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Wed Jul 31 20:33:09 2013 +0000
cdda582f86ce00f63d3cb46facd433f28837be8aRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 897104 - Remove useless |is| check since the function it's looking for is gone. r=past
036e937a22a264198aef8ab80c269207bfc488c5Tim Taubert — Bug 895185 - Rename Promise.every() to .all() to reduce confusion about our differing implementation; r=paolo
fd4e429db75ebb975e59aceb116384aaa671d2aeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
0021058a0c88640f04a4717a520d8071265c4bf9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
992b9f11815bdf9feeed50fadb9e8d7d83fbd46aMason Chang — Bug 897744 - BreakpointStore should have a hasBreakpoint method; r=fitzgen
fb1778aa95891d287e7de357cc4d91020848a50dNick Fitzgerald — Backed out changeset 041986a971af because I forgot to add the "r=..." to the commit message
041986a971af304ebb05f8619536b0ff0e6d6c88Mason Chang — Bug 897744 - BreakpointStore should have a hasBreakpoint method
2466e891446df947807ff3868d40e98b74d2b6fcMarco Castelluccio — Bug 898588 - Enable HiDPI app chrome for Desktop Web Runtime. r=jfkthame
213244df4e6ef872abe98c593371efa871695fcbAlexandre Poirot — Bug 898000 - Add getIconAsDataURL in webapps actor. r=paul.rouget
1db61d5c551099466a9f1e742d1b17e9d9f5e7ffDoug Turner — Bug 885641 - Force an update check if the build is older than some reasonable value. r=gavin, r=rstrong
22fd911b84ce469deca0cd5c90a72aae50b4b1dcMilan Sreckovic — Bug 899701 - Explicitly set the preference for chrome only paint flashing. r=joe
a3d8476211b36728589d712b4bb1deae5ef11334Robert Bindar — Bug 890597 - Transport layer ping diagnostic tool. r=valentin.gosu