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Tue May 07 14:47:21 2019 +0000
882bba44f789d3189564d44134a452daf2aad3edshindli — Backed out changeset c386ebfd9c6b (bug 1542674) as per tarek's request on IRC
09970391563cc7f319b26c9634d0c4addbb80136Martin Stransky — Bug 1539471 - [wayland] Track active popup windows on Wayland and use dynamic popup hierarchy, r=ashie
4a3a0cf2e77aeedd4542f8f05925304d926949a6Mark Banner — Bug 1548750 - Harden the search link added mechanisms and browser_tooManyEnginesOffered.js against the search service initialisation not having completed yet. r=mikedeboer
b103cb0209658d6cfc248502606520fd140de56cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1547898 - part 2: Make HTMLEditRules::NormalizeSelection() use EditorDOMPoint r=m_kato
aea4f15b4cf2ef39ef4ca7b4377eb2961fd57b36Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1547898 - part 1: The constructor of EditorDOMPointBase which takes all information should allow non-end point of text node r=m_kato
c688fc5b2c0b66ca80f613880fe2500d314e3f03Ed Lee — Bug 1547016 - Ignore new brandings.ftl used for activity-stream onboarding. r=Pike,bustage CLOSED TREE
b840fb920d287edc9b2fb6b35e20b5bb18d5236fshindli — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
2a8d60898476d96040ed1a64f43ab4502d70a806Jon Coppeard — Bug 1548793 - Add some more assertions when creating ProxyObjects r=jandem?
58322f42c74dec1aa92fed28f43e7b44af2b9e4eEd Lee — Bug 1547016 - Update onboarding strings and add more localization comments r=flod
802ffd2567cc78232b4b127d069a5d2deb552181Boris Zbarsky — Remove unnecessary wpt failure annotation for selection/Document-open.html. No bug. r=jgraham
39ae355770620829620655b965de928567635aa6Rob Wu — Bug 1546481 - Let wpt test servers listen at localhost r=jgraham
bb9ad1e63c26115a367bbe6f92960fa9f8f72494Mihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1542286) for causing devtool failures at browser_about-devtools-toolbox_reload.js CLOSED TREE
bfeb8f1e42e35f32fe2f4382962c3586336b5b33Mihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset 8f066e5c42c8 (bug 1543974) for causing bustages on webrender builds CLOSED TREE
8f066e5c42c8d093eca140056720b3808065f7e7Nicolas Silva — Bug 1543974 - Add render task scheduling tests. r=gw
2fb791b5ce7fb87b1044681e50842d639631d8dbNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 2f1af0a1f129 (bug 1547016) for linting failure on onboarding.ftl . CLOSED TREE
8b43cfcebf9f68835cd93b093df011864a5fec02Julian Descottes — Bug 1542286 - Add tests for Firefox Preview runtime info r=daisuke
d02d934560c5d5a0e215f65151fe09dd2558de25Julian Descottes — Bug 1542286 - Share runtime info with DebugTargetInfo component via remote-client-manager r=daisuke
dbb72223a684718779c85fa211a6255368641d46Julian Descottes — Bug 1542286 - Show the application version instead of the Gecko version for Fenix runtimes r=daisuke
8a220edc2db39df54337dc2a0b92847d0f2cb6b9Julian Descottes — Bug 1542286 - Use the Firefox Preview logo in about:debugging r=daisuke
38220ee5ab0c01215c9662d57bef5f7432b39081Julian Descottes — Bug 1542286 - Show proper runtime name for Fenix in about:debugging r=daisuke
2f1af0a1f129d6af5073c1b53fd15bc5bacb50b0Ed Lee — Bug 1547016 - Update onboarding strings and add more localization comments r=flod
1a7c349c2c607bf7d0ed2d9a5851073343705fb9Tom Tung — Bug 1546892 - P1 - Removing the temporary fix for bug 1528690; r=asuth
71efb056f9e087b9c9213391a108ee73ca1d9610Lars T Hansen — Bug 1545755 - Support (result t) syntax for block and if. r=jseward
65ffa078d3b25af64079af4d0a443389c19f065bTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1549340 - Use macro instead of static method to pass reinterpret_cast to constexpr. r=jandem
067fd517e656b6276034dca9f0ed139fcf55b450Megan Bailey — Bug 1545270 - Update CSS variable for Add Device Settings Input fields, r=victoria,pbro
1f27cacfb9cf3cb7d16925ab1ab70617e05f7f73Julian Descottes — Bug 1401324 - Add mochitest for remembering temporary addon folder; r=daisuke
ecc1127396f971e2bddee56a4d101129ec067e2fJulian Descottes — Bug 1401324 - Remember last folder used to load a temporary extension r=daisuke
2104abac31980477345157f35a84b09b8c0891d5Mark Banner — Bug 1548640 - Remove 'experimental-hidden' sections from Search's list.json. r=daleharvey
ced775b2651e581ecf7d4ade35e39f1791f703d0Henri Sivonen — Bug 1544632 - Check for BrowserParent destruction before sending StopIMEStateManagement IPC message. r=masayuki
78ccad22a01cfb6cbf1b47f8f78e1b5d47b7bc6dHenri Sivonen — Bug 1549329 - Introduce localizable strings for unified Japanese encoding menu item and unified Cyrillic encoding menu item. r=emk
88ce0c2df4d2e3cd324ce99a48e43a55bb695051Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1548751 - Make TextEditRules::WillSetText() use fast path even if it's for <textarea> element r=m_kato