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Mon Aug 02 13:36:48 2010 +0000
83236349154ec2f70dac56fa1b729a7a2d6e58a0Felipe Gomes — Bug 508906. Add experimental MozTouch events. r=smaug,jimm
09543c08296920f8d093ad40f261d6c0075a10fdMarkus Stange — Bug 557986 - Fix intermittent test_native_mouse_mac.xul failures by using a deterministic API instead of +[NSWindow windowNumberAtPoint:belowWindowWithWindowNumber:]. r=josh
cd5c289123515044557c9fa3abec72b4ab92113eMarkus Stange — Bug 574663 - Mark scroll events that are sent by touchpad momentum scrolling after the finger has left the touchpad with a kIsMomentum flag and prevent these events from changing the zoom factor. r=josh, r=smaug
18a809b713d28dea57437e248f1be0dd52b9455fMarkus Stange — Bug 575934 - Give the buttons in the customization panel a button style. r=dao
9f225e37c7c70d89072da2845f76efe0ce545dbdMarkus Stange — Bug 579259 - Draw -moz-appearance:listbox frames by hand because kHIThemeFrameListBox drawing has bugs on 10.5. r=josh