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Fri Jul 27 09:54:52 2018 +0000
e56f7601927e35b9219957f49c27e8484a5184e4Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1478410 - Fix split console close in codeMirror jsterm; r=bgrins.
a1c1b16370154dfd42563f057fb722b37aa34112Mantaroh Yoshinaga — Bug 1473209 - Ignore the click event until popup is hidden. r=birtles.
84450fef88b2fa9c6696bf26cc5c211a0ce98b97James Teh — Bug 1478568 part 2: Map BLOCKQUOTE role to IA2_ROLE_BLOCK_QUOTE. r=MarcoZ
08dc38b9377252d2b10caea1c10971f6fbe25908James Teh — Bug 1478568 part 1: Update IAccessible2 so we can use new roles (IA2_ROLE_BLOCK_QUOTE, etc.). r=MarcoZ
327631824cffdbec29b9b930f064575b0afbd6e1Julian Descottes — Bug 1434579 - Fix infinite scrolling for indexedDB in storage inspector;r=miker
ca5ab353b5d8e35cb757098ff4bcce04269f2101Morgan Rae Reschenberg — Bug 1470176 - Implement contain:size for fieldset objects. r=dholbert
427b229b7ea4f17343d5723f10ba749b9c15cfb6Aniket Kadam — Bug 1460355 - Fix: Change how the packages are sent to the sdkmanager to install, avoid missing argument. r=nalexander
96087548d901717805a9197bcf8cc7b0d6783fb7Brian Grinstead — Bug 1475342 - Move document.getElementsByAttribute[NS] to ParentNode so it'll work for HTML document and elements;r=bz
5a3702fdbd1b42a9bcac1ed5eb06889652dd04c4Brian Grinstead — Bug 1477765 - Handle rejected Promises when inspecting an object;r=jimb
43d426747b30b645160f4b6a7126b07896e6cfaaFelipe Gomes — Bug 1369466 - Remove the old RemotePageManager.jsm code. r=mossop
2a8afa0f67cba59bc4817851f31a791df3e3cc4bFelipe Gomes — Bug 1369466 - Move RemotePageManager test to its new location. r=mossop
5a821925cc490c9e14dfa053c0d8e1e0347b6d12Felipe Gomes — Bug 1369466 - Remove entries related to the RemotePageManager from the startup tests whitelists. r=mossop
b403c2fa1f2940bd2254a600b58a1a271ddd8059Felipe Gomes — Bug 1369466 - Use Services.ppmm.sharedData instead of initialProcessData on the RemotePageManager. r=mossop
652158e8839cbda17b0cd7948fa1178c740f8087Felipe Gomes — Bug 1369466 - Don't load the RemotePageManager on content processes before necessary. r=mossop
6aa03eee1597cce3b092adb7bdf52cbc2f2c17c4Felipe Gomes — Bug 1369466 - Change consumers to the new location of RemotePageManager. r=mossop
df67254b8e793cfe38d3e619dbaaf23933fa789dFelipe Gomes — Bug 1369466 - Split the RemotePageManager.jsm code into parent/child sides, and put it in a new location. r=mossop
0fe9aa9f75aa62616c6df47570a514ef7bfb2580Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1466529 - P1: Cache MiscContainer to avoid malloc/free churn. r=emilio,smaug
bb841728f22df49187c5443883ff6db8f44d36d2Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1478321 - Fix the 'TypeError: docShell is null' exception to the Payments console listener. r=sfoster
d9eba0253fb44cf9f3e5b590378a07f74f67e520Sofia Carrillo — Bug 1474442 - mach command to analyze files in build graph r=chmanchester,mshal
3b1b9fcf8b96d12bf5ebf9e6cb5503dbb972a87cCsoregi Natalia — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
c108e6f927d1483985981647ddff204c706baed7Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1476212 - Notify the system setting change corresponding to prefers-reduced-motion. r=jimm
45cf26c3c53c96eae955c24a1b4b7b05fb9ef6eaMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1476204 - Handle autofill record update state changes in the unpriv. PR forms. r=jaws
d57443c3e4bacc5247637385e33a1edfa987e9b2Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1476204 - Implement the payment summary error bar. r=jaws
9ad00680f9aa23c742403f5907232158f65a432bMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1476204 - Replace duplicate #error-text with .page-error. r=jaws
c63340378a529cb5140d0b1db81988ba4d13a89dMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1476204 - Check Luhn algorithm in the basic-card-form and in storage and disable save button when invalid. r=jaws
d717ad76e6169d7d48c1c89ee02603af4eaa21e4Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1476204 - Make the basic-card-option field order and alignment match the <option>. r=sfoster
eae45845985074d6a9a20766153a9e3d6091d0edGurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 357206a19974 (bug 1474414) for build bustage at mozbuild/test/codecoverage/ on a CLOSED TREE
2b9fac2e27ef6775bdcc49db9144e4cebcff1a69Blake Kaplan — Bug 1477343 - Remove PBrowser::IsParentWindowMainWidgetVisible. r=mccr8,bzbarsky
56590b88c0412e04dd182a9500ba83bea8b86d13Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1478685: Set the RTP MID to the mid of the transceiver, not the transport id string. r=mjf
357206a199742c49efb66ef526953dd4ea77e4daUrsula Sarracini — Bug 1474414 - Move most of browser/extensions/activity-stream to browser/components/newtab r=Mardak
e837adf72daaf9c76eae4ff21b61bd74e85ba09aGurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 7c66524457aa (bug 1477815) for build bustage at toolkit/library/gtest/rust/target on a CLOSED TREE
7c66524457aad6bff06e4b6e6cbd635171c5dc28Johannes Willbold — Bug 1477815: Removed RustSdpAttributeType, r=dminor
f8aea5bf386abee21a1e9166485056e0eb4b83efJohannes Willbold — Bug 1437165: Handled unimplemented attributes in RsdparsaSdpAttributeList::LoadAttribute, r=bwc
8bf46e3c0767f5604a3bd32a16d676697641a3f6Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1478150. Restrict webrender qualified to modern Nvidia gpus. r=kats
f55fa458f34f77f247cdc4675efa8e4576400539Tim Nguyen — Bug 1476970 - Port desktop LightweightConsumer.jsm changes to Android. r=nalexander
0f0af7e8440bca32ce9ed3ab5d6e0ea2c6f9e145Chris Manchester — Bug 1478557 - Use the command string rather than output list as a key for cargo commands in the tup backend. r=mshal