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Wed Aug 05 21:09:49 2009 +0000
35d52ec7e8842b73c72d260e2b6c6fcbbf250d32Markus Stange — Bug 508180 - Consolidate four nsXULWindow::Load*FromXUL methods. r=Neil
33a666c42ee3bb4a9b1594a0e7ae89be893bde7fMarkus Stange — Bug 269410 - Only show the toolbar collapse button in the main browser window and in the Places library window. ui-r=faaborg, r=enndeakin
c7a96c0ced3673eec246f502e25f503f4e74cfc4Markus Stange — Bug 269410 - Create a new attribute, "toggletoolbar", which can be used to control whether the toolbar pill collapse button is shown on the window. r=Neil, r=josh, sr=roc