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Tue Oct 07 18:54:24 2008 +0000
9395c3a493b2136290adbd9bd7132f7662a93774Boris Zbarsky — Bug 458100. Make sure that we'll also instantiate the plug-in even if the nsPluginDocument has no presshell yet at OnStartRequest time. Thanks to Evgeny <> for pointing out the problem. r+sr=jst
97d43a4491acb065ec7e7659198c9053946e4cafBoris Zbarsky — Bug 456617. Refactor some ugly code to only live in one spot. r+sr=jst
305cbf365db22702c7c22fc5b4e6553acea1b139Boris Zbarsky — Bug 452964. Don't flag pseudo-frames wrapping generated content as themselves being generated content, since they might be shared with non-generated content. r+sr=roc.
d28eb3aa049df458ea1c77fa6778624adcd36b1fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 456484. Kids of an inline-block that has overflow:'something other than visible' should not necessarily shrink-wrap. r+sr=roc
177b174c83e4bec7ff2deec35b5d827c716b7b6aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 452969. Drop native theming for controls that inherit user-specified values. r+sr=dbaron
18e5167ac65564a219d342adf2a10e4d79b95791Boris Zbarsky — Bug 455540. Eliminate the non-OOM-failures-possible version of GetNodInfo. r+sr=jst