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Fri Apr 13 09:41:15 2018 +0000
260e4c83c8a91313595b26a830963b927d2ad29dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1428753: Ensure that vertical-overflowing images always show the zoom-out cursor. r=heycam
484a538efb4950f2dce09ad389432deddf62d8eaDaniel Stenberg — bug 1453806 - verify that cookies aren't sent back by TRR r=mcmanus
5b0c886b11cdae2b672bad7930f2f906c9d1ffa9Daniel Stenberg — bug 1452616 - make TRR not wait for captive portal on Android by default r=mcmanus
b7dbc338e54389a98c2f0ea8dac96db73b6ef987Daniel Stenberg — bug 1453822 - TRR: add a mode for "explicitly turned off" r=mcmanus
4afef4326f2ea2bb60d1ca65ee6b2f5d78d65713Marco Zehe — Bug 1453606 - Add tests for Accessible name and Description Computation spec test cases, r=surkov
ad1a87f7ffa532f18f6ced9f93a2f51c790f1b35James Teh — Bug 1453873: Stop firing accessible focus events for JAWS when combo box options are selected. r=MarcoZ
de2f038f711e379b9ac4b7eb85fb5387b532ffc7Coroiu Cristina — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1453480, bug 1453878) for c2 failures at intl/l10n/test/dom/test_domloc_overlay.htm and browser-chrome failures at browser/components/preferences/in-content/tests/browser_fluent.js on a CLOSED TREE
48d1719348251e2406619adee9dc4bee5bcd9db8Jed Davis — Bug 1278361 - Step 2: Search-and-replace HANDLE_EINTR(close(...)) to use IGNORE_EINTR. r=froydnj
062265dbddb227da8313bbbdecc9a05926be5815Jed Davis — Bug 1278361 - Step 1: Update eintr_wrapper.h to bring in IGNORE_EINTR. r=froydnj
8dd86546cc66f05745a460dc2766fcea2b756238Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1453878 - Follow-up to fluent-dom to 0.2.0 landing. r=gandalf
1b922c2a566709a47a4b0786445da0a3ec3225d9Markus Stange — Bug 1453003 - Ignore calls to profiler_unregister_thread() that happen after the main thread has shut down. r=njn
f6afc861a45fba1aa22599a5966e405045da0a3dCoroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset fd7869d5d03b (bug 1453003) for browser-chrome failures at browser/components/preferences/in-content/tests/browser_fluent.js on a CLOSED TREE
fd7869d5d03b42fe3402331c323e7375dde928dfMarkus Stange — Bug 1453003 - Ignore calls to profiler_unregister_thread() that happen after the main thread has shut down. r=njn
6b5e7c13eb8c7c77dec98f0eec17b4a26fdbf060Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1453480 - Migrate Fluent resources to use DOM Overlays v2. r=flod
385de3e4dca0432925d639d3eaa22d4b883c86f8Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1453480 - Update fluent to 0.6.4 and fluent-dom to 0.2.0. r=stas
ab6d1fd27c3b78aa8e4ae2c635e93e0875b3b9a3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1453364 - Update scrollbar transforms separately from OMTA transforms. r=nical
429c254bc8d6efade6fff1e823bf817c218c89f8Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1451722 - Constexpr-ify mozilla::Span more. r=hsivonen
b50c6e4262d18d5ecdc3f5af2c029525534d64fcMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1451931 - Enable C++14 for SpiderMonkey Rust Bindings. r=glandium
2852286117d3415763691f042c71db595d77c8d7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1451931 - Add gcc/lib64 to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH of sm-rust-binding. r=glandium
f52a56dc215cfd8ea7310c168632d33531fc8c90James Teh — Bug 1453555: Fix accessibility group info for <select size="1"> options. r=surkov
8d1d10c984852a381cadf2fbf9f7c79fd5d31258Kris Maglione — Bug 1453835: Remove unused nsIDataSignatureVerifier utility. r=keeler
8056a366eaba1882d827ddf7604d94f1d2d8442eThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1453804 - Ensure sync password validator will ever run r=markh
8b413e24051fcc4992b9f66382b93832e2e88074Jed Davis — Bug 1436156 - CHECK() in Chromium IPC code should be fatal when not fuzzing. r=froydnj
15332e1d2eda348b7081c8df9cd47dcca79e4401Mike Taylor — Bug 1453634. Make webcompat-reporter l10n work when it hits beta. r=florian
b0553a9a967ce855f4e147ba2e825b8114935f7eAndrew Swan — Bug 1453522 Document bundled webextension experiments r=kmag
f4d4a3fc7bb0fcab64c1df4f77e1060b0499b32bMarkus Stange — Bug 1453786 - Remove unnecessary MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER #ifdefs in GeckoProfiler.h. r=njn
37ef105b62dc7fa24482e1129f893e3819bb0b18Kirk Steuber — Bug 1451024 - Cookie settings should be disabled when the related prefs are locked r=jaws
787dce710dce6dff0d9f9e7621c9dac676843678Nick Alexander — Bug 1453413 - Use aapt2 to build Firefox for Android. r=mcomella
f3e01de682f1a39c4a906423823def6f8804ad49Vivek Dhingra — Bug 1443561 - WebExtension themes additional backgrounds alignment should be relative to the toolbox r=jaws
52ec9a6c12a1c235e91d5baba6d92a7eba33c951Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1453497 - Bump TPS dependency versions r=markh
409d13ff69327f4a397f26c0524caf2265aaa43bGurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
ba90e25685c640fdb9d531397032d6d52c72a998Petru Lingurar — Bug 1453276 - Improve mma documentation for "Pocket in Top Sites"; r=mcomella
6cbf314341e7d9fbc4f7ff4dcbe1c60beace0715Zhang Junzhi — Bug 1358017 - Part 9: Updates some existing mochitests which are not meant to test default actions for wheel events but are affected by auto-dir scrolling. r=masayuki
6f644cb57eb3737f3d693d290ca3f64ddb0b9687Zhang Junzhi — Bug 1358017 - Part 8: Adds auto-dir scrolling tests for Mochitest. r=masayuki
bc6c4a16c3d058949a04a652218aaf11ea02009bZhang Junzhi — Bug 1358017 - Part 7: Implements the "honour root" functionality for the auto-dir scrolling feature in non-APZ r=masayuki
f33f52fc4797e2246ae7bc0cdaf40bea6a648749Zhang Junzhi — Bug 1358017 - Part 6: Implements the auto-dir scrolling feature(without the "honour root" functionality) in non-APZ r=masayuki
5ce6e1682420b489773156bd85caae8446a48e7bZhang Junzhi — Bug 1358017 - Part 5: Implements the "honour root" functionality for the auto-dir scrolling feature in APZ r=kats
509187cd4c1a71d88e7d1e51ee5b614c6095a6d0Zhang Junzhi — Bug 1358017 - Part 4: Implements the auto-dir scrolling feature(without the "honour root" functionality) in APZ r=kats
bf95e0e290de7c4ff2d77fdd5d314f9e87e46e92Zhang Junzhi — Bug 1358017 - Part 3: Defines a common interface of the auto-dir scrolling delta adjuster. r=kats,masayuki
a878f594dc2ee94027c8c35bbdacadbaf5c10232Zhang Junzhi — Bug 1358017 - Part 2: Introduces the concept of auto-dir wheel scrolling and adds two new related prefs. r=kats,masayuki
5e8f0c6349c1b33775c8006d4a13818582530998Zhang Junzhi — Bug 1358017 - Part 1: Adds some comments, renames some identifiers and refactors some other trivial things. r=kats,masayuki
dc42a9d9c636524e26406d20ace0cabae459880cJan Beich — Bug 1452509 - Move --enable-pulseaudio to moz.configure. r=froydnj
1aa13977ac86314798b54b064c78dc777afd534bJan Beich — Bug 1452509 - Move --enable-alsa to moz.configure. r=froydnj
41ed6d6a2a90e29970cf759acc838913b6c48f94Jan Beich — Bug 1452509 - Make -DMOZ_ALSA global and prune duplicate -DMOZ_PULSEAUDIO. r=froydnj
f0b124af6c5b5254e5014f2b2cee5cfbcdef147cJan Beich — Bug 1452509 - Require Jack package for --enable-jack build. r=froydnj
e19ab548cb37589be01ff2e49627849ffeee6371Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1453486 - Include containers.ftl in main preferences.xul to fix the containers removal dialog. r=Gijs
6b53ecf0736760850af47c17801dc2bbe2012bdbZibi Braniecki — Bug 1453486 - Fix Fluent API use when building a dialog to disable containers. r=Gijs
e4d791bf22c70f09b5a90a4948111492a0b34b5aZibi Braniecki — Bug 1453763 - Fix two searchkeys that slipped through when refactoring subdialogs to use Fluent. r=jaws
19dfac734e3ef2a6620ddc1af4c2cb1aba06d901Brian Grinstead — Bug 1420990 - Build the DOM for container items directly in containers.js instead of with XBL;r=jaws
d0392a55774becf075a7e20ecfe852a497e96644Mike Conley — Bug 1453701 - Add 30fps and 20fps configurations for the tab loading throbber. r=jaws
d87d4e86f054614a6cad43c948f5484f9ecd0b1bAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1453009 - Remove collection tests from Marionette. r=whimboo
172094bca9a6e2f841e629aae292647e212d92c6Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1453009 - Test serialisation of collections in wdspec. r=whimboo
e67b96dc309cce5c44ad2d452e16bb9f72f83c65Henrik Skupin — Bug 1453596 - [mochitest] Throw errors instead of strings to get line numbers. r=gbrown
14d208836dd3d26ad84c4ab1213314b0be778e88Henrik Skupin — Bug 1453596 - [mochitest] Throw exception if path for server alive file doesn't exist. r=gbrown
dc5e006ffdad0617194fa048d1c5c5ee5efb9b33Markus Stange — Bug 1449084 - Early-exit in profiler_add_marker_for_thread if the profiler is not running. r=mystor
5159724ccfc68cca3ed717a5fd9765cb483a079dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1451681 - Handle case where crypto plain size definition didn't exist. r=cpearce
165ff300ac9589a505104f4507cd91ae78bf6e7eValentin Gosu — Bug 1453633 - Make nsHostObjectURI hold its principal wrapped in a nsMainThreadPtrHandle r=baku
6ea3c1db006049ff57f392c7042db0a91ec9b10bAndrei Lazar — Bug 1431329 - If the tab in which the media player is running is in private browsing mode then we shall not display media playback notification. r=mcomella
1ec8c31cacc4cf41b7fb4852e37a6af1b12ef4d7Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1450152 - Handle changing services.sync.engine.bookmarks.buffer at runtime r=kitcambridge,markh
752cb50ca2ea5bce12a023ee92b6fa77fdc58bbbBrian Grinstead — Bug 1304794 - Stop using the old frontend for remaining non-console mochitests r=nchevobbe
d4997ce3e3ec4692384bc33091c3b795e88117efAndi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1453709 - Add the possibility to run mach commands inside the build context. r=gps
1071bcc2d649f4485d2e5a5abe95ae9006dcddb4Mathieu Leplatre — Bug 1451033 - Extract Normandy ClientEnvironment into reusable module r=Gijs