
9d9610c574b4a78adb93c104c2c956d4f0f44241Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1119579 - Don't GC while iterating compartments in findAllGlobals. (r=sfink)
4f1b2f93ae484bb16b10bde6a1272139ceb2abddShu-yu Guo — Bug 1029963 - Recover slots in RematerializedFrames. (r=nbp)
8d48c34f44ed06ffe1257afc96b9615b0b26628fWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 88cf7f2fe48f for build bustage
88cf7f2fe48fa70a2c2a2bfec038996fd12d45a7Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1093967 - Implement BlitFramebuffer. r=kamidphish
d4be320ebecbc710f8f19950a4d7cf0e69075d92Wes Kocher — Backout 17fc30214d84 (bug 1117607) for reftest orange
ca411b1cf0019393548598a66af9e08a711cd6f8Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1109945 - Rewrite shader/program handling. - r=kamidphish
203e26771e770b3d072e2e3f2e5bb7ca2ca93555Neil Deakin — Bug 1089005, add a third consume option that never consumes even over the anchor. This allows clicks on the location field to adjust the caret position, r=dao
02ab5234c39e95266c536a9129ca56e87f9ea03eBobby Holley — Bug 1120017 - Make the DispatchDecodeTasksIfNeeded path handle DECODER_STATE_DECODING_FIRSTFRAME. r=cpearce
84c65d67215fbd78274d13a07167cd069b1ab9efBobby Holley — Bug 1120014 - Initialize MediaSourceReader::mLast{Audio,Video}Time to 0 rather than -1. r=rillian
5f6cebc36e84fb574d5809ac91bb1a42190658f4Terrence Cole — Bug 1119604 - Remove the void* accessor from GCCellPtr; r=sfink
e706eac29b226646543cbab604a976b28352930aJim Chen — Bug 1116589 - Use templated JNI classes in generated bindings; r=snorp
69654c281aaac7e1724080995386a674847d9c8aJim Chen — Bug 1116868 - Add templated JNI classes; r=snorp
0f955b9395c8c1e48df9f1813fb9c91b6b53d4cfJim Chen — Bug 1116641 - Change JNI macro usages to use AutoJNIClass; r=snorp
9739ef7c3d2f6ae43c7020b107666327f865580dWes Kocher — Backout 7475b716558d (bug 1119281) for Windows XPCShell permafailure
2ba79118e686b4455ac8dafe8206bfa0358296d4Michal Novotny — Bug 1038554 - fix potential wrong file offset calculation in CacheIndex::ParseRecords() and CacheIndex::ParseJournal(), r=honzab
be02b84dfca41dff53ab1e54a44ce0373b19168aJeff Walden — Bug 1113379 - Convert ctypes/typedefs.h into a series of higher-order macros, for better code hygiene and to work around an incredible oddity in NetBSD's <stdint.h>. r=jorendorff
0af503927b54c9a75db5a9192e3a5a5719bf437aKai-Zhen Li Bug 1119691 - "Build bustage in dom/media/mediasource/MediaSource.cpp" [r+f=bzbarsky]
3cb89f063d086ae784631c5958b45c56fb798192James Willcox — bug 1118552 - fix gcc4.9 warnings on Android r=glandium
e672c279ff312b2f42897ac0cef9701247c5ef8aByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1112682: Prefer hardware codecs. r=jesup
bceadf54fee87aebcd295cd7bf1320d5976e0b27Brad Lassey — bug 1083116 - build fails: malloc_decls.h conflicting types for 'malloc_usable_size' r=glandium
17fc30214d848a64c87e87b043566d3499dd1c03Seth Fowler — Bug 1117607 - Make decoders responsible for their own frame allocations. r=tn
eb4ffa05e89c100b85459f149264b3c2cd9b0461William Chen — Bug 1118764 - Don't distribute anonymous root content in shadow DOM. r=bz
367eacf58b48ccbee563964a111086fcbc46b6ffWes Kocher — Backout 115690326c5e for mochitest-2 orange on a CLOSED TREE
21a26d8e745748a8b34d8cf03d338c31c099a71cJim Blandy — Bug 745985: DebuggerServer.initTransport is never called directly, and doesn't do anything interesting. r=past
80d398ab3ae5adc9c410bb7d90b9f63b325859d6Jim Blandy — Bug 754985: Move DebuggerServer._checkInit near the other initialization code. r=dcamp
c0af000942219e2f30938e0059f128def6e51d82Jim Blandy — Bug 745985: Simplify treatment of DebuggerServerConnection's _actorPool. r=past
157873c02e6df14dce33df159b22753df1f643fbWes Kocher — Backout 0c40a9e043ce (bug 1119302) for test_streamnotify.html bustage
6713687c18b3cea8f7dad9301ef08a984fe3ac0dDavid Anderson — Make sure tile textures are synchronized for D3D11. (bug 1119066, r=mattwoodrow)
87d51f6a3c2985b2b6ed1248aff1f363941fdb97Jim Blandy — Bug 967234: Don't block self-hosted code in the devtool client code; Debugger takes care of this. r=ejpbruel
7d301619ebacf61442f86c6ac5b3c73abc6fa60bMike Hommey — Bug 1119571 - Update stlport to the latest from Android NDK. r=nfroyd
ac811920efd696a27e80ffd15218794169f91e47Mike Hommey — Bug 1119571 - Backout the part of bug 1073003 touching stlport
7475b716558d7543e6762b7d61f4be1951cd790eGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 1119281 - Fix missing telemetry client id in saved session pings. r=vladan
115690326c5eb417d374f0b0978657662b79a0fdKyle Huey — Bug 1119360: Allow AddFeature calls to succeed until we enter the Killing stage. r=bent
bfab295de6328219709e34060bf41c2c5af6916cMonica Chew — Bug 1109039: Disable browser_bug400731.js on windows (r=gcp)
671ad56e6e12927323e4d89d0076e7c04f58b55cMonica Chew — Bug 1100024: Don't call Connect if the principal is on a local or remote blocklist (r=mcmanus)
6c8be2f5b065ea8f72082b7d7cdbe53f0f53b9f6Monica Chew — Bug 1100024: ClassifyLocal should not lookup in any tables if safebrowsing is disabled (r=gcp)
311c6349e630d72a4eb2396db21a1a0afb6b3b42Terrence Cole — Bug 1085597 - Expose a nursery finalized class to the fuzzers for fuzzing; r=jonco
f0503a20819c61910864f7c3d62113db37053e85Terrence Cole — Bug 1085597 - Allow objects with finalization and move ops to be nursery allocated; r=jonco
cc46a830c58daee491985d863741eee781221904Terrence Cole — Bug 1085597 - Simplify the allocation of nursery objects; r=jonco
2dc60df56da1e3de58531b3abc418acb470ce3a4Andrew McCreight — Bug 1105468 - In SendResponse, send an invalid FD to the child if we failed to open the file. r=bent
7b8870e4821e481fcc58447f8b9e4c2421c6b5cdAndrew McCreight — Bug 1105468 - OpenFileAndSendFDRunnable::OpenFile needs to ensure we don't release off main thread. r=bent
f0cd9e9e87aa30a6c7f0d53c45a0417a6b4f281aDavid Keeler — bug 1065909 - canonicalize hostnames in nsSiteSecurityService and PublicKeyPinningService r=mmc
2487f8ac51dd31c1c39ac062a287f2287cb496f3Patrick McManus — bug 1072478 backout 047afa953b9c for 1119810 and 1119926 r=backout
0e94aaed6ea2554102911b507d180548ba1a149aPatrick McManus — bug 1072478 backout 28fff54451dd for 1119810 and 1119926 r=backout
b098bff0d3411646121276f270b82f7b8f77fd74Andrew McCreight — Bug 1119449 - Disable unified compilation of nsStackWalk.cpp to avoid OSX issue. r=ehsan
7e2d8309a20a3935e3ee5fb2c9a6bf3a83735a87Andrew McCreight — Bug 1119499 - Define BAD_TLS_INDEX where it is used. r=janv
0c40a9e043cea4f5c3bf9e2e51f1ce6531b32567Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1119302 - Implement nsIContentPolicy.shouldProcess for plugin subresource loads, r=bz
da03d6aff37d92878b0c19897fd759db92600f59Martin Thomson — Bug 1116269 - Add 'crypto' to sandbox global properties, r=gabor
b206ea15cb59f9b0ae591404e811d0eff9e7a459Martin Thomson — Bug 1116269 - Crypto/SubtleCrypto only depend on nsIGlobalObject, r=rbarnes
9c5d2d742c546526989c455ebb7022b19dcfda46Benoit Girard — Bug 1112332 - Disable all paint heuristics for layers not actively scrolled by APZ. r=kats
75b65a499a576e54fd9175e5203d96887b08c1e7Jan de Mooij — Bug 1119081 - Fix Ion string concat stub to create non-fat inline strings if possible. r=bhackett
a5f042eed356bf543b579f1985657bc14472585aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1105895 - Use JSInlineString where possible in ConcatStrings(). r=jandem.