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Sat Jun 05 02:02:21 2010 +0000
63b89b311461Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 567497 - "Files executed via download manager cause Win7 compatibility mode to permanently apply to firefox.exe and not downloaded file" [r=ted]
9a7be1835b53Craig Topper — Bug 566808 - "DeCOMtaminate nsIStyleRule method signatures" [r=dbaron]
4153cd536a73Jacek Caban — Bug 566467 - fixed compilation with --disable-ipc. [r=ted]
8406214f84c8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 565904 - "HTMLOptGroupElement and HTMLOptionElement are not form controls but are listed in nsIFormControl" [r=smaug]
0c87f407797dMounir Lamouri — Bug 565611 - ""ASSERTION: How did that happen?: 'form == aThisForm'" with <legend>" [r=bz, sr=smaug]
0388c837c986Jacek Caban — Bug 559854 - Compile target xpidl only if libIDL is configured when cross compiling. [r=ted]
ceeb7737c4bbChiaki Ishikawa — Bug 559833 - "Should fix incorrect indentation of nsHelperAppDlg.js" [r=paolo]
01f8d7c7654dBen Parr — Bug 553483 - ""Language" category should not be visible if there are no language packs installed" [r=Unfocused]
d8dc49d5bd60Mitchell Field — Bug 542222 - Reduce recursion in netwerk makefiles. r=biesi
28086cf6ede8Justin Wood — Backout |Bug 567306 - Find command(ctrl+F) does not start looking for it with a selected text on the actual page.| due to Linux Mo(oth) and Linux64 Mo(oth) test failures.