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Wed Sep 08 20:57:52 2010 +0000
ec53c1b41f3c42b769d7a2522909c6e8fc9cbb6aDaniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 15: Reftests for svg-as-an-image. r=roc a=blocking
77a3ee888b8fdec271060e4af7b996ceaa5708edDaniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 14: Add SVGRootRenderingObserver helper-class, to catch invalidations in helper-document. r=roc a=blocking
c0270004efacf62e8004c2d0145b1af4b5b22f66Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 13: Fill in implementation for mozilla::imagelib::VectorImage. r=joe r=roc a=blocking
81bb4ca2a4a243a977ce30a6c24526ea7bd8b151Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 12d: Make nsSVGOuterSVGFrame::ComputeSize use containing-block-size as its own size if we're in <img>, just like we do for <embed>. r=roc a=blocking
e4b11cd1b34cf59157e988ff58b7f48b2cbea60bDaniel Holbert — Bug 276431 patch 12c: Make nsSVGRenderingObserver into a generic interface, and rename the existing impl to nsSVGIDRenderingObserver. r=roc a=blocking
2515b8ed7160d5d18dcc5cc561c38dc37aa05cf9Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 patch 12b: Allow "UnsuppressPainting" call to be effective in resource documents, by disabling EnsureVisible check. r=roc a=blocking
153aab5549269f1abc2fcd05a1600dbb49e56ae7Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 12: Add SVGDocumentWrapper helper-class. r=joe r=roc a=blocking
f65c60f334258eae4ee11a62ef29355d68afefa7Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 11: Add stub code for VectorImage. r=joe a=blocking
6eb8d33411ab394b179171ec14ef4c1eccae0757Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 10: Make imgContainer::Draw take image-viewport-size, and improve nsLayoutUtils drawing wrappers. r=roc r=joe a=blocking
bf93d8c0a86996cbd0a4ade004c217aa8ebcd9e2Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 9: Handle kFullImageSpaceRect in imgIContainerObserver::OnFrameChanged impls. r=roc a=blocking
2ef2faec3e3006bab993641d5a154d1b5464f670Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 8: Handle kFullImageSpaceRect in the only nontrivial imgIDecoderObserver::OnDataAvailable impl. r=roc a=blocking
c05b5937306d42acb217e0f65a6723851d1e9283Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 7: Add sentinel value "mozilla::imagelib::kFullImageSpaceRect" in imgIContainer. r=joe a=blocking
9711d082d0ed574c9cfe1e3cf0dd5f7247cb0262Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 6: Add method nsSMILAnimationController::HasRegisteredAnimations. r=roc a=blocking
827cba9e267131c49c6f497ef725a77e9c67729fDaniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 5: Move two nsSVGUtils methods to header file so they can be inlined in non-gklayout code. r=roc a=blocking
58df4c112b6d34ed869b04630a03412e82e85246Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 4c: Add convenience method nsIDocument::IsResourceDocument, for code shared between external resource docs & svg-as-image helper docs. r=roc sr=jst a=blocking
7706c06bdf6f855f8ef720a6c01599cabffc6421Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 4b: Don't create a widget for documents that are being used as images. r=roc a=blocking
996dd51c979ae84d6ec81f906828ca3b60aab0d2Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 4: Add flag on nsIDocument to let us check if it's actually being used as an image. r=roc sr=jst a=blocking
53aad62ff820185e724cc5002a74f971187fda04Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 Patch 3b: Make nsImageFrame compute its transform on-demand. r=roc a=blocking
f3874d6012b62649fb573e199baff43193511302Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 part 3: Make nsImageFrame store an intrinsic ratio separate from its intrinsic size, and accept percentages in its intrinsic size. r=roc a=blocking
6f9b870337bad2f0247836ea236649d83934412eDaniel Holbert — Bug 276431 part 2: Add imgIContainer::GetRootLayoutFrame. r=joe a=blocking
c3cde26e0195b06ead90536b0e1adb661c654079Daniel Holbert — Bug 276431 part 1: For SVG images, pass through OnStartRequest/OnDataAvailable/OnStopRequest from imgRequest. r=joe a=blocking
574cf874df05d09c65489c87b753eae018a3a9b6Daniel Holbert — Bug 574529: When determining layout-flushing-safety, ignore IsSafeToRunScript if we aren't able to run script in the first place. r=bz a=blocking