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Thu Mar 25 16:05:47 2010 +0000
52a34f8e0dd5496cf0bb6d51131e6157c50cb411Daniel Holbert — Bug 554804: Fix GetBaseValue in nsSMILCSSProperty and nsSVGTransformSMILAttr to benefit from return value optimization. r=jwatt
1bcf725bb32f4390682b2a89dad864e21ddd0847Daniel Holbert — Bug 554687 patch 2: Use nsSMILValue::Swap instead of operator= where appropriate. r=roc
a4178a154d162a23fbfeac4eced569b1cad37ff8Daniel Holbert — Bug 554687 patch 1: Add Swap() method for nsSMILValue. r=roc