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Mon Dec 14 02:11:07 2009 +0000
bc0849430750575ea1e08a4ce81241f62da02103James Cook — Bug 533658 - Memory leak in nsScreenManagerQt, r=mark.finkle
10c98bccd40bc6da00b94cd43f722390212743aaMichael Kohler — Bug 530354 - No need to check for navigator:browser before initializing SessionStore, r=dao
b259db01f88c05a4e91331b6a0f63367ec419fd0Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 529683 - Code cleanup needed in PNG decoder, r=joe
0db0a203473325dc764b6d489cc38d210ca6fdc4Geoff Lankow — Bug 500885 - DOMActivate is fired twice for input[type=file] if user clicks on browse button, r=Olli.Pettay sr=jonas
1484f0779ccd57df9f00aba55a9331959ec6a7fcJory A. Pratt — Bug 448386 - Build error _javagen/org/mozilla/interfaces/nsIMicrosummaryService with xulrunner, r=ted.mielczarek
215ca7a9e2ba566194dd8194f41e8b14defd95a9Gabriele Best — Bug 436758 - Show tooltip and URL in status bar when hovering over a link inside "Recently Closed Tabs/Windows", r=mak77
e2f9cde1e66d427834e800fcf4a66d951c96ea4eKyle Huey — Bug 338478. Add CF_HDROP support to Mozilla for file drag and drop. r=roc