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Wed Aug 05 02:43:46 2009 +0000
73e08f744e9aa66bd5f942f60aac19dd2e13ab7eJason Duell — Bug 485230. Add way to disable caching during development. r+sr=cbiesinger
945f97d56524f9a3993beb6875e110dca127ac6dJacek Caban — Bug 505032. Fix compilation of nsWifiScannerWin on MinGW. r=biesi
1a1d94f8db0d84837d28648f9ed812def53428a4Jacek Caban — Bug 506034. Fixed loop on MinGW where wchar_t-char is unsigned. r=dbaron
bdbfdabc77f7107ac86da9208ff75da67ecf2d4aJoe Drew — Bug 506063. Add rect emptiness check to imgContainer::ExtractCurrentFrame(). r=vlad
c9b642c7a69935ddb616af3c2b1abfa30f9d701aTobias Hunger — Bug 507121. Implement new nsIWidget::Scroll API for Qt. r=mfinkle
981030c48c4151d47af4497dc5af2fea24f0a809Blake Kaplan — Bug 507047. Remove unnecessary toString override from COWs. r=jst
60add17e8ed3b01ff2cfa6057dcdf524dce67933Yu-Hsun Lin — Bug 486081. Remove unused nsTime class. r=roc
d6a573017fba3ef12cd5ae4779b33363e6c5badfBrian Birtles — Bug 474739. Handle zero-duration intervals properly in SMIL. r=roc
77787eb64629955580ef545dd185da4f3ae70f6fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 504524. Don't reflow the line after an incomplete frame unless we really need to. r=bz
acba6709fc4a4063ccf9b6e5f8f57f0b557b17b9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 504524. Change signature of nsIFrame: of nsIFrame::CharacterDataChanged to support passing of the full CharacterDataChangeInfo struct. r=bz
22588ab14ac69be73ff8ebda2099f96adcfa647cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 506304. Support synthesized mouse events being sent to windowless plugins, support reporting mouse event coordinates from the test plugin, and add tests for mouse events. r=josh
14a9da98c6452dc53aa4ddf3fc8130afb253d0f1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 508115. Don't reparent the views for popups, since they should always have the root view as their parent. r=dbaron