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Thu Sep 13 02:29:53 2018 +0000
458e5b24da2f3da65254f69ee718233e68573c0eDaniel Varga — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1290420) for devtools failures on rowser_styleeditor_media_sidebar_links.js on a CLOSED TREE
f1ac94f94245052ba1f3bcdb04f0e6e6fa7cb7a1Daniel Varga — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1358342) for browser-chrome failures on /test/performance/browser_preferences_usage.js on a CLOSED TREE
b5a091992f08b46988da6857f59db7516494802eXidorn Quan — Bug 1490539 part 3 - Put CallerType into FullscreenRequest. r=smaug
271080013cac93cc406923094647e027d05ee43fXidorn Quan — Bug 1490539 part 2 - Remove unnecessary && from UniquePtr<FullscreenRequest>. r=smaug
362b50acb496d506bd7744c4664053736f46dde6Xidorn Quan — Bug 1490539 part 1 - Change FullScreen to Fullscreen in various names. r=smaug
d291e74075e7568c388f8998997ba988f5f3226fDorel Luca — Backed out changeset fddb4d2af447 (bug 1488296) for browser-chrome failures on browser/components/originattributes/test/browser/browser_favicon_userContextId.js
210fdc42d29fd4a8d18d7d730a7fc48c37e447fbBrad Werth — Bug 1290420 Part 4: Make the PresShell create a MobileViewportManager on demand. r=botond,smaug
1d9dad3046ee8721686c0271ad04f3473333e3fdBotond Ballo — Bug 1290420 Part 3: Set the metaViewportOverride flag when viewing a device with touch event support in Responsive Design Mode. r=gl
a6eb531e1216a2c78fc2ee36d9d52eec8bd5d636Botond Ballo — Bug 1290420 Part 2: Respect the metaViewportOverride flag on the docshell. r=dholbert
755a32f2794364243ae6f3c03eeba9cbc79f034dBotond Ballo — Bug 1290420 Part 1: Add a docshell flag for overriding meta viewport handling. r=smaug
0936ac1e0de3d820f77c82ddee434f4adc679373Dana Keeler — Bug 1487228 - (2/2) avoid holding CERTCertList instances long-term in nsNSSCertList r=jcj
9b0cc329120c93e33422e071a3b4b9d5b2f9772bDana Keeler — Bug 1487228 - (1/2) remove nsIX509CertList.getRawCertList r=jcj
e6b25c0709ad0599e189a78fac5a48306840938cJames Willcox — Bug 1490664 - Fix Fennec build sans MOZ_CRASHREPORTER r=droeh
ef459f7635ca32184962f43af1b32eafdc579431Mike Hommey — Bug 1490618 - Use the right variable name for the new ASTMatcher API check r=froydnj
f1e4fc4339f7e1d3bbeb09dac18a7c5159c38acbRobert Strong — Bug 1358342 - Remove the aushelper system add-on. r=mhowell
030e811bfc347ef942462aa0550a8f9c73a04886Robert Strong — Bug 1358342 - Remove telemetry for the aushelper system add-on. r=chutten
b58b7cd29a0b3e43a3644e4c88c04740124870b4Jason Orendorff — Bug 1488417 - Even better error message on property access on undefined/null variable.
0a6d1ff90dbac00c73ac31df4630c33d04c2da52Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset ef589916a739 (bug 1477551) for build bustage. CLOSED TREE
ef589916a7395d07a65c64fad5c1a607bb76bb42Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1477551 - Ensure the clip and the rect that we push for bullets agree. r=jrmuizel
7102989560f2a6155025e4f083cc41427516c2b8Dorel Luca — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1412179) for breaking reftests on layout/reftests/box-shadow/fieldset.html
fddb4d2af447a6dc9cf8edb35191aa1b67ec3c36Marco Bonardo — Bug 1488296 - Race condition when setting favicons for a browser with a changed currentURI. r=mossop
2ca4150b4f77a3d300d9153e99e6f3bf99109972Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1490525 Part 3 - Remove unused #includes in nsColumnSetFrame.cpp r=dholbert
69658275272a9439305358857a9c609f23ffc229Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1490525 Part 2 - Convert nsColumnSetFrame's reflow logs by using MOZ_LOG r=dholbert
11b66d57623b4e3fb41a989af2e1484419e71e39Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1490525 Part 1 - Remove nsReflowStatus::ToString() r=heycam
9f5ed30e70fb2d1cab801a9b9f9106f203407017Nan Jiang — Fix Bug 1490762 - Add local dump for onboarding bucket on Remote Settings r=leplatrem
f1da54a2d166d6370d485d2b3d2f5b386a6af177Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1490742. Enable gfx.webrender.qualified.all on Nightly r=Gankro
e03c9835c643e0a059e2f3b58d9d76a5d361450dAaron Klotz — Bug 1489317: Part 4 - Add asssertion that COM is initialized on the thread that is resolving an agile reference; r=mhowell
7b7af15e22ed6bb1e56adb0579373d59e2e69ef5Aaron Klotz — Bug 1489317: Part 3 - Use an agile reference for JumpListBuilder::mJumpListMgr to ensure smooth transition between apartments; r=mhowell
9c47b5b3539993f9ea6959fb8ed7d68a9c9c58f4Aaron Klotz — Bug 1489317: Part 2 - Improvements to mscom::AgileReference; r=froydnj
552e33e562c36da4940d1afc7d30cc83785b87bdAaron Klotz — Bug 1489317: Part 1 - Add forward declaration for mscom::AgileReference to RefPtr; r=froydnj
71f86120ca35d113a2462b2ffe68bc5accc813e4Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1490791 - Make ShadowRoot stylesheet list work only when the shadow root is connected. r=smaug
fa26c3594f36307988f575ce5520843427940733Jan de Mooij — Bug 1490600 - Always use braces for if/for/while statements in js/xpconnect/wrappers. r=bholley
3650f0f019d1cf0866ddd9dd8f43077ae2d862dfJan de Mooij — Bug 1490600 - Always use braces for if/for/while statements in js/xpconnect/src, part 4. r=kmag
843c731503cc339b9cb9485b81d119573136b7a7Jan de Mooij — Bug 1490600 - Always use braces for if/for/while statements in js/xpconnect/src, part 3. r=mccr8
5fbdba17f904312e6debd267507a73ebed9bfa7cJan de Mooij — Bug 1490600 - Always use braces for if/for/while statements in js/xpconnect/src, part 2. r=mccr8
bc86dafc4ae2757800a925f9346064a3bb37766cJan de Mooij — Bug 1490600 - Always use braces for if/for/while statements in js/xpconnect/src, part 1. r=bholley
c5a6202e80a06ecd07aafd9c0e0487824a179397Jan de Mooij — Bug 1490600 - Always use braces for if/for/while statements in js/xpconnect/loader. r=kmag
f039fc0bda93d00ff0c6e8d4415449003b0d91faYura Zenevich — Bug 1490776 - fix noGrip array rendering in a11y panel sidebar. r=gl
f95c7a42a1d7bfab9a4ffef1835345d1bf455dddTom Prince — Bug 1473416: [release] Don't allow invalid google-play tracks in push-apk tasks; r=jlorenzo
054260360598eb280b633dae4bc81e14b394ef77Tom Prince — Bug 1473416: [release] Use dep googleplay scope on non-release branches; r=jlorenzo
0b375946939b3f1cbd0ab7aa0e7094b419b8e7c5Tom Prince — Bug 1473416: [mozharness] Use in-tree mobile sdk secrets on try; r=nalexander
35eda5b009c54226c408c9dd4bbd875fc1765efeRob Wood — Bug 1490717 - Fix raptor desktop tests on google chromium r=gbrown
6de80a4cd3aeafc145542b1bcb0ae0cca45abb01Daniel Varga — Backed out changeset 9139afaa8d77 (bug 1487568) for crashtest failure at tests/reftest/tests/layout/generic/crashtests/382745-1.xhtml on a CLOSED TREE
29b47a0857574c7164d03ec56c27d5c3e51f412aAlexis Beingessner — Bug 1412179 - defuzz tests that no longer fallback. r=jrmuizel CLOSED TREE
f0ddc033ddc3b920f12bce56ba0fc09328c24b48Johann Hofmann — Bug 1490729 - Ensure that we send variation=0 for the TP UI on about:privatebrowsing. r=Gijs
353cb0f90dc460d207467590b4605073f41fd065Shane Caraveo — Bug 1488055 fix loading ext-browser-content script in sidebar when browser_style=false, r=rpl
f22f3ce3581177d3d170bc3e7d20609057b26722Alexis Beingessner — Bug 1412179 - Implement non-empty legends for wr r=jrmuizel
99de4ec496f4561b61f3f944d522b9e45596ac8eBrian Grinstead — Bug 1490412 - Revert the part of Bug 1489844 that removed browser.dom.window.dump.enabled from all.js;r=Ehsan
8d756cb9754af4e6b0b0eb17d11055460f388b7dTom Ritter — Bug 1490725 Add this-> to some interceptor code to fix the MinGW x86 build r=aklotz
544dbfdb5b05f4f55d70ac2f8d60e64255e5599eLuca Greco — Bug 1470466 - Use a different telemetry histogram key for the userScripts injection. r=janerik,mixedpuppy
301f7866f783d8f9ebc278c2c936c6a330200ce7Luca Greco — Bug 1437864 - Implement userScripts API methods to allow an extension to inject custom APIs in the isolated userScripts sandboxes. r=zombie,mixedpuppy
7488bfbbaf8d2dbe2918fbc1304594759874031cLuca Greco — Bug 1437864 - Save a copy of the Error and Promise globals from extension context before they can be redefined. r=zombie,mixedpuppy
f151c2fa525f3c79ad3f1c251c7715f5042b1bbcLuca Greco — Bug 1437861 - Implement userScripts.register and execute userScripts js code in isolated sandboxes. r=zombie,mixedpuppy
97384d72b0693df646d5057aa8420bb4f868cb77Mark Striemer — Bug 1488467 - Part 2: Match web languages dialog with browser dialog r=jaws
d3ef1330cf04a70f39122745b74da43850056b31Mark Striemer — Bug 1488467 - Part 1: Support adding and removing installed browser languages r=jaws
56a508217ab7e7c28e1e5622f8dd31caa98a8706Coroiu Cristina — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1393570) for build bustage on linux on a CLOSED TREE
e5cc6211d2986009bd4592efab5376fa5a818da1Daniel Holbert — Bug 1490410: Remove unreachable return statement from DispatchKeyPressEventsEvenForNonPrintableKeys(). r=masayuki
9139afaa8d7739f130d4457a5fd585cba55d2ee3Brian Grinstead — Bug 1487568 - Ignore whitespace only text nodes for XBL compatibility hack for unmatched children dropping content;r=smaug
5740e53a5e2d2c9d516c55c8e7154d5f29c7d26cMichael Kaply — Bug 1485508 - Properly construct MozParameterized search URL. r=adw
7c5c05819c249674592eda268d5269fd2bbbb08cBarry Chen — Bug 1483085 - Update Screenshots' id in built-in page actions list; r=adw
627738d5f791aa9c243e0174d3d153f5ac8e319fNicolas Silva — Bug 1477819 - Use WebRender low priority transactions for web content. r=jrmuizel
1d6879ee635efe2183b1c228398618461caa571bJared Hirsch — Bug 1466575 - Re-enable Screenshots WebExtension page action for Firefox 64; r=ianbicking
352630ba837a27c00ed0fbba1df1ace91f7119d3alecclarke — Bug 1486630 - Remove _manifestURI field and handling of the MozApplicationManifest message. r=mconley
23f496cd8a42d49f732e0ba4bae7cb0cc8aa5818Rob Wu — Bug 1393570 - Support cookieStoreId in windows.create extension API r=Gijs,rpl
e41e69aa9eb51e360b7550686685099825646324Rob Wu — Bug 1393570 - Move cookieStoreId validator to ext-tabs-base.js r=rpl
0d5b78130661fd02d9906e41f30c69ffdfca650bKershaw Chang — Bug 1487085 - Allow to set cookie with a null channel in child process, r=valentin
af0fc623d0b5d5e575bb03b08576709512bac4f3Zhang Junzhi — Bug 1490611 - physical to logical name refactor: DISPLAY_*_WIDTH to DISPLAY_*_INLINE_SIZE(as well as the relevant struct in the macro contents) r=jfkthame
b13ca0abc854526c269f4696aa63fb3e58d8b3b9Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 5bb92b2866b2 (bug 1446791) for failing at embedded-content/the-area-element/area-coords.html
1445262bf8619a758e3520c4a9bedbf479768d28James Graham — Bug 1485259 - Always check for crashes after wpt tests r=ato
91fc6c048c077c12a9326cb6825ea9e12158764dJan de Mooij — Bug 1490594 - Always use braces for if/for/while statements in jsapi-tests. r=luke
60b86111e7f780aea6ec085c24aa8b20f846fe1cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1489700 - allow window positioning to be asynchronous, r=jgraham
1b27177d4eef525f978ef2c4c445bf24f8512492Alex Gaynor — Bug 1490415 - prevent creating a GPUVideoTextureHost with a null wrapped texture; r=sotaro
158bb358659bd04e027f3fa07c633641d53d8499Luca Greco — Bug 1486762 - Add installTelemetryInfo to addon installed from WebIDE. r=jdescottes
3bf454e3e11a18581033718bcb917d77900caf0bSteve Armand — Bug 1490167 - MacPorts in is out of date r=ahal
d462f2aa55c284a336ccce79794675dd84236782Joel Maher — Bug 1490616 - Support xperf on windows 10. r=rwood
5bb92b2866b2e5cbafa19bdb7a02bd64b649106dJames Graham — Bug 1446791 - Add more windows 10 debug chunks for wpt r=aryx
65beac4828b738076ffbb0776a83c466f997902fGurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
20d6ddddc2c4742a206b877f618c8a9e5b7d594cGabriele Svelto — Bug 1490355 - Teach |mach bootstrap| to automatically install the latest version of the Oracle JDK r=nalexander
0e1d6337866d852de2557664508c6b51234a6ef8Jared Wein — Bug 1489754 - Update the caller of populateSendTabToDevicesMenu to use new tab argument. r=adw
c1200e5aa513b9c5b492c759642b452cab4106aaGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1490642 browser_CaptivePortalWatcher.js should check for the default window to be activated instead of potentially waiting for it more than once, r=nhnt11
8fca7dfccf8d1a0d70b7b8e33973edef96a33b15Gurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
511150b11de9f0143a1152d7bfbffe89c20a22bcMartin Stransky — Bug 1442755 - Redraw titlebar widgets when application focus changes and draw inactive titlebar with GTK_STATE_FLAG_BACKDROP state, r=jhorak
3271f5d15d52cb6989cc0850a7aebfd3631af885Carl Corcoran — Bug 1490624: Correcting incorrect captitalization of windows.h r=bustage-fix
cab441a582e82e1875fd9271b78f3b5e8462376dJan de Mooij — Bug 1490589 - Add braces for if-statements in r=arai
fca86e2acc89dd0be22f3f4a92f32e823ac395f1Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 081d8311be59 (bug 1479503) for build bustage - java not found. CLOSED TREE
3673bb1b3e56094495065a8aa661d297dd77ba2bRobert Bartlensky — Bug 1489510: Add check for null in vm/TraceLoggingGraph.cpp. r=sfink
081d8311be597a227b839b7c9b95fb0a764514c0Robert Bartlensky — Bug 1479503: Check infer in ./mach static-analysis autotest. r=nalexander
4e01560aa7d1969dd7e9421e702f1e43ccfb4585Zhang Junzhi — Bug 1490497 - Drops the dump warning statements in the unicode-url.js because sometimes they produce unnecessary dumps. r=nchevobbe
9207b4b0e5db5f724c5fff186463e1e35b639bceCarl Corcoran — Bug 1473103: Add unit tests for DLL blocklist integrity; r=aklotz