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Tue Oct 02 03:59:45 2018 +0000
08125cd5d357b9da68af7a4b22122f07fc35243cNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset d0a586d4d64a (bug 1494498) for Windows MinGW bustages on MediaTrackConstraints.cpp
2c0daf489bc94c5cfb0e64cbaa193c110ae67289shindli — Backed out changeset 0d3748a0ad24 (bug 1420744) for c4 failures in toolkit/components/extensions/test/mochitest/test_chrome_ext_downloads_saveAs.htm
b05bfd129c6b097b772d1c2db27434631d475f6dKearwood Gilbert — Bug 1466701 - Refactor gfxVROSVR.cpp to use gfxVRExternal interface r=daoshengmu
d0bd55d771e4097e7958434199f6b6fed2448106Markus Stange — Bug 1494488 - Stop demangling in the geckoProfiler WebExtension API because perf.html knows how to demangle now. r=dthayer
3a9818cd5ffa027282bcc610d2845c6ef6524792Andrew McCreight — Bug 1494765 - Allow assignment from an nsCOMPtr of a related type r=froydnj
ce1bae1b9226fe1a3065d4a2a65973ecb0ab348aEdwin Gao — Bug 1305695 - ./mach test --debugger=<debugger> doesn't fail if <debugger> isn't available r=gbrown
eb89da86f49c86a6688bf40b3756f2c10f872bb0Tom Prince — Bug 1495480: [taskgraph] Load taskgraph config before loading parameters; r=dustin
35b71d287e960109bb405992071c6dfbcfffd136Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1489060 - Urlbar autofill is broken when autofilling history is disabled and autofilling bookmarks is enabled r=mak
167c811dfcccac8a61076db00eda2b6a3811975fChris Manchester — Bug 1495108 - Build the js shell during tup builds in automation. r=mshal
8ee841ba4103ebfe7abff221c844c354541a7cb9Chris Manchester — Bug 1495108 - Skip symlinking $objdir/dist/bin/js to $objdir/js/src/js in the tup backend in browser builds. r=mshal
00eb79fc9f8ae1a9ad35de97d3eb5ffe9b1108ccshindli — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1457481) for c1 failures in devtools/client/performance-new/test/chrome/test_perf-settings-entries.html
2f9e7263731f258f1d75688ea1e9ee41a352da62Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1409570 - Ensure that transactions matched with http/2 pushed streams are properly finished. r=bagder
d3aa8681ce9dfedda6db70666ac8e59d09a5e4b1Brindusan Cristian — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
a2e5b2b30bfa6f6912f4af2df950284950e3fb16Daosheng Mu — Bug 1491868 - Avoid shutdown hang by checking if VRListenerThread is null. r=kip
825f10de78392d7f9578b7950b498cfc280ddcf5Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset cb01170872de (bug 1494765) for bustages on nsCOMPtr.h. CLOSED TREE
cb01170872de75622282968dbc8bccaab391be0dAndrew McCreight — Bug 1494765 - Allow assignment from an nsCOMPtr of a related type r=froydnj
8fb46c61e091b2b812ebeee76466abb520cf4f85Botond Ballo — Bug 1494671 - Make the CompositorHitTestInfo globals constexpr. r=froydnj
dd9071744c9f93df9891ea5ca1a203594be815d2Botond Ballo — Bug 1494671 - Make MOZ_AssertAssignmentTest() constexpr. r=froydnj
c209b19271072f5225e86bfe2f7b8b40511233e0Jason Laster — Bug 923975 - Teach step out to leave the current frame. r=jlast
212450f77860898d1652bf96aef05b9986a94d96Markus Stange — Bug 1457481 - Hook up the new devtools performance panel to nsIProfiler.getSymbolTable. r=gregtatum
ac3deff9340f230fc2c91e4b05531ba32c827235Markus Stange — Bug 1457481 - Run mach vendor rust. r=froydnj,erahm
4478820fbcaadbbcca55e5a487b55efd2f0ed4cfMarkus Stange — Bug 1457481 - Add nsIProfiler.GetSymbolTable and a profiler/rust-helper crate which implements it for ELF binaries. r=njn,jrmuizel
1c8460b1d6daca03719193526c4f88531fa37153Markus Stange — Bug 1457481 - Add a MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER_PARSE_ELF define that's only true on Android. r=ted
88315c6735dec7bbb70c5933e2b11e7343114f73shindli — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1417383) for bustages in /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/docshell/test/mochitest/ CLOSED TREE
34efa9f14353353bcdfc6795d6105a7c28c3bba9shindli — Backed out changeset 05df95ba3a98 (bug 1305695) for ES lint failures CLOSED TREE
84c7bfa3a0f53f5504fa2add39e0100e48664f26Yaron Tausky — Bug 1462836: Extend timeout of long testsuite CLOSED TREE r=asuth
05e791fb2c6b2fe7f967adf86e55517231bcf59dBrian Grinstead — Bug 1481949 - Use querySelectorAll instead of a treeWalker for finding radios underneath a radiogroup;r=timdream
b82060ff3299da0ac4bd497251c0f995ef857f12Brian Grinstead — Bug 1481949 - Migrate <radiogroup> to a Custom Element;r=timdream
96cb7281e630428a8d2b6128813615ae694b868dBrian Grinstead — Bug 1481949 - Don't load Custom Element script files for dummy.xul windows;r=kmag
a1cfc8fd44eefa562343373b6175902774a5ca31shindli — Backed out changeset 9a685b824b88 (bug 1462836) for ES lint failure
44d07650e6fe1671353c27d2b84df40c36883ab2Mark Banner — Bug 1417383 - Add initial .eslintrc.js files for docshell test directories (not enabled yet). r=qdot
d0d9cd85f3dba3ba7bd08dc54e2279fae2316570Mark Banner — Bug 1417383 - Move mochitests from docshell/test/ to docshell/test/mochitest/ to aid ESLint. r=qdot
ddaef0a8de5f670fcfac3fe8c9ea1a045c031226Mark Banner — Bug 1417383 - Remove unused test files that were missed in bug 1427726. r=qdot
cec74a3c6a5cf518f175ba9d7903e5dd66f25cc8Dana Keeler — Bug 1493788 - remove other mozilla-specific dependencies from certificate transparency implementation r=jcj
f1a361f8d51d87a77b18483020d3bc4d67b46d56Dana Keeler — Bug 1493788 - convert mozilla::Vector to std::vector in certificate transparency implementation r=jcj
fb3ddeeec773bdbccddb3fbc5e1c0324e1ab8c87Dana Keeler — Bug 1493788 - move certificate/binary transparency implementation to its own directory r=jcj
9a685b824b8862df011d96b6a246f7ff83fe5e67Yaron Tausky — Bug 1462836: Extend timeout of long testsuite r=asuth
0535f1d5c860ac2bd55209fd6964d8b4c00b875dAaron Klotz — Bug 1495039: Add support for MOZ_DEBUG_BROWSER_PROCESS and MOZ_DEBUG_BROWSER_PAUSE env vars to launcher process; r=mhowell
05df95ba3a989632898ca6d379cf7cce580f9a76Edwin Gao — Bug 1305695 - ./mach test --debugger=<debugger> doesn't fail if <debugger> isn't available r=gbrown
3cc5501b986679f776c335747079610ed06ad6eeRob Wood — Bug 1466648 - add unity3d benchmark to raptor/android; r=bc,jmaher
9d5e7b73af8f2576a76a1014b392fc4258c2683eDenis Palmeiro — Bug 1480104: Provide an API for the gecko profiler, introduce a string hash table to remove duplicate data, and add necessary locks and changes to support the profiler start/stop routines r=sfink
88273f13d441593babcfd658dd9b9c9c69da40ffChris Manchester — Bug 1493272 - Run a top level build in the tup backend when "faster" or "binaries" is passed to |./mach build| r=ted,firefox-build-system-reviewers
7783682f8ba7753ad6bdccd716edf37cb53ebc22Tom Prince — Bug 1492526: Don't build mar's as part of the build; r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mshal,Callek
677786af21883f02d5eb6ba33505c52ea4daf11cYaron Tausky — Bug 1490310: Fix cleanup code in claim-worker-fetch.https.html r=asuth,perry
0d3748a0ad24606a4debc37726b0743ab4676734Arshad Kazmi — Bug 1420744 - Extensions api with saveAs flag, skips file picker in android r=aswan
fac0c84719b7184da4d04e11f2d6e2c629327fe3Dana Keeler — bug 1494573 - fix tresize flakiness by not having it load resources provided by the tresize add-on r=jmaher
017a4a49c716dd20134ad8ee2009bb988296585fNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1388134) for crashes on [@ nsXPCWrappedJS::CallMethod(unsigned short, nsXPTMethodInfo const*, nsXPTCMiniVariant*)]. CLOSED TREE
0032519e19e8838edfad2157acf3a4589cdeb52aImanol Fernandez — Bug 1495421 - Fix gfxVRExtenal::StartPresentation value reset on Android r=kip
4ef2bffa13bc7ff2cea3a7c65c55718c0bcc8847Mark Banner — Bug 1495397 - Update mozilla-central's package.json for being more generic, and move existing ESLint modules to dev dependencies. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,nalexander
896fabac8cad3a569737c2679bf3533e5656f2e8Yura Zenevich — Bug 1482461 - remove "New" bubble from Accessibility panel tab. r=gl
c4758f66e313122b753ed49c5bad0d803b2a604aChris Manchester — Bug 1495314 - Use the value of MOZ_DEBUG_RUST from individual objects in the Tup backend. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mshal
bcdbc281a48d53c76737abd2ab776deefaf59338Doug Thayer — Bug 1495032 - Proactively adjust tab priority on switch r=mconley
6617886468a29c28e68bea594967fd99853886adHaik Aftandilian — Bug 1494326 - Provide a mach run option to launch the browser using the macOS open(1) command r=froydnj
365ac2b9486fdff60e9362012a6bbb13ce80a5c5Doug Thayer — Bug 1388134 - Fix lazy OS.Constants.Path breakage in addons test r=aswan
aeb38f1ace8d5f278d0e436e8dcfc68dc9da07c8Doug Thayer — Bug 1388134 - Defer load of OS.Constants.Path members r=gsvelto
238ec26bef308495ac182b6b66dc5cb6803ea5b4Doug Thayer — Bug 1388134 - Move some OS.Constants.Path members to lazy init r=baku
6341cb6ae607587609d46353fee88a1d737a7fa2Rob Wu — Bug 1416839 - Add viewType/viewTypes to menus API r=mixedpuppy
77089282928991ef69a040b48b23cdff377598e9Julian Descottes — Bug 1492374 - Uninstall ADB Helper when starting WebIDE addons module;r=ladybenko
e68feba6bf0178a01e5098f7a88b0a5bcc007473Julian Descottes — Bug 1492374 - Remove unused webide Addon abstract class;r=ladybenko
df4088486e03f86dfb135f66f5938971e3700e9eJulian Descottes — Bug 1492374 - Move all ADB related preferences out of webide;r=ladybenko
c6ae59fd5fff3aff99383bd8caa2c84c7145008fNoemi Erli — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
ba7f9ff7e4c528f35042ca72cc345353d655e560Rob Lemley — Bug 1460487 - Update mozharness to set MOZ_SOURCE_CHANGESET for comm builds. r=dustin