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Mon Oct 03 23:22:50 2011 +0000
25b8388347afce9be72b1e4413f012567fa67e02Phil Ringnalda — Back out 68b6b149d652 (bug 683245) for xpcshell timeouts in test_content_annotation.js
00de1043242f8bea5438f6ae7545db1767b6a848Wes Johnston — Bug 690878 - Switch order of continue and cancel buttson in locale picker. r=mbrubeck
077a86b75bdb1156a0c8431ec553652efc4a7121Wes Johnston — Bug 688824 - Only show restart notification when locale changes. r=mfinkle
752009d34465fb99bd7fdf5342b21c67e220f820Wes Johnston — Bug 684241 - Add basic tests for locale picker. r=mfinkle
4a590adce18cb439c5817c454808462ee6a8c698Taras Glek — Bug 688223 - Re-prompt user for telemetry opt-in if privacy policy changes r=gavin
e6c9998fbf74c20f123da61e772d0efa7660a80aBrian Hackett — Fix warning, bug 689892.
db349edef0d61ace67490c13185e52b655a6ed44Brian Hackett — Fix bogus assert, bug 688968. r=dvander
347b57a14ce386ea8efa2416b64dd2fc75e0f111Marco Bonardo — Bug 686025 - nsNavHistory::AsyncExecuteLegacyQueries uses synchronous createStatement instead of createAsyncStatement.
c6405a1d4b2271705bf1f74a73cf4d1808afe108Justin Lebar — Back out bug 622315 (ffead16f25eb) due to numerous regressions. r=bz
28a549e9041047f280aaeff17139021c2711294aBrian Hackett — Check for operations on integers in loops, bug 689892. r=dvander
ae1ba25d7d07e1df9c75f9c4d2b72eff4bc7722cScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 18/18 - Test for initially non-displayed iframe containing an animated image. [r=joe]
2a62ca6580da9211a502498b79fc40ebad4e2c69Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 17/18 - Test for change of source to gif animation. [r=joe]
e02aa8977225226da78021e25b7a9e53b4c1f202Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 16/18 - Test for animated images within a XUL tree. [r=joe]
9669c49bdf67f6d3d1338d28441be9c1610a00c3Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 15/18 - Test for animations embedded within SVG filters. [r=joe]
11c3d02d1c0e0bb8b614bbc5120c873f16f4546aScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 14/18 - Test for animated background images. [r=joe]
fbf08c5aa833946b0c61bf7a48d0eae3905eb246Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 13/18 - Test for animated gif images embedded in list-style-images. [r=joe]
2fc2cff5bc6efdfc0da965af7c8cffd802747fcbScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 12/18 - Mochitest to test animation via refresh driver on SVG image elements. [r=joe]
d6488a41e72e324d98af601e9bc009305b504a04Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 11/18 - Basic gif animation functionality test. [r=joe]
94252c34312ea6f3008c02f0b2eae1bc7de84600Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 10/18 - Test framework for animated gif tests. [r=joe]
7a32a21af687c0d22e2f37b4e38c64c98a3152cbScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 9/18 - Implement methods in RasterImage in order to faciliate refresh driver-based animations. [r=dholbert,joe]
49d997bcdc608efa649731d93198624bfe62df0cScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 8/18 - Change xul tree implementation to utilize refresh driver based animations for performance improvements with animated images. [r=roc]
5b4dd36b1f78f45308d5002a20192f238e2f8cf0Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 7/18 - Change nsImageLoader to utilize new refresh driver animations to overcome performance issues with animated background images. [r=roc]
6cd4f2d8c2f9dbeae404c3248e22c2b7dbf88c7fScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 6/18 - Change nsBulletFrame to utilize refresh driver-based animations for performance improvements. [r=roc]
4ec20f190f00c75d58f604cc467350d423657ba5Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 5/18 - Change nsImageBoxFrame to register corresponding image with nsRefreshDriver to facilitate refresh driver-based animations. [r=roc]
9d3ac2d3da11c7f8f0159d59fb515abaa3d2b919Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 4/18 - Implement refresh driver based animations in nsImageLoadingContent to improve efficiency of animated GIF images. [r=roc][sr=mats]
a476b7988f63bb5b3dbb05167c8e82347957e30aScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 3/18 - Create hook functions in nsLayoutUtils to coalesce some of the new code for frame-like objects and avoid code duplication. [r=roc]
a48ccb52c13797917f1a5f7193597cce645a57a8Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 2/18 - Change nsRefreshDriver to accept imgIRequest objects to facilitate refresh driver-based animations. [r=roc]
1da3cfb954b12ce0447b2cc49e7bef72fb127fe3Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 1/18 - Add method to imgIContainer for notification of refresh driver events. [r=dholbert,joe][sr=bz]
68b6b149d65262cc0099eada5d5bc31228b777c9Jiten Thakkar — Bug 683245 - Allow retrieving navigator.buildID and navigator.version in content processes. r=bsmedberg
ba2483679e59f8669d527a3b1cbd02d2d8093181Marco Bonardo — Bug 658303 - mozIStorageConnection::Clone() should copy over pragmas.
c8fbb8a9b5a59074c1536269533b9cf86e4796faMatt Brubeck — Bug 691418 - Back/escape key goes back twice in local tabs [r=mfinkle]
2c0eb6a0e6e720cb3052cf37ddb3d3602c639b97Matt Brubeck — Bug 691175 - Escape/back key is broken in awesomescreen [r=mfinkle]
290504bc966998a9bec55e52b88f0995ef99712bMatt Brubeck — Bug 690816 - When Fennec starts, remember whether the tablet tabs sidebar was open or closed [r=lucasr]
f6ca223342090ec327966af13823bd47181006e7Matt Brubeck — Bug 690816 (1/2) - Refactor TabsPopup and tab sidebar show/hide methods [r=lucasr]
c9af88f9998b5b4d8b3bccaea30d4ae17303d11aJiten Thakkar — Bug 688465 - Ensure that pending geolocation callbacks are only removed if they are actually updated. r=jdm
69f7a86b4cb100e56de9dbe294c2a25b89a7860fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 685782. SetHistoryEntry should start syncing at the root of the docshell tree, not at its parent docshell. r=smaug
5a26e1aa86e56961bf1c83d688e7bda28a9a7b7bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 691215. Fix stupid logic error in the XML prettyprinter that can cause a null-dereference crash. r=sicking
f5aa42137fbc5e26ec07ec3dad85834e9a0f9d08Boris Zbarsky — Bug 690990. Don't assert that sheets are not modified when it would be just fine for them to be modified. r=peterv
092140ecc44cfe425fc644fdbed1d476fcaeffcfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 691226. Make about:memory do more escaping, since item descriptions can contain characters that are not allowed in XML attribute values. r=jlebar
d7dec44f259a79ab97a03124c52ac6ae0690c7f5Chris Leary — Bug 691143: Avoid negation of unsigned. (r=luke)
131fcce099afd14fb30eba9f8ec45b799c241087Justin Lebar — Bug 686345 - Don't subtract from our count of canvas's memory if we never added to the count. r=jmuizelaar
d21d678255d85e90bd3873b9b2a1d38817f95a9dJustin Lebar — Bug 690458 - Increase resolution of memory telemetry histograms. r=khuey
57c50b19791426e8594de1360c5b6d342a80a32dMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
265d39da5c3da955ad5a804b791651cc6b612dd5Alexander Surkov — Bug 664142 - DEFAULT state exposed incorrectly for HTML, r=tbsaunde
b963098e5361846337f0c44ced6a1f4564a3ab7fAlexander Surkov — Bug 691248 - XUL tree items shouldn't pick up relations from XUL tree, r=tbsaunde
11d110b351c536091fbd594599b23d5dedd5202eAlexander Surkov — Bug 370396 - a11y mochitest for tabbox focus events, r=marcoz
704f378016118503e36b1a8d058f92c1ef305f0dBenoit Jacob — Bug 522193 - WebGL calls are slow because of memory allocation churning - r=roc
be9874f75baefbc9c8fa8e3d9f8942cca574a363Alexander Surkov — Bug 684818 - shift+tab fails on editable document after context menu is closed: enable mochitest, r=marcoz