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Tue Jan 15 22:13:12 2019 +0000
a51d26029042fb10cca386c3150fc2c912a442a2Michael Kelly — Bug 1509888: Remove Browser Error Collection. r=Gijs,flod
3965ba4c93b0abad99169221725928084d7f759eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1520188. Use uppercase for func name. r=lsalzman
53c350ccfd5b5b39fdef94f4ecf37f29c70aed60Alastor Wu — Bug 1520037 - Reuse 'BrowsingContext::TopLevelBrowsingContext()'. r=nika
113f3db802c4ed0408d8cca513c595959d1be8a7Cosmin Sabou — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 1514806) for causing windows 2012 opt repack bustages.
ac94b0e3484b102481f2c8cf52d012cbc46b05cfTimothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1518664 - Make special casting properties available to UA Widget r=smaug
f5b0ec66117d2fe16c7729cee9362831edb1a1caKershaw Chang — Bug 1407384 - P3: Handle the case if the channel is suspended or canceled by "http-on-examine-merged-response" observer r=mayhemer
18abdcc812a606114c3b761c5134699bd385c703Kershaw Chang — Bug 1407384 - P2: test for suspending the channel in DoAuthRetry r=mayhemer
7e8129336381f8bf33ecd89558b29effe9c3d864Kershaw Chang — Bug 1407384 - P1: Notify "http-on-before-connect" and "http-on-modify-request" observers in DoAuthRetry r=mayhemer
d7d3b47d3a775c7fa45d5e0c3a6eba850cc394e8Tom Tromey — Bug 1520003 - make work with Python 2; r=nbp
18bdd2ab1081221fd7b0e115e792645ff036fe95Bogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
ad473f67f76950921b049ffe896dd25a0e987de6terrameijar — Bug 1506611 - Fixed linter errors in testing/tps. r=ahal
63debb1d02d3ca285def538c88c1e47295923613Matt Howell — Bug 1514806 Part 6 - Disable running UPX in the installer package for targets it doesn't support. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mshal#firefox-build-system-reviewers
803d20ba3f80ac06fecc01646440d288592fbef4Matt Howell — Bug 1514806 Part 5 - Select the appropriate 7-zip SFX stub binary for the build target. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mshal#firefox-build-system-reviewers
3b95c5d8466d399c3df6e183847d8090706640f8Matt Howell — Bug 1514806 Part 4 - Update the LZMA SDK package documentation to explain the new files. r=agashlin
eb09e108a43935ca636fa5b4ea7db14753187107Matt Howell — Bug 1514806 Part 3 - Add the new AArch64 7-zip SFX stub binary. r=agashlin
6a738993de2928d543f199602cf1bcb881abd23cMatt Howell — Bug 1514806 Part 2 - Add build files necessary for compiling a 7-zip SFX stub for AArch64. r=agashlin
303b19a8b923889edcfe6dfccfab4f80d07b29b1Matt Howell — Bug 1514806 Part 1 - Rename the existing x86 7-zip SFX files to indicate what platform they're for. r=agashlin
83d4a8e7b55138fed13f382c47f20fe760c05158Iain Ireland — Bug 1480390: Use TryNoteIter in HasLiveStackValueAtDepth r=jandem
67ac015ae0802854815cc136baf520791588e754Mathieu Leplatre — Bug 1510627 - Split RemoteSettingsClient#maybeSync() into smaller chunks of code r=glasserc
97ae7728e2432a8cbd9c682b6eebf689ae69bdccDzmitry Malyshau — Bug 1505934 - WR: Don't establish a raster root in pictures with sufficiently large local bounds (take 2) r=jrmuizel
0c8548aec7059aa1f19da3a3d2ad02ef43f88622Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 6f5998401e95 (bug 1517846) for Android api-lint failure on a CLOSED TREE
65b6d0b670b410489153b2086d8dc1a1b66a3231Gurzau Raul — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1515810, bug 1419195) for failing at /browser/browser_ext_contextMenus.js on a CLOSED TREE
6f5998401e959eaf8c60862cf1349a2e3d6a0c40James Willcox — Bug 1517846 - Add missing docs for GeckoView.releaseSession() r=geckoview-reviewers,esawin#geckoview-reviewers
060ca330d2aa6eaef17750f20068f96d0bf75d7cDavid Burns — Bug 1520137: Update documentation pointing to #interop instead of #ateam r=whimboo
23e161fc26d6ace03b87351d02a297710b4f578fHenrik Skupin — Bug 1519850 - [marionette] Bump Mn test jobs on Android to Tier1. r=jmaher
437003de9fffafd6656b79ea4bcbeab0aa652eefRob Wu — Bug 1515810 - Fix intermittent issue in bookmark menu tests r=mixedpuppy
c04c2376a2133c875df0e71749572688abe562a0Peter Simonyi — Bug 1419195: Show items from WebExtensions in Places Library context menu r=mixedpuppy
d9a81de35ac3bee7f1e69d59d90a6ad7ee82c5c9Peter Simonyi — Bug 1419195: Show items from WebExtensions in bookmarks sidebar context menu r=mixedpuppy