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Thu Jan 24 10:17:05 2019 +0000
1fce91651f4385b00e99a76338c2ee4e475b1adfMakoto Kato — Bug 1522016 - Build NEON support for libopus on aarch64. r=jmvalin
c7085705cd57dd0902055a77bfa5fbc017f6c837Ciure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
768f85969239f064d87a0776afc12ac851d0ec9dMatt Woodrow — Bug 1520682 - Limit the amount of filter ops per stacking context in WebRender. r=jrmuizel
27600f531b833fed53e3eb8bf9159f2c09e24370Glenn Watson — Bug 1522352 - Add GPU timer group for scale operations. r=kamidphish
ac16e1408d672d6a94d5410b135af06ce30484a1Tim Nguyen — Bug 1521294 - Remove XUL grid layout from security/manager/pki/resources/content/changepassword.xul. r=nhnt11