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Wed Jan 30 00:49:21 2013 +0000
5c248ef0fe629c97d4321ba1e61c55cc8788a96dDavid Keeler — bug 822771 - add timeout to getHSTSPreloadList.js' XHRs r=bsmith DONTBUILD (NPOB)
31d8ab3ddf1a2c61a993ddf4ebcdf5fc5e8d0659Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 835470. Add operator== for char_type. r=bsmedberg
abba5495035465c99f0cdb2518124238e6415f15Tanvi Vyas — Bug 822366 - Change the icon for Mixed Active Content to the triangle with exclamation point. r=dao
c6e0a815401ac48b9d22cf58a5ad586f4372faaaTerrence Cole — Bug 706885 - Rework Rooting APIs to preserve all available type information; r=billm
2313ce68cff0a616d76029124a19846abc55209eMatt Brubeck — Bug 834399 - Tab sidebar should switch views to show newly selected tab [r=sriram]
e881841cd418134d0fd640ed28a875b66d23ff0fGabriele Svelto — Bug 835730 - Properly tear down components when the profile is being shut down. r=mak
f370ad0944a23bb3c3b2ae731fb21e111c816c2dGabriele Svelto — Bug 835355 - Fix ContentPrefService2 to properly respond to queries for nsIContentPrefService and nsIContentPrefService2 interfaces. r=mak
6f3581295ea798d0f73c303678a06acda218b02fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b211a11259a7e4b622f57ca599a041cfed99149cJames Willcox — Bug 803154 - Don't wait on Gecko for non-emergency memory reduction events r=kats
3a8a7a8502be210bd3748421c540512c6cb72765Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the removal of global private browsing support
2a0424e177c19a871d287a50688ac71efcac8458Boris Zbarsky — Bug 829867. Unpref PaintRequest and Screen WebIDL bindings and remove some cruft from quickstubs. r=peterv
22695cac389690829d6f9860c92a381b969c783cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824589. Convert XULElement to WebIDL. r=peterv
6d36308422243e67ed5d406cc1841a694045aa57Malini Das — Bug 816246 - Add a 'timeout' kwarg to execute_* in marionette, r=jgriffin
37c3114841858388b84e8762ce5489f4b5e8a0b4Ed Morley — Backout df75a87cce60 & 19e164f7d88d (bug 818670) for build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
bbc1e6ebad1ec320fd87333f29676e9e5e7a9237Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
cd02b8d5653c459b1adedcfa916feba47485e8b6Ralph Giles — Bug 834063 - Fix a comment typo. r=padenot DONTBUILD
e182be8b7b8a18656e0fc777ec3c3d8b7bef9553Daniel Holbert — Bug 835686: Mark debug-only variable as DebugOnly in transportlayer.h. r=ekr
bf9886e0d35620c31ed2586a4a2fc8c316ddaa5eDaniel Holbert — Bug 835692: Convert TransportLayerDtls::kMaxDigestLength to be a size_t, since that's how it's used & what it's compared to. r=ekr
df75a87cce60fe1396b579941e4db1fe0495a610Randell Jesup — Bug 818670: merge AudioConduits to allow AEC to work r=ekr
19e164f7d88d9df419f1632b7b8a82f2d83841c5Randell Jesup — Bug 818670: Enable AEC in PeerConnection, AGC/NoiseSuppression in gUM r=derf
770b5184d68330b2f0acc2da32625462c1b2ad6fJosh Matthews — Bug 835038 - Ensure IPC TCP sockets always have permission checks applied. r=jduell
0a5bf147e0e6f4af683d46c679fe326f74d6d384Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 835533. Avoid adding an ambiguous TextureInfo type. r=snorp
a16bd9c186009054b07ec7b41095f6c0f9965faeLuke Wagner — Bug 835578 - IonMonkey: fix visitCompare/visitTest to not useRegister on constant operands (r=dvander)
456d199b8d1fc061407bc1e75d9920de8e8c3e83Luke Wagner — Bug 835449 - fix StackIter corner case where evalInFrame fails to pop native calls (r=jandem)
f8b0ebdfe845f2195159c281e88c82d69c13ca38Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 831428 test fixup in browser_Deprecated.js - run the tests serially, remove the listener after its job is done, r=Yoric
5c5b63581fc2d1006e6e5813dcaf8c027c5bfd55Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 831428 test fixup in test_bug429785 - don't remove the listener until it has received the console messages, r=bz
783ea16377776e5e538c8ad2492311a7a34d5bcbBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 831248 test fixup for the webconsole tests: a warning about mutation events being deprecated was being delivered into the console listener, confusing the test, r=rcampbell
507d85ab580785783b54d88fc6e2bb7a8c13dc28Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 831428 - Console listeners should not require a threadsafe addref/release method if they are only used from the main thread, r=jlebar
009b00bcce30d2bed015aa8af34ecae378fcb34cSunny — Bug 828347 - Warn if session restore is initialized with deprecated synchronous initialization. r=dteller
d8d79ba17527141923665d79843b7b9fd1dc87a3Yura Zenevich — Bug 828201 - Replace DEBUG constant by a preference across OS.File and add a File.GET_DEBUG method used for testing. r=dteller
42c786efb5d67768f348462234a235d6b808b1e4Nils Maier — Bug 761552 - Part 2: Avoid external JS strings in XPCConvert. r=bholley
a502aa076a9416d2af5fc5eddb30f98a5d7dfe56Nils Maier — Bug 761552 - Part 1: Provide UTF8ToUnicode functions accepting a buffer. r=jlebar
8331ece7e1c16aad9389fb45906f8faf68f49099Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
e9a03227ae72cd10416eb2f81428aff4feee5d37Hannes Verschore — Bug 835178: IonMonkey: Enable inlining of functions containing JSOP_SETARG, r=nbp
361b83661de106d98713f34293497db2d46f86f9Boris Zbarsky — Fix comment. Followup for bug 834877. DONTBUILD
c669c3af96d4c4ebd7b6c546cb33253abd62921bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 829252 followup. Now that WindowRoot has a wrapper cache, we need to be able to deal with ConstructSlimWrapper on things that have no classinfo. r=peterv pending, but landing on CLOSED TREE now to fix orange.
27e211d02a7ab9f13d1252cba8c4d4e538df0788Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834877 part 5. Add an overload of GetAttribute that takes a DOMString. r=peterv
4f59efe7733355f97fb2a9fedf219a44bb306720Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834877 part 4. Add overloads of GetAttr() and GetId() that take a DOMString. r=peterv
9ed387b675bb030f4521074fc7b46410c1a06271Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834877 part 3. Add faster DOMString-to-JS conversion code. r=peterv
c4209fe94d301cfe22d74f3e3b06d7161f94e469Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834877 part 2. Start using DOMString as the return value for strings. r=peterv
6a158459ea7d0eddcb93c58d29561c94ca23ee54Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834877 part 1. Add a DOMString struct to use for binding return values. r=peterv
12e12524ce9d0f7b6e241a532a82ff47db17e8b9Paolo Amadini — Bug 831708 - Add basic download states and progress. r=enn
580dbef53b91481b435aa330a419ca842c16e0ccPaolo Amadini — Bug 825591 - Skeleton of asynchronous JavaScript API for downloads. r=enn,mak
42a89eaa94e03377ab01f68e0ff0d00266d9aee7Brian Hackett — Bug 835496 - Don't try to fix the types for object initializers with dense elements, r=jandem.
2b9a689ac459a8a977433b35f6cb178299372bb8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 829252 part 4. Turn on the EventTarget quickstubs. r=peterv
aa85bbb41c0486ad6d407f42ec671074f8fbf443Boris Zbarsky — Bug 829252 part 3. When wrapping things with an nsISupports in XPCWrappedJS for WebIDL callback interfaces, use the aggregated version. r=peterv
0b23beab803845fc77bbf66bf222ed0954357a1bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 829252 part 2. Make nsGlobalWindow inherit from dom::EventTarget and ensure that all the things that inherit from it correctly QI to it. r=peterv
9f934db4606ab209ceaa702129f1318934cd8abaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 829252 part 1. Change nsGlobalWindow to use nsIDOMEventTarget as the canonical isupports instead of nsIScriptGlobalObject. We'll need this to be able to cast to it properly in binding code. r=peterv
ac96e7915fb41ec082f62e30c59e38fa05fbb334Boris Zbarsky — Bug 829072 part 3. Move the event handlers that are shared by HTMLBodyElement, HTMLFramesetElement, and Window onto a WindowEventHandlers interface that can be on the RHS of 'implements'. r=peterv
a3a09614f5327f84df72be65aab5a0c82507d4fbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 829072 part 2. Move the event handlers that are shared by HTMLElement and Document onto a NodeEventHandlers interface that can be on the RHS of 'implements'. r=peterv
36bf86ca4abdc4bf4af8d3f1e36dec519a7e86e8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 829072 part 1. Move the event handlers that are shared by HTMLElement, Document, and Window onto a GlobalEventHandlers interface that can be on the RHS of 'implements'. r=peterv
95b168efcfe8fc4bc7facc9c0d511d00abd49fe2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834785. Make sure to not ask the JS engine for return values in toplevel scripts, so it'll be able to ion-compile them as needed. r=bholley
e894c103775f33a834670edd6570a487c959b3a3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 830099. Flag WebIDL dictionaries and callbacks with some information indicating whether we need main-thread and worker codegen for them and then use that information to skip unneccessary codegen. r=peterv
7b03b419446f69c1de3feb67e94912770d87696eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 835612 - Fix nsVolumeService to use strings better, r=jlebar
719e2132cc42b114904510d5cf329d8a4cbe593aJon Coppeard — Bug 835385 - Also, ensure no GC during Ion compilation r=billm
280f2844d29638d6360a64c2be6345ca2bd41520Jon Coppeard — Bug 835385 - GC: Fix for some jit test rooting analysis failures r=terrence
f6367c0f3f2bd5ee86f4c958670ed06edc0e70d0Jon Coppeard — Bug 834766 - Also root some out params r=sphink
0e64eba378053be73b882c0a94a27c4f373dde6eJon Coppeard — Bug 834766 - GC: Fix some more rooting issues found by static analysis r=sphink
3f5dfcc20fa4afc69150975c727974b7687c1bb7Henri Sivonen — Bug 820508 part 4 - Make <main> have the HTMLElement DOM interface. r=smaug.
958b9c35f2026d38fdbf01ca18949d64660ca797Henri Sivonen — Bug 820508 part 3 - Accessibility mapping for <main>. r=dbolter.
f3dffbc276187d722ee4887ecc98f22fd54aeb78Henri Sivonen — Bug 820508 part 2 - UA stylesheet for <main>. r=bzbarsky.
2d7c81a2d08e344f4f4a358361d83d64a9489cf2Henri Sivonen — Bug 820508 part 1 - Parser support for <main>. r=smaug.
b25e9408b850af0d7c4757e4e14ac54468ab013fAlexander Surkov — Bug 812767 - move out event processing logging from NotificationController, r=tbsaunde