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Wed Sep 07 15:12:31 2016 +0000
3d0b41fdd93bd8233745eadb4e0358e385bf2cb9William Lachance — Bug 1295453 - Don't wait for data to be sent when closing socket immediately r=jdm
66324402a18bb01a39f533aaabff0f202d89cc94Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1291172 Add eQueryTextRectArray tests which compare with eQueryTextRect result r=smaug
8a0e581059ccfb773238873d4c218c9d07e137bbMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1296217 ContentEventHandler::OnQueryTextRectArray() should apply CSS transform to each character or line breaker rect r=smaug
cfd5f330f1158682b0b109de50b679d3329f12fcWes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
bd4d11e10ee28439add0cbfbf7c99f25a662a82eMike Conley — Bug 1298219 - Regression test. r=billm
804c98e6fef45ffd4cbaef194e94fec3b578068fMike Conley — Bug 1298219 - Don't fire oop-browser-crashed event if the browser has already flipped remoteness and moved on. r=billm
a093339f5b6181440201bcf747c9013da11c4bdaMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1299984 - Enable eslint no-unused-vars for shipping pwmgr code. r=johannh
17f792799636c637c96229e877a2f1b93edcd147Brian Grinstead — Bug 1300820 - Always use the current debugger frontend in Browser Toolbox;r=jlongster
60856a997b32a1866523c230e4a73509d78ea568Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1300442 - Housekeeping and QoL changes: code style, extra logging on VP. r=maja_zf
89b9735661b9f19ece9b6a2bb54b1c50d0556b34kearwood — Bug 1288193 - Ensure that the content process receives the presentation status of a VRDisplay immediately after adding or removing layers r=gw280
cf5ad16b4d9eeb347d44fab3e7f0d2066eb752e4Ralph Giles — Bug 1296403 - Update tooltool rustc to 1.11.0. r=mshal
2e6b9e57d5a0527bd51f86be22e930acf450cf8dWes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1298219) for asan bc5 crashes a=backout
d090231db437d7bf918f97f419c0c858882658b3Kit Cambridge — Bug 1294291 - Remove missing GUID handling code from Sync and Places. r=markh
556e6c27c5ca33cd7f21bd7ad1be3c8976da909dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1297419 - Ensure that APZ smooth scrolls don't get clobbered by the main thread as a side-effect of reflow. r=tnikkel
a9e15f6064208d65164c60384d763741dcc708faNathan Froyd — Bug 1300124 - make MurmurHash3.cpp compile with clang-cl; r=bkelly
4266dca3ab7df795abc8865beb0aacc5884ffbfcEitan Isaacson — Bug 1299653 - Don't have the page scrolling when the tab is closed. r=jaws
98b0e9b8821221843b17a1e191fae13a29e24018Mike Conley — Bug 1298219 - Regression test. r=billm
5948ae1f421848c2b998494dad665e140b768fc1Mike Conley — Bug 1298219 - Don't fire oop-browser-crashed event if the browser has already flipped remoteness and moved on. r=billm
fafc28ee1d5d1537c790c8d03f1ee34fce0f0204Henrik Skupin — Bug 1300776 - Add testing/marionette/harness to flake8 linter (except mixins, tests) . r=ahal
f14745862e04104db0c056f82b907b9a45e896c2Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1299524 - Disable FaviconView corner rounding in Activity Stream topsites r=sebastian
ae2cab55008a00901359a0e7f66889f1679d239aAndrzej Hunt — Bug 1299524 - Allow disabling FaviconView corner rounding via enableRoundCorners attribute r=sebastian
38cb109c653c886d792b012bdbdb104259d2923bSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1300543 - IconDownloader: Use final keyword where appropriate. r=ahunt
d5356db094fd44c7084c3a5cf9fe5fe76ea9508bSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1300543 - IconDownloader.downloadAndDecodeImage(): Correctly assign and close stream. r=ahunt
4e9bf0dca65adc5da9c97f0f5e04ec79fca89331Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1300543 - Use palette library instead of BitmapUtils.getDominantColor(). r=ahunt
714566fb31ec58b36489c6cbd9a4904fac3da778Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1300543 - FilterMimeTypes: Continue to filter mime types if one of them is empty. r=ahunt
ceb8ca8e9b2dd446ee8bbe2417baed20ac38f4c6Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1300543 - LegacyLoader: Only load if there's one icon URL left. r=ahunt
c5f01980a16a9cd6662868714c03228622bef2faSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1300543 - LegacyLoader: Skip loading from legacy storage if network download is permitted. r=ahunt
2269f770b2e7a2d103077ca1ada9af1785b648b2Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1300543 - IconRequestExecutor: Resize image before extracting color. r=ahunt
dd2d29dbd7c5ac4af4540ca679658c0b1568ee7fSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1300543 - IconRequestExecutor: Add custom thread pool executor and thread factory. r=ahunt
243fe9c65a048abe71545e206a8a7d05088dd1afAndrzej Hunt — Bug 1298968 - Add comment explaining why TOPSITES is handled outside of switch r=sebastian
5c231de97dec73665c04a3300f44c448fa2c2b42Mike Shal — Bug 1293448 - Build XPIDL files in the tup backend; r=glandium,gps
34767d6a0a2382f3c46723490c122ded0c87386eMike Shal — Bug 1293448 - Allow build backends to specify custom build commands; r=glandium
3a87bca22135bb6e0faa06b4fef2715ec4d92886Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1300569 - Add palette-v7 support library to build. r=ahunt
dd6f0732c26084b026b8fc99b2da9f801baa9107Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1300163 - Add support for Android mochitests to interactive loaners, r=armenzg
e786511a99e16ae8b861ef0ef12c94c63306fa80Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1300163 - Reuse the 'e10s' value from the mozharness config on interactive loaners, r=armenzg
7d4b9b9df5d2d537f1710ed6642810d99df12277Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1300163 - Lazy load certain mach context attributes using the 'key' mechanism, r=armenzg
574003ffca89a1f5e0b6bd07bcf6050b12f4f731Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1300163 - Fix hidden tracebacks in mochitest, r=armenzg
1b40346919cc81301f39ba13f75633f508aee717Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1300163 - Add a --adbpath argument to mochitest Android to allow explicitly setting the adb binary, r=gbrown
f72acbecdf93c31585d35ac4bb10f96b017479f7Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1300163 - Move the Android 'stop-emulator' step to a PostScriptAction of 'run-tests', r=gbrown
5ee0ea599ba3a80cc14da0dc80a235d767c8e7c3Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1295565 - Don't create URIs if we don't have to. r=mayhemer
262bcc5637ed0c886844c23013afb53e77d8544fNicholas Hurley — Bug 1300148 - Fix handling of HPACK dynamic size update r=mcmanus