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Sun Oct 07 19:14:37 2012 +0000
83d38854c21e05cfd06d68b21cf836aa32fd5632Mark Capella — Bug 798040 - Part 2: Corresponding changes to mobile. r=jlebar
8ccf1936752305b956c2751291b37ce69e998f9dJustin Lebar — Bug 798040 - Improve visual separation of processes in about:memory. r=njn
12067455cc2384b78bb24ca3af832139185fe081EKR — Bug 798860: Generate 1024-bit RSA keys for dtls mtransport streams r=bsmith
1e6444704d705038a745a8ad631ca642334151f7Dão Gottwald — Bug 797334 - Click-to-play plugin activation panel: panel background doesn't match panel arrow color on Windows, arrow lacks border on Linux. r=gavin
1c1cd655dfe5b4426eef73309bb381ac208feea4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 282547 - [XHR] Login dialog with wrong XMLHttpRequest authentication. r=bz
884757053d1d799ad60a2b2b322ac5f2b1fd3e27Anant Narayanan — Bug 798825: Add DataChannel DOM interfaces to RTCPeerConnection; r=smaug
86aef70706f94982d178146c7e3851064af9846fAnant Narayanan — Bug 694807: Implement PeerConnection DOM interface; r=jst
750fa0811f41f2e1cf40eeab385e65dd3663ac37Anant Narayanan — Bug 694807: Implement PeerConnection C++ module; r=jst,jesup,ekr
b40fe6bb9b908ff260091f0c5703645ee8944f4cAnant Narayanan — Bug 792188: Make ChunkIterator public r=jesup
2b08abdcc8a9de9e9b03d5e6f8961d1103376225Anant Narayanan — Bug 792188: Add hints to MediaStreams to help with generating signaling r=jesup
a8fac69129b0bac8b55e33574f4c4338d494b150EKR — Bug 790517: mtransport - Generic media transport subsystem for ICE and DTLS r=jesup,bsmith,mcmanus
da39ec3b97783342c892e6a9b8abaedeb372d8fcEKR — Bug 790517: mtransport import/build for nrappkit/nICEr r=ted
5d59f7ecfb16e04e0660240150f66beb917f51b3Randell Jesup — Bug 766758: License for nICEr (media/mtransport/third_party/nICEr) r=gerv
b5246d1cd36441119421eabd8b196b91aa45a7e1EKR — Bug 790517: Import nICEr library for mtransport rs=biesi,jesup r=gerv
0dfe80d8fc1da0f13fdef204303d0e8b808b90f5Randell Jesup — Bug 766689: License for nrappkit import r=gerv
cbce2911566ddcdaa25dff9b03e3ef51e89861dbEKR — Bug 790517: Import nrappkit library for mtransport rs=roc,jesup r=gerv
8de22a14e8c8a1cf9e67ba7490f4198c81af2580Randell Jesup — Bug 792188: Fixes to signaling MediaPipeline and Srtpflow r=jesup,derf
7c84f16616074286430165034bcf0e990c04e655Randell Jesup — Bug 792188: MediaPipeline changes for YUV buffer handling, put ImageContainer back to normal r=ekr
4bea9e9d2e2c0cbd23c59cb12ac97b0c8cc26e17Randell Jesup — Bug 792188: rollup of changes to signaling from alder r=jesup,ekr,derf,ehugg,ted
f1b524d51e6b055a5e8fd1c07d37ddc4805c4a03EKR — Bug 792188: Import SIPCC into media/webrtc/signaling rs=jesup r=gerv
50005364bca4b2b28c6373aa01e82dadc1affd74Fabrice Desré — Bug 790849 - Don't store information in /data about built-in apps before first startup - Move settings db out of prebuild files. [r=gwagner]
13fd1d18cdf445819cbd23459f49106a498758a9Oleg Romashin — Bug 796927 - Gfx Build fix, missing cstring include for memcpy. r=joe
0bea829361c3e1858b4972ad26eec8087c0748c5Oleg Romashin — Bug 796927 - XPCOM build fix, followup for b777292.
a5551c001a2110aed561416b16f6823d0ee0f1b6Jared Wein — Bug 796111. Adjust styling of nsIAlertService alert windows. r=dao
c92dd43099e7f881ca3dcf472beec89b2478fc1aMarco Castelluccio — Bug 796094 - Fix Marketplace category names for webapps. r=myk
5364c43651c13fc8f90c1ab3d1d80c4d7631017cGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 750480 - Workaround for empty Java applets hanging with click-to-play. r=bsmedberg
8c53914f34b03f0ebaf985e7578b14b25c752532William Chen — Bug 798065 - Fix integer underflow in nsTArray::LastIndexOf. r=cjones
9c483486bf39341a159698a54a5a0081020fdc8dJoe Drew — Bug 798061 - Fix mismatched malloc vs delete[] in mozilla::gfx::AlphaBoxBlur::~AlphaBoxBlur(). r=jmuizelaar
33da5c33a23ef1cc6cd28b748b9e9cb823567872vliu — Bug 796834 - B2G RIL: Setup data call returns fail during radio power changed. r=vyang
03e4c6401c35ba6d598f7ab62c9ba5a505967564David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 795505 - Additional checks for feeding typed arrays to js-ctypes. r=jorendorff
7be4e7680b42ebb8dafbb8a84b252862d78a3175David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 795505 - Feed typed arrays to js-ctypes. r=jorendorff
834fb95232af9f4e02e365f86d320c662091c0feSteven Lee — Bug 793759 - Implement HalChild::ActorDestroy and prevent HalChild calls to HalParent after ActorDestroy is called. r=cjones