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Fri Nov 28 23:36:09 2008 +0000
aadde428c8ce836b8c9f8ddaee8f3e53b6548696Josh Aas — don't use method selectors unnecessarily in cursor code. b=464313 r=smichaud sr=roc a=beltzner
b32dc52a37ffc49dcd8a17cbc8e53e2fdcb2570cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 466234: provide audio and video interfaces even when media is diabled, so that content popup menu construction works, r/sr=roc, r=weilbacher, a191=beltzner
30adfe786ffaf746040facfc35f1220f7e221415Josh Aas — remove morefilesx dependency in libreg. b=464362 r=smichaud sr=roc a=beltzner
18ecd1a5fd1d4e03f78934434c1d331fc53d4148Dave Townsend — Bug 465556: Fennec does not create extensions.rdf file. r=robstrong, a1.9.1=beltzner
a07d428bd7073ef8d8da4c4c47197602f115db21Shawn Wilsher — Merge to tip after applying bundle for bug 353364
a80045f6089e670371a58eee935baec1ea346759Martin — Add tests for xml-stylesheet PI (including for Bug 353364). a=tests
96b47ad640e9bd0e6e69c3b0908f1388633dd68cMartin — Bug 353364 - Same-document references in xml-stylesheet PI processed incorrectly. r+sr=peterv, a191=beltzner
356e3865c629263d172eaad3d8b548355301bd74Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 462707 - nsHttpChannel::GetEntityID should respect Accept-Ranges response header; r,sr=biesi a191=beltzner
1551ebc4dbaa3a01459ec7ba6e2b42e7472430c4Vlado Valastiak — Bug 277296 - The print dialogs have no accesskeys; r=gavin, a191=beltzner
b6f450bbbcd83f30067de46017c447eb39375262Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 464918 - Console clearing test for private browsing should not use a timeout; r=mconnor a191=beltzner