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Wed Jan 08 20:34:35 2014 +0000
0449f682dd319a4122d3e32f3de221f5d212c782Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets d8a6bde76293 and 0b28eaf5bde9 (bug 956806) for suspicion of making OSX 10.6 debug mochitest-bc even more orange prone than usual.
431c59d777c8a6b5b2e179e115068134bcacc6adRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
83a0f631842db64ae7d870b3e4549612246cfcf3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset fd1fc08e3f58 (bug 948743) for B2G test failures.
a556f789dc3680a0040c50d693ef9a470cbff54aDaniel Holbert — Bug 957442: Drop "register" keyword from rdf/base/src/nsInMemoryDataSource.cpp since it's deprecated in C++11 and clang warns about it. r=bsmedberg
9d728498c1e4263182fe67bdebfa4061a1efb102Gregory Szorc — Bug 875562 - Part 1: Document existing crash reporter behavior; r=bsmedberg
53aedd08699f24b036dd99ad1ed8ea365030037cDaniel Holbert — Bug 940229 part 2: Update mochitest boilerplate, unprefix "initial", and test "unset". r=dbaron
6ac178db371727f6ae46adb4093eadd84ffc014bL. David Baron — Bug 940229 part 1: Test extra inherit/-moz-initial at the start/end of property values. r=dholbert
82cd92e107360c18cf8cddbafec82988c00e0469Benoit Girard — Bug 952074 - Add configure option --enable-systrace to b2g. r=vlin,glandium
ab12a8416a1dc1fde3833adcb4d896c27a3e59a3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 957431 follow-up - Handle the case where GetContent() returns null properly
ee31dadd0969e729d6148388f74c2f317c19e8c3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 796618164ade (bug 414071) for bustage.
d8a6bde7629390a84a31f999ab78a6e385ec7afeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 956806 part 2. Share generic getters/setters/methods across all bindings. r=peterv
0b28eaf5bde9e8cb13e671d0ea9a637217ac79abBoris Zbarsky — Bug 956806 part 1. Output a list of interface names in PrototypeList.cpp. r=peterv
796618164ade96ef26652d714f8db94ef698dd9dArchana — Bug 414071 - Let escape key close crash reporter dialog. r=ted
9e34b5a089e6d5aa3677e072625f5fb2465f4e3cJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 950855 - Create basic getStats mochitest. r=jsmith
f88ff4f8581905e16be41435db360ac774a211c2Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 950855 - Spec-compliant enumeration of RTCStatsReport. r=bz
fd1fc08e3f58b972f9929ce717c0dd5313dc4662Chuck Lee — Bug 948743 - Query interface stat directly. r=vchang, r=acperez
b196fffee8445be5d4485281ac4021805d925b01Jed Davis — Bug 942407 - Fix breakpad signal handler's test for signal origin. r=ted
188d1e255d4045e66563a631075ea77139ca0de9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 957431 - Remove support for Attr.ownerElement; r=bzbarsky
3b06d1997d8cb3989d172482f8fe80e8afe54eedEhsan Akhgari — Bug 956507 - Remove the PRUnichar typedef from Char16.h; r=jcranmer
6356fee7e8b8159f25e254faf042fc579411d06bPaul Adenot — Bug 956201 - Null check the destination node when muting. r=karlt
9022f0cacaedff6e42d5a0fa409194508d543324Alexander Surkov — Bug 947170 - a testcase for getTextAtOffset when closing tag is preceeded by newline char, r=tbsaunde
3a0207da321039c077917e7ced2003552486d3d2Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
4d357af9c538bc0cbb21dc66a161c57fa27f271eHannes Verschore — Bug 951947 - IonMonkey: Inline the call to str.replace(re, string), r=jandem
b289ebad63f99348681e918beaad5e62c3882734Jan de Mooij — Bug 950462 - Clear template object convert-double-elements flag if needed. r=h4writer
8c26da1b05ba37534454f466d184378cea8bc9f8Jan de Mooij — Bug 957075 - Add missing parentheses, silence an MSVC warning. r=shu
268795df42a173e29357b1e9e48d55a1c707658cMarkus Stange — Bug 956266 - Don't rebuffer quad vertex + texture coordinates when drawing simple quads in CompositorOGL. r=nrc
eda85da692679a9b300490889f0cd0198ea52d5eJon Coppeard — Bug 951230 - Link test_IHistory against JS engine to fix link error with GGC r=glandium
7c991409dc20fe7e1e65cca21143d15d9e1679d6Markus Stange — Backing out changeset 1ff04cca465b (bug 956266) due to compilation failures on Android.
9bbdc400dc1fdd9b577dbf89fd176479894dee55Markus Stange — Bug 957192 - Ignore unnecessary invalidations from NSView / NSWindow. Improves scrolling performance with plugins. r=smichaud
2d008618868859e7cf4b0ee1d2a5ba12983dd0e4Markus Stange — Bug 874792 - Make adjustment sign consistent and use a transform for moving the arrow. r=Enn
50469056e5abe74ddf57e5ddf6182be7396ac8f8Markus Stange — Bug 874792 - Allow panel sliding to work even if mPosition is POPUPPOSITION_UNKNOWN. r=Enn
cb9c10bf3dd15c324587b07bf0cfbbf91d92d109Markus Stange — Bug 874792 - [Australis] Make the PanelUI popup slide instead of flip when it doesn't fit on the screen. r=Gijs
8b5fa5fb3a22add954b62d344034ee9e20c4c762Markus Stange — Bug 874792 - Remove the 3px offset between menus / panels and the screen edge. r=Enn
cb0f15374f4f8f1af27f73c9c92b8e17cf025649Markus Stange — Bug 951443 - Don't attempt to create 0x0-sized CGContexts when the UnboundnessFixer encounters an empty clip. r=jrmuizel
1ff04cca465b386934de5d4df79351e743255f05Markus Stange — Bug 956266 - Don't rebuffer quad vertex + texture coordinates when drawing simple quads in CompositorOGL. r=nrc
ab6bc5637e29f3f8dad7212db75abcdd1db74c4eMarkus Stange — Bug 957366 - Skip the temporary surface during filter drawing for DrawTarget-backed gfxContexts. r=roc
1a31d585b193bd12ac0402322074df9f25b1f039Markus Stange — Bug 941887. r=roc
61ba6198da7c0e25fb95bc3976e1dbad0faa7638Karl Tomlinson — b=957468 don't unset mNonRealtimeProcessing after offline graph completion r=roc
02eca42adbbbabd7147608902c9ae9cc6e15fb61Karl Tomlinson — b=943461 don't move messages from mCurrentTaskMessageQueue after it has been emptied r=roc
59b94799b064f8d7efbaaf9e136bea1692d91f81Karl Tomlinson — b=956604 optimize inverse FFT scaling during convolution r=padenot
3555983eb8d23d538f2bc266e649d4ab3bb6dbfcKarl Tomlinson — b=956604 Remove unnecessary channel count parameter from AudioBufferInPlaceScale r=padenot
b73bf63d70c82fda2062109cf12eed553e100702Karl Tomlinson — b=956604 rename block version of AudioBufferInPlaceScale to AudioBlockInPlaceScale r=padenot
a443aaba92c06e117ac3e01559e944a88fbcc3fbSteve Fink — Bug 956434 - Apply gczeal to object cache allocations, r=terrence
0f5f6f400d978d97457f6bde0333dfeecb712b66Steve Fink — Bug 956434 - Do not pass an internal pointer on the stack, r=terrence
5469c3c3506d8d16283759d3d4d738f1d67aa1d4Tomer Cohen — Bug 744659 - [about:home][rtl] Use dir=auto in search box to change direction if query is RTL, r=ehsan
80f53ccf4ce2156675e7457f2cbc33fe477d0ac8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 957021 - Fix messed-up memory reporter paths. r=khuey.