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Wed Feb 05 16:27:17 2020 +0000
0fa466366383c636ddd22156b5e9740c13563f16Razvan Maries — Backed out changeset d2ebc96ddb56 (bug 1598566) for perma fails on browser_dom_fission_target_switching.js. CLOSED TREE
e9ff6095ca5af9f15540b1feee4b37a08e37849fFlorin Strugariu — Bug 1601009 - Add support to raptor-browsertime for running the speedometer benchmark on Firefox android r=tarek
1686ed8a7a7d721d7422948a74048408fdcf5430Christian Holler — Bug 1612740 - Apply some MOZ_ASAN pref workarounds to MOZ_TSAN. r=froydnj
ff37d731d5aa6358f0ca211d5c69096a9f71bf0cJohn Dai — Bug 1613089 - Add WPT for constructed FormData object should not contain submit button within submit event; r=smaug
09db01447338c259f952ccc05ba237685fc45df0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1606901 - P2. Abort should we failed at creating IPCStreamSource. r=mattwoodrow
34f53b4b228420325f9af01a16e1ade33a245167Jan Sonntag — Bug 1601684 - use distro package to provide platform information r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mshal
879a5784bc60944192c8e9aa2723f49c5d50984aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1613176 - Enable -Wreturn-type-c-linkage. r=froydnj
814b4d05ad3edf0821a4d788b3c7404b4636e408Nicolas Silva — Bug 1612437 - Remove ipc-channel from WebRender. r=gw
d2ebc96ddb56f94a7b069b18e8c0e3f2e2f952d4Patrick Brosset — Bug 1598566 - Use the TargetList API in the DOM panel to refresh on new targets r=ochameau
212385698b1effb8a9cbb22832d6d1c670184349Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 93335e047c83 (bug 1600414) for causing mochitest and wpt failures on a CLOSED TREE
a978aa982f8f1d6e803cf2f1663bc5c61fbd747cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1608541 - Make min-height in "remove site data" dialog apply to the root element again. r=dao
1fc7cd4b08b74ff50136968214e4b54c562f0c9asotaro — Bug 1612665 - Backout Bug 1596630 r=nical
2eff74f53aaa5c1594edfc649e6a38d4a7a19fb5Morgan Reschenberg — Bug 1611903: Change 'Text zoom only' checkbox behaviour to call ZoomManager.toggleZoom instead of changing preference directly. r=Gijs
08705228a623cd8d737b55eb19ea57fdc7bfebafJon Coppeard — Bug 1611927 - Remove unused IsMarked methods r=sfink
0eaad1ea9d3cdf6410a887c4d7ed43fc07cc04e3Jon Coppeard — Bug 1611927 - Replace some uses of IsMarkedUnbarriered with TenuredCell::isMarkedAny where this simplifies the code r=sfink
7554cfe059b4078b8b7e3a2d70d1363206cd3a21Samarjeet — Bug 1612956 - Don't pre-format whitespace in Console eager evaluation. r=nchevobbe.
a9dde10ff4b84810ca804e74caf30e221345d9edNicolas Silva — Bug 1613167 - Enable/Disable rayon in WebRender via pref. r=gw
a290c8f5c4595925a8f843cfc0701a8900a7af90Razvan Maries — Backed out changeset 03d54624d4f2 (bug 1612228) for perma fails on browser_search_tips.js. CLOSED TREE
27ae4b0e5fad2f7abc8319fc768abe086dad74eeChris Henry — Bug 1604970 - make delete key work correctly even when shortcut permissions are restricted, r=NeilDeakin
93335e047c8313b6ae7658ec58c4b9273384c64fMartin Stransky — Bug 1600414 Use gdk_window_set_geometry_hints() to set geometry hints, r=jhorak
a7dc0052948978edacef27af59de6f77d28c13ccMirko Brodesser — Bug 1613071: rename `RangeData` to `StyledRange` and move it to separate file. r=smaug
50b0c0b9ac5bf8fabacda221635e5538bf0f61d4Mark Banner — Bug 1613139 - Enable ESLint for intl/uconv (manual changes). r=hsivonen
45be2954c3cc4a95a7c5d469c1be36ad319d87c1Mark Banner — Bug 1613139 - Simplify how the intl/uconv tests are set up; pass arguments direct to test functions rather than using globals. r=hsivonen
014cf709a8392e05cbdb0dc0304d166d13bfa0b5Mark Banner — Bug 1613139 - Enable ESLint for intl/uconv (automatic changes). r=hsivonen
92db92ce1abea0f42e087bba3318591dcd12e0ddMark Banner — Bug 1613139 - Enable ESLint for intl/locale and intl/strres (manual changes). r=zbraniecki
8e8d0500b303eb6b6328ad00629b2ca0de711a72Mark Banner — Bug 1613139 - Enable ESLint for intl/locale and intl/strres (automatic changes). r=zbraniecki
beda05af6b210ae4391a6d77ae0f1289c3cf22a7Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1613270 - Add UTF8 variant of ReportCompileError. r=jorendorff
03d54624d4f2f719067048ed30e99493e55a77a8Harry Twyford — Bug 1612228 - Reset UrlbarProviderSearchTips after each run of browser_search_tips.js. r=adw
5bb0a38b301ec4854add76b8bf55b5b5b4ec63efHarry Twyford — Bug 1613048 - Support browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.asrouter.userprefs.cfr.features pref for Search Tips. r=adw
154889e40d83d6e999656e00316cee3e8fe18eb2Harry Twyford — Bug 1613092 - Support Regexp in checkIntervention. r=adw
39d6bc57380147d0d246d068b75313958077769aValentin Gosu — Bug 1482224 - Move nsLocalFileWin::Reveal to the background thread pool r=froydnj
032306d9ce87feb57f73bfebfcf29cf0e5a29e04Martin Stransky — Bug 1613052 [Wayland] Don't release textures at WaylandDMABUFTextureHostOGL as they're owned by texture source, r=sotaro
a4c9db030d03e0f0b7e98a2f29a276747b48df6bMartin Stransky — Bug 1613052 [Wayland] Use texture handle from WaylandDMABUFSurface directly at WebRender, r=sotaro
8ed35bc11a26529747017450aab8af509f9c9754Razvan Maries — Backed out changeset 50d6945fd47b (bug 1613270) for build bustages on ErrorReporting.cpp. CLOSED TREE
269ab6499d32ae39f0626858d05e13403787db69Bert Peers — Bug 1599327 - Use cluster scrollbar flags to select picture cache tile size. r=gw
51b1d5255b96d48273bb458eead12c6be54c1feaRazvan Maries — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1610416, bug 1610415) for build bustages on Frame.cpp. CLOSED TREE
4f788224c8d27a311f9f5620344f963b223bcb58Martin Stransky — Bug 1586696 [Wayland] Use wayland dmabuf as WebGL backend, r=jgilbert
76ee012b6099f1b2d4095d9d57c2e41f7a7c5a2cTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1598751 - Remove w3c-css/received/css-conditional reftests. r=dbaron
50d6945fd47bd69011bace77f150a6f0cdad4dd9Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1613270 - Add UTF8 variant of ReportCompileError. r=jorendorff
80ba665c8c9b64b74e3118ebaf0f6f6c293c53f7Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1613021 - Make objdir detection work for absolute path in jstests. r=jgraham
65e407ac5e5894c5bde5f72bbe018ea951e506edMorgan Reschenberg — Bug 1590216: Test for a EVENT_TEXT_CARET_MOVED when text is selected in the URL bar of a new window. r=Jamie
0a0fe8345747594a070fd43a933e917a683c4297Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1590216 - Reset selection manager to focused element if its frame is recreated. r=Jamie
489dd8dc1af00860ba9d4154c3846d18fd04040dAaron Klotz — Bug 1607537: Fix timeouts in ParentCrashTest.crashParent and re-enable the test; r=geckoview-reviewers,esawin
18334489f92b5d0a73154f743c7c82b543ddc1f9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1612448. Improve some error messages in accessibility code. r=Jamie
c208490126fe65abd39971d6f3a522c5786057ceLogan Smyth — Bug 1610416 - Expose SavedFrame frames via debugger server. r=jlast
8f19f7882caf54ae31d9a55c1a55bf9e48173ac7Logan Smyth — Bug 1610415 - Expose SavedFrame objects from Debugger.Frame. r=arai
9610ac8f69e4cfb03a1b2787fd611494096781ebRobert Helmer — Bug 1607476 - update expiration for FirstStartup scalars r=chutten
aa7491c7f007b9228ef82d4cb64946610a33bafeDorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. CLOSED TREE
0ad9f63511085a435d982aabf45f4c5fc959868bEdgar Chen — Bug 1543570 - Make CustomElementConstructor exceptions more consistent; r=smaug
5ae122742f0754df890813f3a7a0840905cb1a98Kirk Steuber — Bug 1613245 - Prevent getters with side effects from running when update is disable by policy r=mhowell
0832ea5b3a88871995655511d85294f192a1229dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1611462 - Use DeleteProperty rather than RemoveProperty to avoid leaking. CLOSED TREE
2b416f130dbf0da614da16ff53050a62881b5b66Tom Prince — No bug: [mozharness] Stop removing old dist packages; r=nalexander
77e56fd75093cae2a472574bf211ff7a0f62f41bTom Prince — No bug: Remove knowledge of buildid from mozharness; r=nalexander
df06aaa3595593606271a1139b681d269ead3321Dale Harvey — Bug 1612206 - Ensure maybeReloadEngines is scheduled r=Standard8
0f408c398c28506ecc51a68f1d4974250f252b95Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1612401 - Prevent absolute-positioned children from contributing gap size to flexbox's inline-size. r=dholbert
bc4e1d55f5a42ea61a0e1198b678da2a02989f5cDavid Major — Bug 1613209 - Allow clang-plugin on arm64-windows r=froydnj
946af471e1c4538d762153d5467b1ee8a77fcec3Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1230378 - Add a crashtest. r=mats
cec079fedf8f48576568d3f66d835bbf5bb6f79cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1612510 - Remove IsChromeOrXBL*. r=bzbarsky
e80c8e7a139afe8b3e380026314f3a02249892f8Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1612470 - Remove Document.hasScriptsBlockedBySandbox and Document.inlineScriptAllowedByCSP. r=bzbarsky
ff238eaf45c0e29c686aad03732799c96c04c866Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1611462 - Optimize position changes better. r=dholbert
fb7e027b119daca3020641b22698a47e570bcdbfMarco Castelluccio — Bug 1596285 - Mark most test suites tier 2 for ccov. r=aryx
eaea76e8502669d14fcc8931d7e9d305c9e3af1cAndrew Osmond — Bug 1613114 - Remove rounding the backdrop filter bounds during WR display list building. r=jrmuizel
622f831dd3be4fa18f9735ced2fef6f5dd6a63d7Jan Horak — Bug 1609732 Pause renderer before hiding gtkwindow to avoid crashes in webrender; r=stransky
bcb85259be95bf2176218e966a528da72b171b6aMarkus Stange — Bug 1607777 - Clear areas that CARenderer repaints, so that old content doesn't accomulate in transparent areas such as the tab bar. r=jrmuizel
53c427440d0e86ec2e3a3abfd000228fe1d74b22Markus Stange — Bug 1607777 - Fix CARenderer invalidation when the buffer size changes. r=jrmuizel
6f0faedf53bdc7dbde1f3be275c36a8868ecbb38Markus Stange — Bug 1607777 - When using CARenderer on HiDPI, pass device pixels to the glOrtho call and use a sublayerTransform on the root CALayer. r=jrmuizel
35ba55f48bb548adffe7ba71c7a420259d670ef5Daniel Holbert — Bug 1613206: Remove possibly-ignored-by-the-compiler MOZ_ASSERT(this) from nsFrameLoaderOwner.cpp, to address -Wundefined-bool-conversion build warning. r=nika
e24ecc80bd1ccd64db4b991b6d39ad9a1e0f3e45Jason Laster — Bug 1611905 - Autocompletion suggestion for `debugger` in Console stops JS execution. r=nchevobbe
09bd9c6c516fcc2dc5b0af3b98a068c61bb552b0emcminn — Bug 1611011 - changes to about:welcome modal template & relevant mochitest r=pdahiya
810acba57f3776fd8115e9fecdb8a1b1d5883b1bDaniel Holbert — Bug 1613192: Fix non-unified build bustage in layout/{base,generic} directories. r=TYLin
8fa542bd75c7afadac5570699772be58777a6195Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1612816 - Implement AsyncResoleWithTrrServer. r=valentin
237b6fc723ea00570354f3cdb9e083ab876e4c65Perry Jiang — Bug 1602393 - remove ServiceWorkerRegistrar string duplication r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,asuth
9867a7bc911e2d3abc2312826c9f14cfa7b10a63Andrew Osmond — Bug 1611601 - Stop snapping when calculating uv rects on the CPU side. r=gw
dfa143ba202ee475dfeb5e7f51729d8897ed0df1Kevin Jacobs — Bug 1606927 - land NSS de6ba04bb1f4 UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE, r=jcj
d52fb225037bde8f8b092a487a787261b891f857Mathieu Leplatre — Bug 1600581 - Add performance counters to Remote Settings r=tarek
74de782356d0188513c63ac903180cbec95b7d97Scott — Bug 1612337 - Moving to ff prefs r=nanj
141214423a18b17e1c252009d88fd071dc5fd8c4Molly Howell — Bug 1515534 - Use nicer scaling for full installer images. r=agashlin
4a2d30818f2016c514840fbde128f4de25a91138emcminn — Bug 1613155 - Set dir property on the HTML element instead of <root>. r=andreio
e6e5f13b247153be80af04a4f9b0bff655161c19Martin Stransky — Bug 1613052 [Wayland] Don't create and export EGL framebuffer for dmabuf, r=jhorak
d3a38ae1917697395e516e9bef4808533103f7a2Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1611873 - Pick search tips when the user focuses the urlbar. r=harry
8c4a4bfa19a91c5374471045f01e14796b7a325fDão Gottwald — Bug 1401835 - Hide page action buttons in small windows. r=mak
1dc2a5ab7e298448f55802de664d27e4f93055b1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1607553 - Try to collect some more crash information so that we can diagnose this better. r=boris
4e0a6c11be1bdd3f766991967e680ce6704b70d7Mark Striemer — Bug 1610622 - Remove contextmenu hack in about:addons inline options r=rpl
6b3433e22d5fe6a5a559795679e2fa3989ba65f8Mark Striemer — Bug 1610227 - Remove page height hack from about:addons inline options r=rpl
67ed349b3786987be2ce22770fa39e4e4fd4d4a5Mark Striemer — Bug 1565235 - Remove flushApzRepaints() hack from about:addons inline options r=rpl
6fa597e38f74d0aca9b7ba318f5d54730187c4c6Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1609726 - Unify mochitest chrome test folders in devtools. r=jdescottes
b0d9ab52d9cd2e484d878e4eb4fc210eb5ba6c0dRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1611175 - Update pdf.js to version 2.4.292. r=bdahl