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Thu Nov 29 14:20:29 2012 +0000
c72d38e7a212c1a45d87c047c7a563057c34ce31Ed Morley — Backout 67e95e421678 (bug 814195) for Windows debug jsreftest failures on a CLOSED TREE
a36d55b13d763d1c9b55b0ed752f48a59989ce1cJan de Mooij — Bug 816104 - Assert define/defineBox are not used with call instructions. r=dvander
9498df71b94c191670bbc8ea10edc8b4ab3637c7Cameron McCormack — Bug 816431 - Add unprefixed CSSRule.KEYFRAME{,S}_RULE constants. r=bz
66eaee2d8885e0832872687c54a44948cbdd48f7Robert O'Callahan — Backout 7aceff7124d9 (bug 815591) for Mac test failures
280c4fb7794d23687dcce03eaeabb0b93100ed11Daniel Holbert — Bug 793308: Remove unneeded/unused "#include string.h" from some SVG c++ files. r=longsonr
82837149f0010320580459f13c6f88955a061247Daniel Holbert — Bug 816357: use 'default-preference' rather than line-by-line pref() annotations in flexbox reftest.list file. r=heycam
14e5a7d93bc07794d0d2db2e6fe468424e394a36Cameron McCormack — Bug 815842 - Use default-preferences in @supports reftest manifests. r=bz
60378fae4e94b39e96841cc6c44fcd2a7cc6b591Fabrice Desré — Bug 778668 - Bubble the application name/origin/manifest in the desktop-notification mozChromeEvent [r=wchen]
602add2d02e6fcf9913acfac62eb0d24970c37c6Makoto Kato — Bug 800785 - unnecessary PGO for js shell. r=ted
089e5412a83b43b595a0f150ddcfc6b2100c9d3cMakoto Kato — Bug 813834 - Character corruption on Facebook messenger with Social API. r=jaws
aaf7922f91e3cadbc4a236942934eed52955e795Makoto Kato — Bug 816004 - Change password mask timer to 1.5s on Gonk. f=vingtetun r=mwu
445dc074e609870fb32bb5da2263be63e35da659Matt Woodrow — Bug 815593 - Remove unused variable. r=bustage
7a41fb508d8923279e528c9b7f2dc88f362cb6b2Mark Hammond — Bug 812108 - ensure that if 'try again' on a social error fails, we continue to display the error message. r=felipe
5948fb7390ef95c3c1b44a41a7214351558ef338Alexander Surkov — Bug 814386 - ASSERTION: No parent accessible. Should we really assert here, r=tbsaunde
676bf833f816e24d7c24650f13c89254e3c9f698Robert O'Callahan — Bug 812897. Limit WS_EX_COMPOSITED hack to pre-Windows-8. r=jmathies
a4f64be02d63269ddbe8d930ee69f42489b42cc6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 815593. Don't layerize images that exceed MaxTextureSize. r=mattwoodrow
c94aecc61d74bef4029dd0b80746742ac22813a4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 801842. Treat windowless plugins in popups as always visible, since we don't compute proper geometry for them. r=tnikkel
7aceff7124d9fed368c636dcdf7f4a99a5160611Robert O'Callahan — Bug 815591. Don't build nsDisplayBackgroundColor if there is no background color and we're not going to do hit-testing. r=mattwoodrow
12c06dee84cb27eb12ca7266ef598d0e95b73ca1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 815030. Invalidate cached background images in when a frame gets a visual style change. r=mattwoodrow
a8233178dd72af49e34a054b8824c113008ccc48Stephen Pohl — 2 of 2 - Tests for Bug 813322 - Add ability to control time interval for restart prompt to apply update. r=bbondy
bbf1ed096bd86afe347d6f026fa6a7b0659dd7d6Stephen Pohl — 1 of 2 - Main patch for Bug 813322 - Add ability to control time interval for restart prompt to apply update. r=bbondy
6b4e13b0d1e487f1b1a2f84c8273c7d7c3012aa1Hubert Figuière — Bug 816378 - Backout 5158d648702e (Bug 813773). a=bustage,Waldo
99233fe0b2b39664cf1044ebfb4edd67bbb2aa64Randy Lin — Bug 814349 - [gonk] Remove default value of master volume setting. r=vingtetun
3220b4cae8b596b07d3f5876c13a7ae20f920a5bEric Wong — Bug 812682 - Updated eBay Logo for Desktop. r=gavin
4428aaa467a5eabaea93e19edd539b05401987d4Gabriele Svelto — Bug 811740 - Reduce the amount of unused dirty pages kept by jemalloc to 1MiB in B2G. r=jlebar, r=glandium
18038441ff7a69684dce2ef24575cc613a1ac84cCervantes Yu — Bug 806596 - Don't fire double tap if the delayed task to timeout the 1st tap fails to run in time. r=roc
0e44ca36bba8cb53491d10c8717ab2fb8b008c28Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 805638 - Find parent node while the inner scrollable region reaches the end. r=vingtetun
706259475ba65a06160683f7d4003f0bf844cc31ChangZhuo Chen — Bug 778053 - Test case for wave metadata. r=kinetik
87223b686e8556291642062ebd9da4f24906a69fChangZhuo Chen — Bug 778053 - Read wave metadata. r=kinetik
1a19b191539219f5d991ab844c1b52ccbc5a430fmmakrai — Bug 770864 - NPAPI stream destroyed with reason NPRES_NETWORK_ERR when the user leaves the page. r=gfritzsche
3fec1ffef127bc8885407663211339917808b76dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
10b4034b8b16252c1cbcdad27a5c1d04a37db3acChia-hung Tai — Bug 815020 -Remove implicit_jscontext in function receiveWapPush .r=vyang
a74eab6c64a747433e0da5b3a8571bb3086715e9Vicamo Yang — Bug 804754 - Add UAProfile url into HTTP request header. r=vyang
822a1cfc322d0f9c5e7a9b99e7c0c027a2473e8cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4f7114a9d050 (bug 812119) for test failures.
a58070f72659afb0cb26571cf0a1ea8125fb1821Mark Finkle — Backout 11fcd37bfb7d, cdf30a34dec9, d5f4626f5b73, e0a0a5b98b95, 944db176184e, 984a10bc4125, 585a7f8fc448, abfc930bc7cd for test failures
6cb490697a2791609c5e213d37a4debe722f4721Mark Finkle — Backout 87d836ed8e2a, 90ef95622f5e, bf8f4b151716 for test failures
72b699c67ed17946d7870844f5613476dcfef501Mark Finkle — Backout cd7c2afe0cb8, for test failures
9eb8b4bd265d2cf0b6ad3917e7943b44ac7ad795Mark Finkle — Backout 7b516748a65c for test failures
4f7114a9d050df58f478c9711a6c8e0a650c1491Vivien Nicolas — Bug 812119 - [HOMESCREEN] Must reboot after deleting an app to see its icon disappear from homescreen. r=fabrice
8aeaeb18da5f3a22942691a7cc96b3325feae012Bill McCloskey — Backout 4a88d1080c08 (bug 747066) for orange
07ce116d5ee89008fe1ad2b74856c0ca4d4cea22Bill McCloskey — Bug 815931 - Move write barrier verifier to its own file (r=terrence)
1edf3b8879cfd4d90d68cdd1f0c7bd7867ec1a1fBill McCloskey — Bug 815931 - Use GC auto classes in write barrier verifiers (r=terrence)
15115c5169da9fb9ce82e821ec08c7be916d6684Bill McCloskey — Bug 815931 - Move GC heap iteration to separate file (r=jonco)
e94baab35c6321727405efb9377b8729b566497fBill McCloskey — Bug 815931 - Move GC auto classes to header (r=jonco)
7fe5182d67862f691375879eb9dabf8b7e7e7f9dBill McCloskey — Bug 815931 - Move GC root marking to a separate file (r=terrence)
7b516748a65c26b1999e20ea37276694c266181bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 816314: NPE in AwesomeBar while checking private browsing mode. [r=bnicholson]
91dfecde7a96c0d9e40fdd79701d4dc4917f6010Scott Johnson — Bug 812372: Rename DocumentViewerImpl to nsDocumentViewer for consistency. [r=ehsan]
95afbeaf4fe9f1686e226ddf1978b6384577a142Andrew McCreight — Bug 815397 - Clean up Accessibility cycle collector definitions. r=smaug
ea84c06a3b38d2a7d8c98d89e0e8f79ddc5f36b6Henrik Skupin — Bug 811873 - Disable WebRTC crashtests for crashtest-ipc. r=jesup
4436e4f53e55ac5aa412e91c0309882ed15d5f89Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 809028: Lightweight theme is not disabled in about:addons. [r=mfinkle]
1ca9218271b962b16826d9583081a8ee970be821Brian Smith — Bug 812531: Make MOZ_TYPE_SPECIFIC_SCOPED_POINTER_TEMPLATE comply with two-phase template name lookup rules, as clang requires, r=khuey
8a9dc4387c9ce9aef7eef141a2af842222e4d8f1Brian Smith — Bug 813241: Update config/system-headers and make wrapping of NSPR & NSS headers more robust, r=glandium
9131874bd80306f3b8dfc97d03edcfa013a9acd3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 800453: NativeWindow's menu should have support for submenu. [r=mfinkle]
7ec460e1bd87524539abf3079df4f77c9d11db19Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 815829 - Add MEMORY_VSIZE to telemetry. r=jlebar.
4a88d1080c088f5564f24995f45912b3d57b218cBill McCloskey — Bug 747066 - Inline xpc_UnmarkGray (r=terrence)
702ff40d144761e7bd6762e25ff8dbbb6db6546dJonathan Griffin — Bug 815807 - Part 1b: fix typo, a=test-only
38324b54e6d68f761e1409d73991c941c486d150Ehsan Akhgari — Followup to bug 813438 - Fix the b2g build error on Mac
99216975f48bab54713831002e1a0d88379d046eGeoff Brown — Bug 809753 - Avoid python exception when maxTime is None; r=edmorley, DONTBUILD
83c8b42da6ed23147b948e26decc9e635519a120Dave Hylands — Bug 814783 - terminate_string16 is called twice, causing segfault when an app exits. r=mwu
2c3ca2156b006ec666320b5fc005e2980efc71dfJonathan Griffin — Bug 815807 - Part 1a: temporarily enable some code until Part 2 lands, a=test-only
3ea3a0aa4b08de25a30305ac28b8ec0469e8e11eJeff Walden — Fix testFindSCCs warnings. No bug, rs=billm, r=themaid
eba018b02032fba568e019548af76d7d3c4cc91bJeff Walden — Various warning fixes. No bug, r=themaid
4e29e70d9a07364a6f3cf522778fbae96a0c11f1Andres Hernandez — Bug 814749 - Disable test_248970.js in per-window PB builds; r=ehsan
a5f259c99090e7f87323d6326090e39e7560b2a5Malini Das — Bug 815757 - refactor script timeouts for marionette, r=jgriffin
c5c30b93ee5e109f9b3d7d55aafa1763c066f6c6Eric Faust — Bug 747289 - Part 2/2 - Update IonMonkey to use known DOM constants. r=sstangl
70c54d5c94b7b3914690c3a73dd0ab1a1a93b7d2Eric Faust — Bug 747289 - Part 1/2 - Update Paris bindings to expose DOM constants. r=bz
1e5943b28e49f94576118317c8da548593a9d990Kyle Huey — Bug 812824: Use a clean struct for inheritance on root nodes. r=dbaron,Waldo
60a1cb7e8b793d80cca72d75493643ab561d7981Jonathan Griffin — Bug 815807 - Part 1: add --load-early arg to Marionette, r=ahal
976c19959c0587193843e7487cc8deee9e780b55Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 790817 - Add ability to install busybox to marionette, r=jgriffin
a43fd511c3081e9d7c19f79e1da1fcacf91b2964Gregory Szorc — Bug 815487 - Detect missing xpcshell.ini from mach; r=ted
cd7c2afe0cb843f5ab1d11daf745ddf355814e9aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806937: More missing files on private browsing. [r=me]
134f3f1f96518b4d717c42a4d40f70812b4e1d6eChris Jones — Bug 814778: Disable font inflation for the b2g master process. r=dbaron
bf8f4b151716c154f2f5585ab7bc388e5d26d80cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806937: Added a missing file. [r=me]
90ef95622f5e7c13437334542ed8775082eb8e63Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806929: "Open in new private tab" for awesomebar entries. [r=mfinkle]
87d836ed8e2a3d0417e3cd6acd6574a66011119fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806929: "Open in new private tab" for context-menus. [r=mfinkle]
d8fb7a8bdae1b6f5110944eabff75634a85e2769Paul Adenot — Bug 815194 - Remove more ns prefixes on content/media classes + whitespace fixes. r=cpearce
6289f763c7aa93870d0920c314fc3c34214a37ffAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 816079 - Add --gecko-path and --logcat-dir options to b2g xpcshell harness, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB,test-only
abfc930bc7cd5d76974f6b9c2b45b9e372094577Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806937: Private tabs support for awesomebar tabs. [r=mfinkle]
585a7f8fc448a9c54097956ebb85585d902af363Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806937: Private tabs support for awesomescreen. [r=mfinkle]
984a10bc4125972a06cc58e5e44fe77867be9051Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806937: Private browsing mode support for Menu button. [r=mfinkle]
944db176184ee602ff57e89402feac373000f306Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806937: Private browsing mode for Tabs button. [r=mfinkle]
e0a0a5b98b954e58c5e4450e543e832dc06bfef5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806937: Private browsing mode support for AwesomeBar. [r=mfinkle]
d5f4626f5b738710d56c9dab58dbc6824b562e6eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806937: Private browsing mode for Browser toolbar. [r=mfinkle]
cdf30a34dec9e075b180b9be94defd5421690409Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806937: Shadowed android ui for gecko to support "state_private". [r=mfinkle]
11fcd37bfb7d54c103b4b002d100437c8396561fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806927: [PBM] Add private browsing specific menu items to the main menu. [r=mfinkle]
e63a025943ebaf16524f4b771f714a27b111afc8Jason Duell — Bug 814117 - Forbid multiple Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers in HTTP responses. r=bz
455414f3e52ca552c4c477c44bca117daa800897Mats Palmgren — Bug 816162 - Add newline at end of file to fix compile warning. r=mccr8
9b169dfc8c38b98fd2d53b520a1da5c21a460fc8Mats Palmgren — Bug 812879. r=fantasai
e102654a3f0fc0fcaf789593045212e2300dfe5eMats Palmgren — Bug 815489 - Don't let Blur() swap mData since the buffer is also used by the image surface. r=roc
3eb1e86513761fdd9455be48deb8d81ab29638bdRob Wood — Bug 810083 - Develop WebSMS test to verify receiving multipart SMS, update manifest; r=jgriffin
73fdd2c4f8f0e2e1ecb8334dcd7b7580e62ca7c6Jonathan Griffin — Bug 813779 - Make Marionette's xunit output compatible with Jenkins, r=dhunt
0e5ca55005ae8ef9002ac12472740104fb79fd47Nils Maier — Bug 719180: Part 2 - Add jar channel unit tests; r=taras
736e9f98d97a1c9c4824a7d064ce28b050b4eb2fNils Maier — Bug 719180: Part 1 - Correct jar channel stream ownership; r=taras
123b02c5b57911c36fcfc720100f310a53a31ee9Justin Lebar — Bug 815898 - Fix sed error when building B2G on Mac. r=mwu
b21026bf9d448ddceb2aa57b7a854c4b85d69f58Josh Matthews — Bug 815363 - Make the autocomplete inPrivateContext getter call a real method. r=mak
2b6cc93b25fffac393468062f32eeed6933f2e82Daniel Holbert — Bug 815058 followup: Add FAIL_ON_WARNINGS to 2 test dirs that this bug's patch made warning-free. r=Ms2ger
bae3069ca3962ed9b2b9376d3fd2da5142050997Marco Bonardo — Bug 814264 follow-up: change the error text. DONTBUILD
9659f41bda78ea565addb4ca85c9e210a02444abJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset 7c45205a61a0 (bug 769285)
34428badfa6ab71c19948929dc436486192fa0dcJames Willcox — Bug 813675 - Use default proxy for updater requests r=blassey
6b05a49691aea310fa8915cc03e25ce76f647b15James Willcox — Bug 808595 - Use separate Intent for prompted vs automatic updates on Android r=blassey
2d3251f224f748bb95a587f3af07159ca2a09435Jacek Caban — Bug 814708 - Use nsAutoPtr for mTimeStretcher r=padenot
9c0bd1afbf063a651899ea2275442f8bfe83986dJosh Matthews — Bug 812794 - Make docshell STS usage use existing PB knowledge instead of digging in SSL internals. r=bz/bsmith
7c45205a61a0d6681f5302d4670bc74d9bed6636Josh Matthews — Bug 769285 - Use separate access tokens for private and public geolocation requests. r=dougt
8a84d0ad94c1a7c08a8d4b140858f214f441ef19Mike Conley — Bug 815273 - Don't force focus the Downloads Panel "Show all downloads" button when opening the panel. r=mak.
28dc63439824e9daf30e5b0e5aaee42591898e92Mounir Lamouri — Bug 815650 - Show the URI spec if there is no URI host in the popup blocker. r=ttaubert
bcc9219555af62fd89cb1fefe73b2805738deba9Josh Matthews — Bug 801366 - Restrict GIF pixels to the range of the colormap. r=jrmuizel
667a3f65df083da5fe1ad70b0df8d8279296c8b4Josh Matthews — Bug 788959 - Clear the listener associated with cancelled bullet frame image requests. r=bz
a8c28e8d114a097e63939c7c9497a84af66a38fcJoel Maher — Bug 811444 - panda boards magically reboot in the middle of the test. r=ted
67e95e421678221c8d8532860ef990af49d73249Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 814195 (Replace Element quickstubs with new binding methods). r=bz.
33b2ec1bc7f37e943d33d251512c28756da1ef86Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
eb4eff0fc3d75dd237617aa76040d485421aaa5eMarco Bonardo — Bug 814264 - Restore the ability to call openUILink without an event parameter.