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Fri Jun 03 05:51:27 2011 +0000
8a133638f5b6ae3846d1e539a86553fead8187f9Benjamin Peterson — Bug 405300 - ignore transformation in isPointInPath(). r=joe sr=roc
c5aa6fb2f93772417edcbea56c11d00e9fbd6ee8Geoff Lankow — Bug 506069 - textbox with type=number does not properly update value for oninput event. r=enn
328bc4f3183ac5b12c7c9ddc05aaea8c4007ed45Dão Gottwald — Bug 661662 - Speed up the population of about:permissions' sites list. r=margaret
3cbab1bd4b14c5e7fb45a992449f716bd13a12b0Dão Gottwald — Bug 601917 - Trying to drag the empty part of a toolbar shouldn't throw an exception. r=enn
2b7732c590bd09d98b6130f0bcddfee331e44f26Dão Gottwald — Bug 660391 - gURLBar.formatValue fails when exiting print preview, due to the URL bar not having a frame. r=gavin