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Tue Mar 22 10:00:23 2016 +0000
3587b25bae302c1eed72968dbd7cef883e715948Dave Huseby — Bug 1233904 - Make sync use the correct principal origin attributes when accessing sync logs. r=sicking
9e8a703809578d524c4f102b710bc72624bc0929Dave Huseby — Bug 1233895 - Make Feeds.jsm properly handle principal origin attributes when loading subresources. r=sicking
9034f1d7db43f3c4bd8540763752a2e1861b1424Maurya Talisetti — Bug 1241857 - Add calls to super implementation to address lint warnings. r=mcomella
ba9179915fb0d9cbb3914cdce6f67154d0777074Kit Cambridge — Bug 1254544 - Show clipboard commands in the synced tabs filter context menu. r=markh
98189434eea16c181df0c7e8d60af76feceaf492Brian Grinstead — Bug 1243975 - Enable browser_webconsole_bug_632817.js in e10s;r=linclark
f7311cafabcba0b9317772633b31e77bcfe1c590Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1251767 - Add WS filter button to net panel. Follow-up: Use multiple lines for code if necessary to not have more than 80 characters on a line and make eslint happy. r=follow-the-rule-of-eslint
a85b572e0d8cb461253363dc8ac9bfc2f60d953dNick Alexander — Bug 1256401 - Part 2: Remove references to b2gdroid. r=fabrice
315db5f647123174c75253dfd01b5b079789d3f2Nick Alexander — Bug 1256401 - Part 1: Remove mobile/android/b2gdroid. r=fabrice
4ad5b5dfe6e9da11d1d51d54cd6206bdf2fb5d32Espen H — Bug 1251767 - Add WS filter button to net panel; r=honza
5ed6d4e800649f050c2938c334aebe73308173b1Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1257757 - Add filenames to insecure password warnings. r=bgrins
47ca980cf2a5ab6b8e218838f0d235a9ebf4859cJames Long — Bug 1245030 - simplify breakpoint colors in debugger to reduce visual clutter r=hholmes
2bcffdc79a71348899735978ac2747415572dfc1Narek Babajanyan — Bug 1257901 - Remove references to Old Sync. r=nalexander
dd6593bfbb5962c3efd3382c121f1a965959cb5bGabriel Luong — Bug 1241714 - Part 2: Fix a typo with prefs r=me
4eea3b603b0aca9c157dc2e9f3bb3c0d9f23b1c3Gabriel Luong — Bug 1241714 - Implement a selectable device list that applies settings to the viewport r=jryans
3ce5d23d337f45ae96100c00ab994b53d202d7c4Jan Odvarko — Bug 1256757 - Add tests. r=jryans
f450e16672e4abfa30e9b9f9b764d8d9ca7f7bccJan Odvarko — Bug 1256757 - Use common.css in JSON Viewer. r=jryans
3ddb1c19d1003e3eccc9f82f4664349e8d6b1213Jan Odvarko — Bug 1256757 - Use shared tree component for JSON Viewer. r=jryans
3be9cf3907ad5bbcb0b5cde7dfca5597b4b8096eJan Odvarko — Bug 1256757 - Support AMD in tree modules. r=jryans
216d9ae88a315bed4961b121fb96f930411cf4b2Jan Keromnes — Bug 1257873 - Split Addons and Workers into separate Target classes in about:debugging. r=ochameau
cd5db0d77f5354aa285484d844e5f216b5f9db52Dinesh Polathula — Bug 1255204 - Use sentence casing in Settings prefs. r=margaret
93955ff309b7710a910003b067433eb4e67aa742Petr Marek — Bug 1111663 - Remove calling of an obsolete onClicked method. r=margaret
3dc5292ed66afbca801c33bff49c86154b3b3c24Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1254091 - part 3: make sure this test passes on hidpi and when run in the mochitest frame, r=enndeakin
3169edcea9d93557be4168312fb784e86706d944Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1254091 - part 2: fix focus messaging from SpecialPowers to refer to the right window, r=enndeakin
18fca568ae42914a5e3fe3bea594172e09a54070Gijs Kruitbosch — bug 1254091 convert test_mousecapture.xul to mochitest-plain so we can run it in e10s, r=enndeakin
64a06fbc559d953d09d2681114b5e5ec6495416aBrian Grinstead — Bug 1243955 - Enable browser_bug_871156_ctrlw_close_tab.js in e10s;r=me
a42ef90399bd6a848fb839647ea328e9453ffe5fNick Alexander — Bug 1258452 - Explicitly request READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. r=sebastian
91736cfdc9b0128cf40a779163d3fa244dcac933Nick Alexander — Bug 1258452 - Pre: Assemble app and tests when collecting dependencies. r=me
90b4e3e5d0f4d8c58678807286c4e7dd6593a8a9James Long — Bug 1253902 - fix adding a conditional breakpoint from context menu r=ejpbruel
da1a66f1c4b74c4bd778e91b9589d73763dddfe3Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1254797 - Post: Ensure we ignore deleted sites in pinned query r=rnewman
54080662c8491231102e0e81144b8fa6ddcee3d7Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1254797 - Intersperse blank sites between pinned sites if needed r=rnewman
c1f7b417f9e26427dc17e870d0a741bf4d231764Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1254797 - Pre: fix variable name being negation of value r=rnewman
af22a2e633c03d496fdb832a0abc9d9253fff148Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
9e9f949b36c80f6794a22cbd137c1bce5d9e7098James Long — Bug 1257322 - add more devtools docs r=pbrosset
297bb754e23135fefc9683024bd33b7503427ee8Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1248447 - Stop grafting prototypes in storage.js::patchMetadataMapsAndProtos() r+pbro
7dfa1b5d26078ed68890fa24fb19c4ade88496aaGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 621158 - fix typo in advanced.js, actually enable test in e10s, rs=bustage,me
8279c04272ee46eac5fc60ba52065ed7aefc5b28Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 621158 - make appcache use messaging for quota management, r=mayhemer,jaws
116497ecbdabb62e985e99fc15e9f05814482c94Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1257488 - Fix test_gzip_offline.html to work with e10s enabled, r=mayhemer
ab15d48afbb2a88b157b305ff93384f5fe6398d0Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1257936 - TabsPanel: Do not hold static references to views. r=ahunt
1ace0d75f8b7bc2d8fccca13cca33966e7464ca0Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1257941 - Use LeakCanary to watch for fragment leaks. r=ahunt
26a0c274e9caeeb87fff29966bf829ba1a6ced9aVictor Porof — Bug 1177822 - The button "Start Recording Performance" is misplaced after some actions (always reproducible), r=jsantell
e2c0da4fea784d79079dccc7bb10a9d0b15be9a2Victor Porof — Backed out changeset 3810206dc61f for landing with an incorrect bug number and commit message, r=me
8bcc1369627e4017fc5adcd3284ecf330909ffa1Victor Porof — Bug 1258197 - Recordings list empty label text has a different background color than its parent container, r=jsantell
18d1e993e4a117f1debd95a8fac0e1f21a97a37aVictor Porof — Bug 1251291 - Tool notices (Take snapshot and Start Recording Performance) should use var(--theme-body-background), r=jsantell
3810206dc61f099b8eccdd2fa5f4c90d5cd58641Victor Porof — Bug 1251291 - Tool notices (Take snapshot and Start Recording Performance) should use var(--theme-body-background), r=jsantell
51452ac19164edb8242bb4e8f56ba2548a69f765Victor Porof — Bug 1232289 - Deep tree of call stacks ends up with hidden overflow to right of toolbox, can't see the function names, r-jsantell
506aa86bfb91a6d033b2a0def1db082e09daef0eVictor Porof — Bug 1251138 - Dev Tools Performance Settings Popup button not visible on reduced size browser, r=jsantell
4586dc1cf6e9e03d04cbd87e8b7c4c78880906efVictor Porof — Bug 1252100 - Imported profiles may have too long filename as the display label so sidebar is very huge, r=jsantell
ae45c837f71ff925e848bb7f44353681a581207fAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1254550 - Make Telemetry configuration consistent across builds. r=gfritzsche