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Thu Aug 07 12:49:34 2014 +0000
bf5cbb36f4d2f6a5f639f167f4492b1785c699b0Tim Taubert — Bug 1049434 - Don't allocate SECItems with new operator r=rbarnes
02c486347756b8cf87d3c2bd981b0f0f71868fbfAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1048171 - HTTMLMediaElement should not send an AudioChannel 'stop' event when seeking, r=roc
73e945ea5a4ca1b385130a00f8d60197097f7412Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 5184f19384c8 (bug 1049434)
264ff666617e61137e6ed008ea04f8d3592213e9Chris Peterson — Bug 1036781 - Part 1: Replace MOZ_ASSUME_UNREACHABLE with MOZ_CRASH and MOZ_MAKE_COMPILER_ASSUME_IS_UNREACHABLE in js/src/asmjs. r=jandem
7ab18eda31e43988b49ed9320ca6e1637a57c975EKR — Bug 1049291 - Remove uses of select() in SIPCC SIP task r=ehugg
f8518bbdd3f00956fbace15741dcfee986ecfb5dJonathan Watt — Bug 1049256, part 2 - Get rid of nsISVGChildFrame::FOR_HIT_TESTING. r=longsonr
5f0ee96a8e125b3a2bd03662bd1b79f5dcc33dd7Jonathan Watt — Bug 1049256, part 1 - Convert SVG hit-testing to act on an SVG user space point instead of calling nsSVGUtils::GetCanvasTM(). r=longsonr
1f01cae60e2626285ec95bb63e007770327f0263Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1049768 If OnCompositionUpdate() is never called with new range, we should call RecordCompositionUpdateAction() forcibly before flushing pending actions r=emk
5184f19384c8bbdaceb13f63f5fccab01e10fddfTim Taubert — Bug 1049434 - Don't allocate SECItems with new operator r=rbarnes
7ef24d4f431531d8de5c6b0c235eb30b2344a855Jonathan Watt — Bug 1044666 - Make the svg.display-lists.hit-testing.enabled pref work properly. r=longsonr
12959495c74eb1349dd15dfe88d7fd2eff001d4cL. David Baron — Bug 996796 patch 25 - Remove the old (now-unused) miniflush code (preserving one of the header comments). r=heycam
96483fbec78522721d4a2da3480e0ca2f836050eL. David Baron — Bug 996796 patch 24 - Use a RestyleTracker for the coalescing in the animation-only style flush (miniflush). r=heycam
a2f481de3386931f84153012d73678d1bc7251c3L. David Baron — Bug 996796 patch 23 - Make transition manager ignore StyleContextChanged notifications during an animation-only style update. r=heycam
3eb35f913cc5267be0a651b272dae6ef46aa9bc5L. David Baron — Bug 972199 followup - use crashtest manifest rather than setBoolPref so that all later crashtests aren't affected by the pref change. No review.
d6ead6c90bde976a86d2aa019e7f409db2984fb2Daniel Holbert — Bug 922727: Use static_cast to avoid signed/unsigned comparison build warnings with visitCount in History.cpp. r=mak
e57fb96938ea3ff51bf6571a59859e03f5040d59Daniel Holbert — Bug 992670 part 3 - Comment out failing assertion, with reference to followup bug. r=mak
773d3d139fb50fef164bbbaeae2edee782ead659Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 992670 part 2 - Make all child insertions/removals non-temporary in nsNavHistoryContainerResultNode. r=mak
4ce7bbd7598e50f81853c3568ee03c02692e3089Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 992670 part 1 - Fix always true assertion condition in nsNavHistoryResult.cpp. r=mak
8be5d8233990882d9b8829b3ba44fb32ea11a5f9Jonathan Watt — Bug 1049593 - Make BaseRect::Contains(point) behave correctly for floating point rect/point. r=Bas
0d45d22d8f6a897115df9dbba357e1cb0a9aac61Jonathan Watt — Bug 1049242 - Avoid hit-testing against the same clip-path for every SVG text frame that hits. r=heycam
548f678aa12070d80a98f6f4c4c95edde4d30067Jonathan Watt — Bug 1049050 - Follow-up on bug 530985 to add tests for getClientBoundingRect for outer-<svg>. r=longsonr
af7e67f1af51574477b4abc8bc7df2b7e35a3059Mike Hommey — Bug 1047267 - Remove the trigger hacks added in bug 1043344. r=gps
6b285759568cb0b743cb9497e021f6552cc7e349Mike Hommey — Bug 1047267 - Move remaining OS_LIBS and EXTRA_LIBS to r=gps
698ae2f2c8bf4d4205cb8d8683595b30a840db51Mike Hommey — Bug 1047267 - Allow to reference libraries from third-party build systems in USE_LIBS. r=gps
12d00374d8138e078eea5f3427c95f5e411d4419Mike Hommey — Bug 1047267 - Add a memoize decorator to the mozbuild module. r=gps
a5abcc000a5713ce41627c93c0487781b9d258e1Mike Hommey — Bug 1050037 - Remove STLPORT_LIBS/STLPORT_LDFLAGS from Makefiles. r=mshal
09507d19b613e784debc38d9a728237396f4fcbdMike Hommey — Bug 1050029 - Improve Makefile checks for deprecated or variables. r=mshal
06b830f9b0e764c0cbd534557f81985b2b17809bAnthony Jones — Bug 1048517 - Initialised potentially uninitialised variables; r=cpearce
1854d22e1d066e867b4caeb421374c329747542fNigel Babu — Merge m-c to m-i
36d6856984438aa5d5f660862319a449592658a5Bobby Holley — Bug 1042436 - Warn once to the console when XrayWrappers deny access to an object. r=gabor,sr=smaug
59cd444c129b2d1e869bea0d4a7b91a064841ef7Bobby Holley — Bug 1042436 - Lowercase the "reason" param to SilentFailure. r=me
0cafdd33a6f804a34a4e588cb8216089098ae9a5Bobby Holley — Bug 1042436 - Always enter the wrapper's compartment before invoking SilentFailure. r=gabor
2b1da8de6a91a4ac8c3f159f0d3f7e06f39feb9dSteven Michaud — Bug 1044497 - Fix Yosemite build error (cannot initialize a parameter of type 'NSEventType' with an lvalue of type 'uint32_t') r=spohl
336b8cc31768f5e2a087eaaba98768219e668728L. David Baron — Bug 914253 patch 10 - Revert inadvertent change from previous commit. No review. DONTBUILD
0dc5563f5874b9ea01de327cc444cdf1be09cda5L. David Baron — Bug 914253 patch 9 - Implement CRC checking for .gnu_debuglink section. No review.
ed2a7702b5e1c5a3ffd6eddf8071e7f66855916eL. David Baron — Bug 914253 patch 8 - Ignore useless results from addr2line and keep what we had before, like does. No review.
00907b88a3c1dc7f46ccdc5852bf9158ea69c229L. David Baron — Bug 914253 patch 7 - Remove some debugging code and the remnants of the old address adjustment code. No review.
a06f75001b0f153f4819aa1b034836aa758180acWes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1048110) for various Android mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE
118d2e5256e54b7f0aa8fdc38888a89951e2c670Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE a=merge
0d43f74dad139f0a97c23890e7736c8d791ec7c9Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 772d552cbe95 (bug 1049303) for build bustage in ClientLayerManager on a CLOSED TREE
519eac773cda8b8a34b4046e83eb63238cc32d4bChris Pearce — Bug 1049309 - Remove no-op code in libstagefright. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
3dd3a6bdf339062a23181814089a53129962f815Chris Pearce — Bug 1046003 - Ensure duplicate frames after a seek have an Image. r=kinetik
73f32f0b92961026fef566b4a09b3e7beb1376c6Randell Jesup — Bug 1045482: Wrap X11 calls for window lists and XQueryPointer in error trapping to avoid asserts on X11 errors r=karlt
772d552cbe9537f817e86f1e813efcabf06cadccMatt Woodrow — Bug 1049303 - Avoid an invalid cast to ClientThebesLayer when we're using tiling. r=Bas
1cf6f4f278118f64c811435d11a410cd2e6a1073Matt Woodrow — Bug 1048110 - Pad visible regions out by 1 pixel to avoid sampling from invalid content. r=Bas
b89f54e21c0b87597c353187c136062bd4afdda3Matt Woodrow — Bug 1048110 - Expand complex visible regions if we're going to be resampling when using tiling. r=Bas
47101da7d5648fd5ff39fc5a18303d3902a3078bMatt Woodrow — Bug 1046025 - Add component alpha support to TiledContentClient/Host. r=nical