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Fri Feb 06 13:52:40 2015 +0000
03b0004eba32320e5e7cca1ff9621a90c4489381Mike de Boer — Bug 1091785: make sure the info panel anchors to the overflow chevron if needed. r=jaws
7099b4cceabb5348105bddfdeb9102eb4d0bed13Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 470368b135b7 (bug 1118279)
eecd602fe207ee20a96cc40f7612f20e70dcb599Mike Taylor — Bug 1092006 - Fix form_border_radius define & mark expected failures. r=wesj
f6d265d88cb4876c5796f67588a05092f4312bdaIan Moody — Bug 1129930 - JavaScript error: chrome://browser/content/preferences/in-content/preferences.js, line 82: TypeError: getComputedStyle(...) is null. r=Gijs
165cb27ebbc9c4181fb0daaa52c4274ad57e2011Tim Nguyen — Bug 1128913 - Don't resize the tab crash icon when changing Firefox's width. r=jaws
45bc546cb19ffa2fef7d5128938d55beebdbb086Avijit Gupta — Bug 1091117 - Used 2x png for about:newtab through media query. r=adw
14fb809d31b740d60b140c669dcabdb21125ea69Doug Turner — Bug 1045229 - Beacons are not associated with windows. The current window based filtering that the network monitor does will skip requests that come from sendBeacon(). Here we explictly look to see if the network channel is from beacon by looking at the loadinfo. r=dcamp
470368b135b7f0b9cbc636732e307fe850d7ea3dTim Taubert — Bug 1118279 - Fix intermittent browser_customize_popupNotification.js failures r=gavin
946346db74bb3216ac5fa472d34f97706e75e218Mark Capella — Bug 1128187 - Supply RTL for Caret-Handle, r=rnewman
e0e812319eaeca663f61fa8cac50ce58e7c6d68aMike Connor — Bug 1130246 - Treat general.useragent.locale as a localized pref in DirectoryProvider. r=rnewman
00a4e75da857b51978751099679ceb4f9984226fVictor Porof — Bug 1130040 - Remove undefined reference to EVENTS.RECORDING_CREATED in performance-controller.js, r=me
0a92f400101e19d42eec636a099cdc0c1a27ebb9Mark Capella — Bug 1128187 - Allow SelectionHandles in mixed LTR-RTL content, r=margaret
36284346398c55641aca8ef48863f7b86bc14219Richard Newman — Bug 1130030 - Make EditorBranch implement apply. r=nalexander
0870c45ca038eb7570564e059f04ffc38d745aefWes Kocher — Merge m-c to fx-team a=merge CLOSED TREE
4c7066e68109e45d4bd60a1c66699806a07cf89fRichard Newman — Bug 1122024 - Bump minimum Android SDK version to 20. r=nalexander
6fcfaa95e84a754e125725747a8da9e0bcbf12d2Robert Strong — Bug 1129209 - Use a separate manifest for comctl32.dll. r=bbondy
78af92a0f9452a46d26f9890871f38cc69eb9437J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1127004 - Receive OOB auth images from Gaia. r=janx
c0783a0a2d415901dadc89cef8eb5d8d50436e13J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1127004 - Use promises and session in b2g allowConnection. r=past
14abbfddd5c25754f4c9f357ff1cc3f51c8cfbb1Abhishek Potnis — Bug 784806 - Add most "" prefs to about:support. r=adw