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Mon Aug 05 15:55:27 2019 +0000
9c91b33629b6e33de140b602361bbd27d686128affxbld — No Bug, taskcluster/docker/funsize-update-generator pipfile-update. r=sfraser
03a7d222410bccc10ec98c552728606a148b9198Julian Descottes — Bug 1570897 - Add test to check that about:devtools-toolbox is focused after reload r=ochameau
8e332c09026d3f2d1c397131128278264dc9729aJohann Hofmann — Bug 1569467 - Avoid setting the "hidden" attribute on protections popup switch labels. r=nhnt11
ff3de17660337ae27daa11105542b42be3c5e00dAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1570378: remote: add bc test helper setup() for empty documents r=remote-protocol-reviewers,jdescottes
dfb2d2aae87eab8ff5d63fdbf4d5e1dc9aff0af6Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1570378: remote: avoid URI terminology r=remote-protocol-reviewers,jdescottes
723d5f102a28e3871e0b25d1e81e0c62be213a17Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1570320 - Rename hudservice into browser-console-manager. r=ochameau.
87356d9276c51181c022c981eca992197a7b1c81Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1567819 - Disable damp on windows 7 shippable due to frequent failures. r=jmaher
8c2b5b14ea21a5fa32ae4e072c6ac6239eca6347Brindusan Cristian — Backed out changeset 2d2938a3bee6 (bug 1533846) for bc failures at browser_asrouter_toolbarbadge.js. CLOSED TREE
8247f9a13f56cd11a11a8047905186cb2c36b97fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1570971 - Enable all the annotation URL-Classifier features and remove their prefs, r=Ehsan
020e8aad58a88199e189ab3938b6368d6e49fb8aAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1569690 - Use target instead of thread as greatest common divisor. r=loganfsmyth,nchevobbe
48ffed44db64bf22d6358f976aeddf0de2984107Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1570692 - Do not restore focus for about:debugging toolboxes. r=jdescottes
4f81a4f40f888b0881e4fb07505768a815463e42Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1570378) for ESlint failure on browser_page_javascriptDialog_ . CLOSED TREE
e208aa908846a72332c40f97768dadce6c289f61Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 836310e3d3ee (bug 1570751) for bc failrues on browser_ext_popup_select.js . CLOSED TREE
ba13ac52e22a0c8fce78312520418dd2bae349acXidorn Quan — Bug 1541573 - Round coordinate passed to pointerMove. r=smaug
412894c27fa28f945f0f364bb5aeab28e673830bAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1570378: remote: add bc test helper setup() for empty documents r=remote-protocol-reviewers,jdescottes
adb3dec1090b16e0acd3792c5a4dc1e2a6401c3fAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1570378: remote: avoid URI terminology r=remote-protocol-reviewers,jdescottes
28f189acbe032952ecf7200004e56e1135da825aAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1563533: remote: update bc tests to use document inlining; r=remote-protocol-reviewers,jdescottes
f72466a9df1a2b3159c12900ce028762a7f595a1Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1563533: remote: add toDataURL document inlining helper; r=remote-protocol-reviewers,jdescottes
af78e873d1e8b2715c05b44feaab5a5c95ebd7f6Tim Huang — Bug 1570248 - Change the color of the separator after the shield icon. r=johannh
2d66b2b14eb82a254cf7c21732eb2c2b809ebce9Brindusan Cristian — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1567434) for build bustages at nsWindow.cpp:3587:53. CLOSED TREE
2d2938a3bee655c0f6ff21c6c0df29d60574183bAndrei Oprea — Bug 1533846 - Clear WeakMap entries for Messaging System notifications r=k88hudson
10925a6df9b39d675c08879b68f21f04675898d2Martin Stransky — Bug 1567434 - [Wayland] Use dynamic popup hierarchy for tooltips/context menu only, r=jhorak
1cd94e91245cbc8eb5a5b58d99b4141e78195b74Martin Stransky — Bug 1567434 - [Wayland] Don't use gtk_window_get_transient_for() to get parent toplevel window, r=jhorak
dd401c5ee827abb735909f5ab09488a10e7a20bbDavid Teller — Bug 1568138 - Reverse order of Huffman keys;r=arai
a2cd6653f8569267b6e807a9e038c4174a110a07james — Bug 1549609 Remove pref r=johannh
836310e3d3ee2043feb41480a239a657ea7cf0ccJohann Hofmann — Bug 1570751 - Avoid identity block flickering. r=Ehsan