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Sun Oct 12 00:50:38 2008 +0000
53740a23fe93440527a76b8671c8a0d5162f12bbL. David Baron — Fix issues with parsing of media query lists that have bad queries in them. (Bug 454226) r+sr=bzbarsky
c7b659c2efbab2d21801d120d81dc0f43a975c16L. David Baron — Remove three unused constants. (Bug 322475)
7f708623bf5973c81d07f80c8e0f405fcecfd6a9L. David Baron — Rename nsImageLoader to nsImageLoadNotifier, since it doesn't actually load images. (Bug 322475) r+sr=bzbarsky
23eebebb8b48ba5281f21e1da4d9873f4e9de918L. David Baron — Construct all our image loaders when we create frames so that we can allow arbitrary numbers of image loaders per frame (for multiple background images). (Bug 322475) r+sr=bzbarsky