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Sun Mar 08 20:22:28 2015 +0000
3d6cd86c1791e3eaed69d7b2b290b42080f99c3cOlli Pettay — Bug 1140534 - IPC Proxy for offsetAtPoint, r=tbsaunde
d5f0d1845eccc192bb1731a9402933a72eb2bdefOlli Pettay — Bug 1140499 - IPC Proxy for text/char bounds, r=tbsaunde
a6dbd23da5982cc7564367815f6be855c6d2d3f6Xidorn Quan — Bug 1139283 - Move some properties from nsStyleDisplay to nsStylePosition. r=dbaron
6bb20f395bcc37eea0975a3a25e19e3cd7568995Robert Longson — Bug 1140080 - ensure we only create stop frames for gradients. r=dholbert
a444db7e60f3ff18efff1fef05390019b80253d5Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
803e783be389469c19faf2b303318ea73111e863Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1081819) for frequent mochitest-e10s failures
7fa300ea1b1d88a7bdd1be8f26efa732c1beff25Olli Pettay — Bug 1140162 - IPC Proxy for TextAttributes and DefaultTextAttributes, r=tbsaunde
2d66bec2f5e1f4fc6cde2bb9bc6a6b53f638786eOlli Pettay — Bug 1139887 - IPC Proxy for caretOffset, r=tbsaunde
9e9fb89350a70c00641acd030d90e1bb8fda9be5Olli Pettay — Bug 1139972 - IPC Proxy for charAt, r=tbsaunde
d82de5d43ebc59f1bdcfc8d923d419506dff0dcbAlexander Surkov — Bug 1140500 - add object attributes declaration into markup map, r=marcoz
96fccf03e5bec646ef0c833205680e8640bd06e8Jim Mathies — Bug 1138181 - Be more aggressive in updating plugin geometry in the compositor, avoids filtering out important offset updates that don't involve remote layer tree updates. r=roc
98874cdde2f92b0d246cedd5cc7867aff567b791Brian Hackett — Bug 1138912 - Watch for MNewObject instructions without a template object when recovering, r=jandem.
d43fb3fe56f08e12eaed78e6f72a7720493aac31Brian Hackett — Bug 1139474 - Watch for unboxed object properties when attaching Ion SETPROP ICs, r=jandem.
7bcbc6e198635fcbae36b48cb63d40ce69178d22Alexander Surkov — Bug 1140497 - add more roles into markup map, r=marcoz
c8fbb68f9fe1b482a3563692c90999ce4a53f044Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1138181, bug 1132874) for e10s crashes in browser_windowopen_reflows.js
48634beaa636fe659d3f9afc37bfeda279d8d863Mike Conley — Bug 1090439 - PPrinting calls from child to parent via ShowProgress and ShowPrintDialog should not be sync. r=smaug.
85a9d5f966ac15e3f9fe95a7e8de1e7a7736f376Nikhil Marathe — Bug 1133805 - Enable all serviceworker tests on all platforms except b2g. r=baku
36c32d9b014e718e003272d376d148567978fc1dNikhil Marathe — Bug 1053275 - Exempt ServiceWorkers from per domain thread limits. r=sicking
fefa0c931bb79e2a48c13325aab8946cea1436ddNikhil Marathe — Bug 1133861 - Enable the Fetch API by default. r=jst
fdf4671db3242cd0b829e9d3f85b8a120f24ab4eJim Mathies — Bug 1132874 - Improve protections against sending a parent plugin protocol shutdown message to the child after the child has torn down. r=aklotz
ddd5517ce7d271da291ebe4de1a1ee88a73e6e36Jim Mathies — Bug 1138181 - Be more aggressive in updating plugin geometry in the compositor, avoids filtering out important offset updates that don't involve remote layer tree updates. r=roc
4e6629bce17bdd7ec5f85a8e928d8d08e0a4930fL. David Baron — Bug 1140486 patch 2 - Make nsTextFrame::UpdateOverflow include the visual overflow from the text metrics by calling existing RecomputeOverflow. r=jfkthame
0e4c6320641470314491bad2352d928fff6bcbe5L. David Baron — Bug 1140486 patch 1 - Pass block frame instead of block reflow state to nsTextFrame::RecomputeOverflow. r=jfkthame
6753efba260d042b3e0a7af55217201ab3145eb4Jonathan Kew — Bug 1114329 - Reftests for floats within blocks of varying width and directionality. r=smontagu
5cfc2a0f00540e0a3927b75c50de9aac389c9282Phil Ringnalda — Bug 1140739 - Adjust browser_net_security-details.js's expectation of the label for a TLSv1.2 connection following the bug 1137470 NSS 3.18RC0 update's increase of the default maximum enabled TLS version
fac66b2cc608319bf5b3f015bf07cd477767df8aPhil Ringnalda — Bug 1137470 followup, touch /CLOBBER to force full rebuild of NSS
99a276974d6d0a357074f2dba31b3dd6b47a5d10Mats Palmgren — Bug 1140198 - Tweak display:contents test to make this test green again. r=me on a CLOSED TREE
cb1c692e89638fada258ff3539ad16d2e1ecc26bBrian Hackett — Bug 1138740 - Notify Ion when changing a typed array's data pointer due to making a lazy buffer for it, r=sfink.
dca901fa0641cf6b67dc4f5495b319efdb9365caJed Davis — Bug 1140111 - Whitelist readlinkat along with readlink. r=kang
cb7d748abbe8d518223927383c96e5d8dcbe26dbJan de Mooij — Bug 1140342 - Remove __noSuchMethod__ from url-classifier debugging functions. r=gavin
12e446d95738b8f7d29ded35c3b3d6d36140b15eJan de Mooij — Bug 1140334 - Remove __noSuchMethod__ from PlacesUtils.jsm. r=mak
4a5a4eafd2ce83a096001a4e1546f218d80dd9adJan de Mooij — Bug 1140324 - Remove __noSuchMethod__ handling from WebIDL parser and throw an exception instead. r=peterv
b78fd38002f50344d6fc3a2fcba1f3a2f784fad9Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1081819 - Handle InMutedCycle() in TrackUnionStream::ProcessInput. r=roc,padenot
ff063b9a1ea2ad4a1f232f7320ee56d3afa593b3Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1081819 - Add mochitest for piping WebAudio in and out of PeerConnection. r=jesup,padenot
322d60fc413ea6c275a90030c66d206d77cec6e0Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1081819 - Let the output stream itself process input data from MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode::mStream. r=roc
8e4e3a618c9ce87929f97f68c0b6b2c05e5b7253Mats Palmgren — Bug 1140579 - Make <legend>s have a legend frame when nearest ancestor frame is a fieldset frame. r=roc
a3053a836a09a719bceac3d8ffe3f9e866e2c436Mats Palmgren — Bug 1140579 - (backout rev 27ac269bb796 b/c wrong bug number in commit message)
aa19896bead798fbad8a772e347f3c237d8f062cMats Palmgren — Bug 1140198 - display:contents on the root element (but not else-where) should compute to 'block'. r=roc
27ac269bb796b25a45d35708af40ef8eaa0c5618Mats Palmgren — Bug 1140198 - Make <legend>s have a legend frame when nearest ancestor frame is a fieldset frame. r=roc
3fef33215d39e3c54c7ce8559523ac9ec2259970Mats Palmgren — Bug 1140160 - Handle insertions into a <fieldset> child with display:contents correctly. r=roc
3ec78ec97624dff4b1ed5d68e57baae9c0a9697fKai Engert — Bug 1137470, landing NSS_3_18_RC0 minus bug 1132496, r=nss-confcall