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Fri Aug 10 21:58:19 2018 +0000
9a6728f46269868c5f24f18c95cd2319b5b67a0aMorgan Rae Reschenberg — Bug 1472919 - Establish stacking context, containing block, independent formatting context for contain:layout. r=dbaron
53626fd5c3bc0e33d38890b38160611b5a3fad04Chris Manchester — Bug 1482442 - Do not check for gamepad related headers in an artifact build. r=ted,firefox-build-system-reviewers
d94aa8ef3c68ddad3b9a20ec932952865fbe2cf3Nico Grunbaum — Bug 1455724 - add telemetry for legacy PeerConnection getStats API usage r=mjf
52bd814d3589b8b7d6194e456b7fd7068af397e1Chris Manchester — Bug 1474028 - Use output categories to exclude the gtest libxul from the default tup build. r=mshal
39a528147c34c988e990e9b7675f5a21e7756b10Chris Manchester — Bug 1474028 - Add a way to exclude libraries from the default build. r=ted
5f7aa22e5ee66a9b4644273066d0d8c02825c3e5Bogdan Tara — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1479521) for webconsole/autocomplete.js failures CLOSED TREE
818a07277354cacbf0956fdaed0100771dde3a92Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 39c853b19002 (bug 1479521) webconsole/autocomplete.js failures CLOSED TREE
c5109843829d5758ac7e5ad618b826141396ad59Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 1f187635f2e4 (bug 1482125) for test_nsDefaultURIFixup_search.js failures CLOSED TREE
5d5bb48ca0b9dc79f6f0c62f3f11b97c6f25cd2dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1479793. Throw when someone tries to define an accessor property with an integer name on a DOM proxy with an indexed setter. r=qdot,jorendorff
ce455e421b0b4656a66dca47b004ba61669ba022Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1479521 - Only run browser_jsterm_accessibility.js with old jsterm; r=Honza.
618fe87eb9f0f55f7b9e35d2fcb7e69649e9fb4bNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1479521 - Update tests to match the new jsterm behavior; r=Honza.
67fc7d23d665f175f6f61448a5afbbb9f712395bNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1479521 - Remove browser_jsterm_no_autocompletion_on_defined_variables.js; r=Honza.
39c853b19002e947f3b3b0dd93f50ebd37186f4eNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1479521 - Refactor JsTerm autocompletion behavior; r=Honza.
606d6089dd0277c1ca30634cc1e5bfde65074654Brindusan Cristian — Backed out changeset 44e1ccd1d22b (bug 1480888) for xpcshell failure on toolkit/modules/tests/xpcshell/test_CanonicalJSON.js. CLOSED TREE
1f187635f2e4b801134bd6b549a55df5e3ed96c7Michael Kaply — Bug 1482125 - Add internal aliases for common search plugins. r=Mardak,adw
22df8543130204c62d68a257f2a3dbfe9d5abfadNarcis Beleuzu — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
7f2a8c753f0cb2df16ac97fa3125a66f0f82cf34Mark Banner — Bug 1479726 - Use correct filterXUL property for nsIFilePicker in FilePicker.js. r=snorp
1a264632cf3fb854255fd31f8863e63861feccd2Mark Banner — Bug 1479730 - Fix instances of unknown nsISearchEngine.DATA_XML property in test_device_search_engine.html. r=snorp
f06bcde158d3bbaec4389590e525cc3dead85d97Mark Banner — Bug 1479727 - Fix the request rejection value in ImageBlockingPolicy to be a valid one. r=snorp
2ee80881dcf39daa1fe5096ba6dce9ea2b994717Rob Wu — Bug 1480993 - Remove unused extensions.sidebar-button.shown pref from tests r=mixedpuppy
0287730fa8083788a871960eeb91deb01a3629a2Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1480823 - Fix invalid command error message; r=yulia.
3e1fce19285f56a2324f825c85713174827f70b8Rob Wood — Bug 1481930 - Add assorted-dom benchmark source to benchmarks fetch task r=ahal
44e1ccd1d22b1dd0644d55614c6444217d5abcc1Ursula Sarracini — Bug 1480888 - Implement blocking system for special search shortcut top sites r=k88hudson
50396ca120f5f8709b5f1a77e1aace735e64ba59Anny Gakhokidze — Bug 1479935 - Enable async clipboard readText and writeText APIs by default, r=nika
134e465360c9438024aae38144c5b4761d23a039Andrei Lazar — Bug 1480007 Image not displayed for Welcome screen - Sign in to Sync r=jchen
8b97d3b934726a1b81199e4059817c5514ec1d2bThomas Wisniewski — Bug 1070763 - Ensure that XHRs sniff the BOM for non-JSON responseTypes, and flush the decoder upon end-of-stream; r=hsivonen
be0650692abc58dd1cd19b0051df9b1b0f409e5dMorgan Rae Reschenberg — Bug 1476495 - Treat overflow in contain:layout elements as ink overflow. r=dholbert
003ea7d3924f1c439c859d178e64e24a8fffeab0Matt Brubeck — Bug 1482304 - Remove dead code from remote-browser.xml. r=mconley
dcab8343b3db152c68e2e981cd22b0cb77ebaf5cLuca Greco — Bug 1481485 - Fix Android-only failure related to telemetry tests when running on Beta. r=Dexter
5a51b1f6d4f9e32d728912b9352a66120a8a10a5Shane Caraveo — Bug 1471387 fix calling onBeforeRequest for data/etc urls, r=kmag