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Mon Jan 28 04:51:03 2019 +0000
d2516083582b94d5e248e2865229bbcbcaf3d06fMatt Woodrow — Bug 1523214 - Don't invalidate for transform/opacity changes in WebRenderCommandBuilder since DLBI handles this already. r=jrmuizel
8774e60ceebbfd10869498171e0e5f02a8ad7d07Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1523142 - Simplify some conversion code used for mapped attributes. r=firefox-style-system-reviewers,boris
2bad68e1de18761ea1c256781269f98c931b3a80Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1523081 - ifdef all of wasm DataCount, DataDrop and ElemDrop to fix bustage if ENABLE_WASM_BULKMEM_OPS is not set r=arai
3c9634352cd66e1debc3beeedd53130d16474db2Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1522021. Propagate input size to CreateSimilarDrawTarget for filters. r=mstange
747303cab27a597bbfdffd2c1db157f5d65c4f0fHarry Twyford — Bug 1522994 - Resolves crash when using Touch Bar inputs out-of-context. r=mikedeboer