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Thu Jan 01 14:27:48 2009 +0000
19ca4c2894e7acd4ff0939b197353b7aa1d2181fJonathan Kew — Bug 466599 - wrap HTML on system pasteboard to provide charset metadata, fixes paste/drag into rich-text NSTextView destinations; r=(joshmoz + roc) sr=roc
0f83e25056008fa434bfeb2059656f79096f56e8Daniel.S — Bug 240029 - table in this page incorrectly off right edge of page when fonts are small; r+sr=dbaron
f0bb7414241895ba7f8eac5bb8346a476069680aTyler Downer — Bug 471146 - remove old CAPS readme (already on devmo); r=brendan