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Mon Sep 09 12:09:06 2013 +0000
9846f07d5867f66d282c790d9f5adc8bce622424Kyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 6 - Fixup tests. r=me
4127ebc547fdf569b326ab0fdb0e7fca94086fc2Kyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 5 - Use the unified exception handling mechanism on workers. r=bz
3f4223fab461f9a4e5b4fe646db5a0625cedd31eKyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 4 - Refactor exception implementations. r=bz
16cf9da0d24282153c9ea53e49439dcb3aac194fKyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 3 - Convert exceptions to WebIDL. r=bz
c04e927b631b053fc9e8d26840bac101869c550eKyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 2 - Kill the exception service. r=bsmedberg
7a9cc2c01bd0857d96a3939002ddd2f400023c11Kyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 1 - Remove nsIExceptionService/Manager usage. r=bholley
aa8d73a7b08a9ad9ad8da214e1d6131f1f4e72adKyle Huey — Bug 910924: Give workers an nsIGlobalObject. r=bent,bholley
e47089ae214d177d909b0d712bad1c36b6fba7cbKyle Huey — Bug 910937: Remove xpc_UnmarkGrayObject and use JSAPI directly. r=mccr8
353aa004fed8365c64a5203df6fe73799c3422caMatt Woodrow — Bug 912173 - Always AddRef and Release the GLContext when sharing a SurfaceStream to avoid mismatches. r=nrc
acc75d3ef7c0f668cd890788d62d5fcdbf831159Chris Pearce — Bug 910966 - Bustage fix for 48a66737dc5c. Forgot to qref. r=bustage.
48a66737dc5c222270c1aaf23284536dc1d9cb30Chris Pearce — Bug 910966 - Use MP3FrameParser in DirectShow's SourceFilter, to more accurately determine the offset of the first MP3 frame. This enables us to only pass the MP3 data into DirectShow, which can't handle large ID3v2 tags. r=padenot
a20a9a8793479fd4372c795b0d391d8ff44fdca0Chris Pearce — Bug 910996 - Move MP3FrameParser out of B2G specific code, so it can be used on other platforms. r=padenot
feb1791602731b52a9c72bdf0cc8442656309a44Nicholas Cameron — Bug 912352. Do an async composite as soon as we get a WM_PAINT message. r=roc
e8be00af7e2cdb7956bb9ab4af49b692b0894e13Nicholas Cameron — Bug 909607. Check if we are minimised before compositing. r=Bas
08144be95a5c45e9290a5b30077abb5abf7715e7Nicholas Cameron — Bug 913298. Remove AddMaskEffect and RemoveMaskEffect declarations. r=nical
ca1ff26fc797d4ae44b8655b890f6a12f724de71Nicholas Cameron — Bug 906445. Some speculative fixes to guard against dereferencing nullptrs. r=Bas
c4a605e6da428aab746a032d9ad29144d314d78aNicholas Cameron — Don't include mozilla-config.h in gfx.layers. No bug. r=me
ac968ae7cb1ef16445658901336a495e2f1ad71cDaniel Holbert — (no bug) Fix comment typo: s/frames/frame's/ DONTBUILD