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Sat Jan 11 21:51:30 2020 +0000
408f6c0f98146da1f540d5b6759e4d9a787db8abMartin Stransky — Bug 1608379 [Wayland] Don't use LOCAL_GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL on Wayland, r=sotaro
13133dc6b4d60c6949c8806032dde7a87514a184Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 1597456 - Fix uses of nsIDocShellTreeItem in mozilla::TextEditor::IsSafeToInsertData. r=masayuki
84052ee4136c7d73ed83e2d3134294666b0ad9b2Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1606889 - Clean up references to obsolete ESR branches. r=tomprince
faddb73036a34c0f0b182017a7ece2dfd9244546David Major — Bug 1608460 - Redefine MIDL names to be unique to work around a clang-cl bug r=froydnj
6c9f42c650c19e798ea9f61344a1ac3f48934891shindli — Merge mozilla-central to autoland on a CLOSED TREE
46bb509181bfe023d0f0667736d73266dc64253fRazvan Maries — Backed out changeset ba5a1a2c62f6 (bug 1602863) for perma fails on position-sticky-scroll-with-clip-and-abspos.html.
ac04f5112cb8f60dbb09b5820648e7a2a76d4517Mihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset fd1001cea260 (bug 1607344) for causing wpt failures regarding single_stylo_traversal.
806f2bed2faffca87f214d18d81233c39570f8dcBogdan Tara — Bug 1594029 - disable test_streams_element_capture_reset.html for frequent failures r=jmaher
fd1001cea2608e5aa6ae47f31f16b1e906b44930Stephen Donner — Fix Bug 1607344; remove legacy stylo-seq linux64 jobs. r=erahm,jmaher
34b855ac76ea37bc1dc02d6437194991e85b64e3Edwin Takahashi — Bug 1602108 - mark browser_layoutHelpers.js as expected failure on ubuntu1804 r=jmaher
ba5a1a2c62f6354e56f4be5af7346d3f17a4457aEdwin Takahashi — Bug 1602863 - run web-platform-tests on ubuntu1804 except ccov r=jmaher
e8d220dbe0299d90441b3dce6587a5b174f24644Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1259822 - Part 2: Show property key in the error message when target object value is null or undefined. r=jorendorff
03939cd2d0ab6cba212721a285b59034050e29a2Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1259822 - Part 1: Add pref to enable fix for accessing property of null or undefined. r=jorendorff