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Wed Jan 29 15:51:04 2020 +0000
019ae805259f58a086c5358850f3b2c95b04518aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1611895 - Make `EditorEventListener::DragOverOrDrop()` check whether the result of `DragEvent::GetRangeParentContentAndOffset()` returned `nullptr` or not r=smaug
1e1237501a7db10081c583f55e41243566fb1c12Harry Twyford — Bug 1593886 - Update dark theme Urlbar colours. r=dao
8f299cada00052284c11fdd5bc296b54716dca19Perry Jiang — Bug 1611046 - avoid using namespace declaration r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,sg
21e6f8a6b086fe0b40ded08dbdc7fec6c49dc1d0Perry Jiang — Bug 1611046 - add ServiceWorker shutdown progress tracking r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,asuth
bdad1c3a97a018e9264017d6dbe8e7d02bfd55d0Honza Bambas — Bug 1608224 - Update originalURI of the "new" redirect channel used by a view-source channel to let consumers see it has been actually used for view-source, r=bzbarsky
f3e901d775ebea46e8671b187d6207f43b4a0881Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1594851 - Run clang-plugin on SM(p) builds on linux r=sfink
22bcd089e7abb94be14e4800eacbc10fc69e8d59Kevin Jacobs — Bug 1612062 - Remove Delegated Credentials experiment add-on r=jcj
b03b06ab62f98775e64f9c5cec376958efe62fdaKristen Wright — Bug 1602986 - Get rid of NS_WARN_IF warnings in nsSegmentedBuffer::FreeOMT r=froydnj
9db68c522c02b09937af365df9c3781649a0514bNan Jiang — Bug 1604681 - Add page information to the Onboarding telemetry r=andreio
f8aa2cf1196adafebe7e5626d43c1c1cb7c8f216Simon Giesecke — Bug 1509292 - Remove test test_broadcastchannel_worker.html r=baku
911bb8adb076ec3a56c2b8735bc4afd3fc24215fTom Tung — Bug 1599496 - Turn javascript.options.shared_memory on by default on early Beta; r=bzbarsky
70615b052db52c0a7c4e9ff54aecb1b73d440f5fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1612007. Add convenience methods for throwing various spec-defined DOMExceptions on ErrorResult. r=smaug
1de45bb038fca66a8413838e3118f3b47559f995Nicolò Ribaudo — Bug 1607050 - Parse await as an identifier in fields initializers r=anba
0d06c43eb924e3e733a6347a02f0750b112a19c3Arthur Iakab — Backed out changeset 28a9739ba4c4 (bug 1610298) for causing browser-chrome failures on browser_asrouter_snippets.js
8d0d054e5d99d943c3036182215d65ff971dab50Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset fc73a1225106 (bug 1509292) for causing build bustages CLOSED TREE
660da1ec99c0b7407bd6683a1504681e3e959f45Michael Forney — Bug 1612025 - Avoid conflict with pread64/pwrite64 defined by libc r=gsvelto
fc73a1225106205f070f1a6759e440d9769a058bSimon Giesecke — Bug 1509292 - Remove test test_broadcastchannel_worker.html r=baku
28a9739ba4c402c2877f21e2e268bc862aa6e9f1Andrei Oprea — Bug 1610298 - Snippets preview messages don't belong to a provider r=k88hudson
21f55b52f6d59915896fb832f902585847120466Stephen McGruer — Bug 1608980. Use long animation in webkit-animation-iteration-event.html
b0b796714d254ecb33c7ec0b19ce79e113223a8dEmily McDonough — Bug 1611950 - Make constructor of CellMap::Cell constexpr r=dholbert
3a95f5e058f43b18d53697a8c2ca1ee4f875585dCsoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 8984a7d5601f (bug 1594851) for spidermonkey bustage. CLOSED TREE
8984a7d5601f782b5b006eeca8429b22adc39b9dMatthew Gaudet — Bug 1594851 - Run clang-plugin on SM(p) builds on linux r=sfink