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Tue May 19 10:02:10 2009 +0000
409416c625bcccc55d41a8e1e143657b1ae6e845Timothy Nikkel — Bug 493702. Paint subdocuments across iframe boundaries in print presentations when we don't have docshells. r=roc
759009d95b4108c3d1626e2417000dc15e79ecbeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 486922. Clamp out-of-bounds seek requests. r=doublec
62acac67ad816aaf27cea2f1a95d95605bcbb7cfRobert O'Callahan — Fix test_media_selection.html to handle IDLE network states, since the cache size limit can suspend its loads
12878454c5d57c4ce9bc7dc9b13e92960088718dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 480058. Handle non-square Theora pixel-aspect-ratio property. r=doublec
eb43d572dbb914d982c5e6f1407d8f3975a1c66aChris Double — Bug 493673. If a video frame has an audio track but no audio data at all, assume the audio has ended and stuff silence into the audio stream. We need this so that video will keep playing synced to the audio clock. r=roc
c7326aaa1a9abf9a2343caf0682adbb632ae7d47Robert O'Callahan — Bug 493431. When a frame has no video data, don't try to use the video time. r=doublec
2230bf80e2f7fbc3ad3d37ba2c25774c58163630Chris Pearce — Bug 487612. Let the start time of all media be 0 even if the internal timestamps start with something nonzero. r=doublec,roc
df4a4ef0e00ee9bf73cffdaa06984503f7f83c60Matthew Gregan — Bug 454971. Support 'new Audio()' constructor. r+sr=roc
d9d952a6226033030c783daa4ed42ab29d8fc7dbRobert O'Callahan — Bug 492420. Delay a little before playing a live stream to try to reduce the likelihood we'll have to buffer. r=doublec