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Mon Apr 22 12:30:39 2013 +0000
ea3ffdbddc53a5f82d9f96fd9c1af7d127c32c10David Zbarsky — Finish backout of part of bug 856472
15349b160448e1615ab13aac8553c835d46d31dbDavid Zbarsky — Backout 5e84af960621 for being wrong
90a3427e0e72f8bbc8de58fdc301f99f36c181d4David Zbarsky — Backout 3e7970330a3e for being wrong
3dad6c06997829a66be120f11f9d976c639ac5e2Benoit Girard — Bug 856331 - Make breakpad unwinding runtime switchable. r=jseward
b343b7d812e6fa5a11477ad0f3397f9dd195469fPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
b26c44283ccd45f62b5994365f31cfd369549b00Matt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Remove unused BasicShadowContainerLayer. r=nrc
ff6187ed9e2ccdbcdcda0721b28cd23bd7f0bcfaMatt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Make mUseIntermediateSurface and mSupportsComponentAlpha on BasicShadowableContainerLayers match the compositor. r=roc
9c63f8f4a341dca980d57849446f8eecac7e7b98Matt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Add code handling dual buffers in ThebesLayerBuffer. r=roc
6619f5967ee46d97e1be3c95166cdf3e50459612Matt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Add code for handling dual buffers in ContentHost. r=nrc
ecb9f51c5c4ca9a4747bb71d00790a31e1e9fd39Matt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Remove old buffer provider code. r=nrc
20f7119bb0593a3ea1fe683debb2491d2676eab8Matt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Let ContentHost create an EffectComponentAlpha if necessary. r=nrc
da9cb9f7c845200a59fec23ccd7fc76782d23e2dMatt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Add AutoLockTextureHost and use it to avoid needing to manually unlock. r=nrc
890ed498bae6df9c60e43dc830294596ce0b9795Matt Woodrow — Bug 862556 - Make thread safe. r=nrc
833dc6a7c4754a4ee5753e6af0609c0f546e49ccPaolo Amadini — Bug 851461 - Make the JavaScript API for downloads available in parallel to nsIDownloadManager. r=mak
0589a420723035ee490c1b3e4f72ccdc5bf92cf3Paolo Amadini — Bug 847191 - Integration with legacy interfaces to start new downloads. r=enn
47da3d4e9e2b39cf5b8dc4146a48820663fd4868David Zbarsky — Remove TitleChangedListener dead code, no bug, r=jlebar over irc
91cf58935be3864ba63138dc6cd6321987c74c21David Zbarsky — [Bug 857884] Use dom::EventTarget more instead of nsIDOMEventTarget Part 7 r=Ms2ger
8d03480f0fe0d3188657fc897a7affcfb329d077Benoit Girard — Bug 863375 - Remove 'Toggle Profiling' menu. r=ehsan
63c7f578eef749f18d844d8bb14d044f5f22309bRichard Marti — Bug 864128 - Fix height of editable menulist dropmarker. r=fryn ui-r=fryn
128ad38ba5d504b81f524440c2cfabe70355f5bdJustin Lebar — Bug 857833 - Remove some warnings in toolkit/xre/nsAppRunner.cpp. r=bsmedberg
8aab5521a29f9e332480adb6f593b4327424dc0bJim Chen — Bug 862929 - Find end of ANR trace the correct way; r=blassey
a1a2af3cebff48ca2f8275add2a5fbc132d9f6f1Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 858231 Refine HAVE_FREEBL_LIBS_32 into HAVE_FREEBL_LIBS_32INT32 and HAVE_FREEBL_LIBS_32FPU, and set only HAVE_FREEBL_LIBS_32FPU to 1 for 32-bit Solaris SPARC builds. r=ginn.chen
5622c699bfc730d2532ef22d34d0db2a1cf0526dBob Clary — Bug 303505 - make toolkit intl nsCharsetMenu.cpp NS_NOTYETIMPLEMENTED messages more meaningful, r=bz.
1547d8556df7b4a3f31c8f00c1a438b7bf7fe172Jonathan Watt — Backout bug 862693 (Stop the :-moz-focusring pseudo-class from matching if an element is themed and the theme will display a visual indication of focus for the element. r=roc)