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Mon Oct 14 12:04:08 2013 +0000
e8bb002bc13ab3149a4b5e9462e275f2fd0e1161Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 915757, bug 919885) for xpcshell bustage
d4e5777ad39d34d75c9684604b348eaa78a4b558Dale Harvey — Bug 922896 - Fire tap immediately if content is not zoomable. r=kats
5d17d90b838d71bce624c60ae74e4b98b268b4cbKyle Huey — Bug 915757: Split GetListenerManager into two functions for more const-correctness. r=smaug
91495d3a91c8e90d0e06c9deafed658f9bd00b81Kyle Huey — Bug 919885: Move Worker to WebIDL and thread-agnostic event dispatch. r=bent,bz
c968b5768f41bab21ea99bf4dc5313ad3febd9c8Phil Ringnalda — Bug 926266 - Bail in 900683.js when ParallelArray isn't defined
20ffeada8ecab8a70699718cbc5c7d370cd7f5bfPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
33563ee5a85975f7f8590d832110f66a4ee81245Andreas Gal — Bug 923409 - Draw FPS counter with a single GL call and eliminate last use of Copy2D program (r=BenWa).