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Fri Dec 21 21:54:30 2018 +0000
74101900e7d484cc9ddcba2cd867ca172b961ea0Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1512958 - Properly clean up produced tracks in DecodedStream. r=jya
1d4816ef6e013b44000d5c633245ec8effef810dAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1512958 - Add mochitest. r=jya,jib
b8a2ab65c47930c8c2fa1a80da1be46221aeb27bAlastor Wu — Bug 1511235 - part3 : ensure video is visible before starting test r=jya,baku
93ad0a17cde451734b6be6116a23fcc14e0db2d4alwu — Bug 1511235 - part2 : add test. r=jya,baku
a5756686b400e8274b8395fa9365aed9f776cbd9alwu — Bug 1511235 - part1 : suspend video decoding for video whose visibility state is UNTRACK. r=jya
1f867de12312ea29fe968e7b23f743d3e9da87d5Jan Henning — Bug 1478776 - Part 10: Add internal VisualViewport resize/scroll events. r=botond,nika
4d4e9b8110451b9393b44078e32d1c36b7c31968Jan Henning — Bug 1478776 - Part 9: Helper function for layout viewport scroll position in PresShell. r=botond
767281b6922eda01f577939b69f988ab6efc9866Jan Henning — Bug 1478776 - Part 8: Add an event flag for dispatching to system group only. r=smaug
6f2e2faa3321fb36ac285310855c4bd3e25e8657Jan Henning — Bug 1478776 - Part 7: Tune scroll events to only fire when the *relative* offset changes. r=botond
63749e66f2665bfb64988809fbd541874084cfe1Jan Henning — Bug 1478776 - Part 6: Initial Visual Viewport event implementation. r=botond
24951c9d732d81bc1747f089c683e2ffecd78ea0Jan Henning — Bug 1478776 - Part 5: Define Visual Viewport event handlers. r=botond,Ehsan
b056dade814dc2018a7fb3114b21ab33301a44feJan Henning — Bug 1478776 - Part 4: Add basic tests for visual viewport events. r=botond
e6b186bffed79a39f5a3694679ec853a4943ca8cJan Henning — Bug 1478776 - Part 3: Forward todo/todo_is to APZ mochitests, too. r=botond
93a3c7fc4acea01c618a459f5502b638aa718a84Jan Henning — Bug 1478776 - Part 2: Add utility class for counting events. r=botond,masayuki
72a39ded10f87d08b67b84c45030934510d926fdJan Henning — Bug 1478776 - Part 1: Rewrite APZ panning test without callbacks. r=botond
007bbc7c20efd8495632bcbc05e46d50fbced85fMark Banner — Bug 1500486 - QuantumBar: Handle loading of non-urls entered in the new address bar. r=dao
2f98a1c651b314896f199db5083f01284d89889aEitan Isaacson — Bug 1513912 - Null check return from TextToSpeech.getFeatures() r=agi
fc056f8fe673616637f3dee8888bbabd55927aecShane Caraveo — Bug 1515153 - make osx attributions work with both utm and plain params, r=mossop
9ce856703a5a3a5a84b61f86f149c75109e863beMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1515427 - Remove #ifndef RELEASE_OR_BETA guard on formautofill license references. r=mhoye
c297d029dd3f29d95df9ad30b19928876d128994Gurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
232000a83412721307d316f88be1645dace73f97Margareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out changeset 3a328e80b02c (bug 1510860) for failures e.g.: dom/tests/mochitest/general/test_storagePermissionsLimitForeign.html CLOSED TREE
540b4829fd57cca4fddc5295cb4a77f1851ddafeMargareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out changeset 338f4fbbfddf (bug 1515665) for bc failures browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser_339445.js CLOSED TREE
a5beb6bc609d79a7e44a006a05a5ed24f2c601bfMargareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out changeset 6745799b8cbf (bug 1500486) for X1 perma failures in browser/components/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_ext_url_overrides_newtab.js CLOSED TREE
97c7afd44d4b25da3d2ed2c1ff838a6ea36a28d3Margareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out changeset a9a84d2e19ef (bug 1515015) for X perma failures in toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_telemetry.js CLOSED TREE
a4dc9a08f321e53e14857d8eeb9d966b7a66314cDão Gottwald — Bug 1515902 - Introduce panel-footer class to fix common color problem with footer buttons. r=ntim
0987791fff8daa281dcfea241e0004a37ee7ee09Daniel Holbert — Bug 695385: Add a mochitest to validate that cross-origin svg filters are blocked. r=jwatt
3a328e80b02cf3c11a36e060380277396e211cd9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1510860 - Ensure that the cookie service checks the content blocking allow list even for first-party cookies since that's required when we're blocking all cookies; r=baku
338f4fbbfddf0128426b0b14b99a3bd6f749c1caEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1515665 - Ensure that DOM Storage checks the content blocking allow list when performing storage access checks; r=baku
6745799b8cbfda0e24d5e0b65a75468db7d8b62dMark Banner — Bug 1500486 - QuantumBar: Handle loading of non-urls entered in the new address bar. r=dao
0b74d496b79796810a8a30846f88717bb491278dAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1436037 - [ci] Run mozbase and mozlint python-test tasks on OSX, r=jmaher
6ffe1e52008f3505997eab1e9c231787a2a928e5Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1436037 - [taskgraph] Support OSX generic-worker in run-task, r=Callek
5f713b71fbb9ac04db9b3ab6b39af28ba72541f1Dão Gottwald — Bug 1515907 - Remove styling for unused XUL window "dialog" class. r=paolo
a9a84d2e19ef42c636133d424116e2b4aa9e7c87Marco Bonardo — Bug 1515015 - Quantum Bar results are messed up. r=Standard8