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Fri Oct 07 13:33:32 2016 +0000
1de5e07bed6601d2647e88ed2690b3f30418d8aaMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1307112 part.10 Clean up NativeKey::HandleCharMessage() r=m_kato
99042be37c7c777ae1ef75c8e044bf4053bec8bcMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1307112 part.9 Get rid of remaining hacks for KeyboardEvent.charCode when Ctrl or Alt is pressed r=m_kato
b4b179a1d43e0d6288fee3ffa62ac8331ce11a76Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1307112 part.8 NativeKey::HandleCharMessage() shouldn't dispatch eKeyPress event when its message is inputting a control character r=m_kato
c6dca012337bcb0a625335b3c4904ce6ae3bcf23Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1307112 part.7 Get rid of Enter and Backspace key hack in NativeKey class r=m_kato
6d50e95e5494dd263c0e98ca2d04567e47ba86dfMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1307112 part.6 Get rid of char message argument from public NativeKey::HandleCharMessage() method r=m_kato
38f802fc35a0944031248d677b60e67c3adc8d78Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1307112 part.5 NativeKey should skip non-printable char messages when it initializes mCommittedCharsAndModifiers with following char messages r=m_kato
a041e03e326859f84aa68dac9541b1890d8e2722Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1307112 part.4 Rename NativeKey::IsFollowedByNonControlCharMessage() to IsFollowedByPrintableCharMessage() r=m_kato
475d07b93930b5a85e92bee20eb2e8a43d55c1c9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1307112 part.3 NativeKey::IsFollowedByNonControlCharMessage() should return true when one of following char messages is a printable char message r=m_kato
b67296e037c61f8a66f8db7b9ce7724b61dbb978Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1307112 part.2 Create NativeKey::IsPrintableCharMessage() which returns true when given message is WM_CHAR and inputting a printable character r=m_kato
b618a5db1f09e2b167466cc93c5911d99be013d3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1307112 part.1 Rename NativeKey::IsPrintableCharMessage() to IsCharOrSysCharMessage() r=m_kato
14a91d6bf939456e05812d822ecbded60bf5e2b6Henry Chang — Bug 1285848 - Part 2: Request and parse RICE encoded prefix by default. r=francois
e7410bc7e06868cf97ed0c571229bfb3994fb104Henry Chang — Bug 1285848 - Part 1: Implement Rice Delta Decoding. r=francois.
04bbd8b53f9ddd08b0580e5f8428dfff9aa39f09Markus Stange — Bug 1293324 - Release widgets from a runnable instead of from an objective C 'performAfterDelay' timer. r=Ehsan
7affb66131bb766fab016f554ab1d0b97da72d41Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to autoland
e4333cfe24b97169233450f9010474464eeaff85Alastor Wu — Bug 1308119 - replace nsIAudioChannelAgent with AudioChannelAgent. r=baku
90df44a1650586087d499a88cdc6a6b7f8d54c02Alastor Wu — Bug 1302084 - the error checking should have highest priority. r=baku
470faafbaaa7eacffc93f2c2bc0b820ab7a9e23eAlastor Wu — Bug 1303554 - part2 : remove the b2g specific checking in IsCurrentlyPlaying(). r=baku
54717f58b8bd972639ada01da044562150bea7c1Alastor Wu — Bug 1303554 - part1 : notify start-playing after having enough data. r=baku
ea8ef9df3153f09d1f13141f7d2f8a253db6bec0Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1308369 - Use longer duration to avoid intermittent failure. r=birtles
5322af204cb05bea9336b2a500cc65f6a2549575Tomislav Jovanovic — bug 1301227 - add allowScriptsToClose option to windows.create(), r=kmag
23887d112341a01d14e2a65b87b7a49601e17ed2Andy McKay — bug 1282977 handle developer in manifest r=kmag
2f033b5b7fd6eaff5cc7a6e5209e52f0a77ee607Cykesiopka — Bug 1296214 - Stop storing handle to CERTCertificate in ExtendedValidation.cpp. r=keeler
82ceed71dac7fd1b76c9bbc4a63fd43404494ac2Kit Cambridge — Bug 1301469 - Add localized decryption errors for invalid headers and padding. r=mt
74d4c026cca8d64b9176912a7493d102da4bad8bKit Cambridge — Bug 1301469 - Handle exceptions thrown by `PushCrypto.decodeMsg` as decryption errors. r=mt
6be9c14eb8cccf67054f38f7d628c5c47e318b55Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1282833 - Add out of bounds type checks to Set Window Position; r=automatedtester
2bbb468ee27a0d7147be44ce5f4b5b4709f8f08eAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1282833 - Match window position tests to specification; r=automatedtester
d2dbd73eb6fa60301c9c41ab10ed7d4815ee689aAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1282833 - Return position from Set Window Position; r=automatedtester
7e6dbae709ace21932447870432df49cb73bf9b6Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1282833 - Make Set Window Position type checks spec compliant; r=automatedtester
8ddb44172300f471611ec4119270332474163f54Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1282833 - Correct error on unsupported Set Window Position; r=automatedtester
32f1527481e824164d10bbfd5f7d4afcbee2c3cbJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1305347: [MSE] Break removal loop early when possible. r=gerald