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Wed Jul 23 00:39:18 2014 +0000
0ad20ad7b70ae9a679af9211c0f7b1b34532b3e3Tom Schuster — Bug 1008732 - Simplify key input handling in the Qt widget. r=romaxa
e740a64c284bb1f227ced27770296d0464944dbeEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
4d5d939010e5ace0bdcfc5968e3b3e5788e2dc38Daniel Holbert — Bug 984711 followup: Touch CLOBBER because apparently something here requires it.
db1ceb8f8d9241043418a20bf062b20c044fb567Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1039521 - nsTArray: Add an AppendElement take taking a r-value reference. r=froydnj
22af5c3275c8d2566ff04ba7ddf685f4e683b155Octoploid — bug 1036401 - adjust includes to fix up some issues with complete types instead of forward declarations being required r=bz r=bjacob
b489ff0521636d5e760b4431b92fc669dd369952Daniel Holbert — Bug 946167: crashtest for this bug. (no review)
f7c111168a77e405ff0d0a6f35e8796796f28bf2Daniel Holbert — Bug 1015474 part 7: Explicitly set min-[width|height]:0 on flex items, in flexbox-flex-flow-* reftests. (no review)
2a194f050406eef967e937ee0525304d973c5a44Daniel Holbert — Bug 1015474 part 6: Remove tests for old "min-width:auto" behavior which are no longer correct (and/or obsoleted by newer tests). (no review)
48cf2fca495baa85a130a200441a1c9913b56fb6Daniel Holbert — Bug 1015474 part 5: Add reftests for interaction between "min-[width|height]:auto" & "overflow-x"/"overflow-y". r=dbaron
51999ceb00aeaf760c4a81b765050527038c28ccDaniel Holbert — Bug 1015474 part 4: Add reftests for interaction between "min-width:auto" & "overflow-x". r=dbaron
d82a0354fdcd69aca7b3e35a662890310ea3924dDaniel Holbert — Bug 1015474 part 3: Add reftests for new "min-height:auto" sizing behavior on flex items. r=dbaron
dad1229b5cfed5e22abf910bab3f90b2deeda411Daniel Holbert — Bug 1015474 part 2: Add reftests for new "min-width:auto" sizing behavior on flex items. r=dbaron
f5b98d327bdea311e7b8d4ceff5c1a50b414a872Daniel Holbert — Bug 1015474 part 1: Update behavior of "min-width:auto"/"min-height:auto" to match current spec text. r=mats
bdb506c21fc0d7d275008c27f194f227fca87e35Daniel Holbert — Bug 1037177 part 5: Update documentation for GenerateFlexItemForChild & helpers. (comment-only, no review)
4e69bd26e55a4ef43fde4dfb56ea388c2b0353b2Daniel Holbert — Bug 1037177 part 4: Call ResolveAutoFlexBasisAndMinSize at the end of GenerateFlexItemForChild, instead of just after it. r=mats
596eaed1c0245f24198236839a0ad48400a88097Daniel Holbert — Bug 1037177 part 3: Split out flexbox's auto-height-measuring code into its own dedicated function. r=mats
ab0b0aea5baaf1a1ac003adf2c0981a2508d8c37Daniel Holbert — Bug 1037177 part 2: Rename ResolveFlexItemMaxContentSizing to ResolveAutoFlexBasisAndMinSize. r=mats
80c6223ed885ee3f8dc08a4881a91fc5579f24ffDaniel Holbert — Bug 1037177 part 1: Make FlexItem() constructor take a reflow state as a parameter, to reduce arg-count and get faster access to style structs. r=mats
106c96d0abd10936e41b588df9da8ab0230dee81Daniel Holbert — Bug 984711 part 9: Rename file_flexbox_min_size_auto.html to test_flexbox_min_size_auto.html, now that its obsolete wrapper is gone. (no review)
dc309b3a6da74f1501f8317f6415db576b5dfec3Daniel Holbert — Bug 984711 part 8: Remove pref-setting mochitest wrapper for min-[size]:auto mochitest. (no review; tweaking existing test)
d8697fee9328f6e81b507234640af7bbb307e52eDaniel Holbert — Bug 984711 part 7: Add back mochitest for min-[size]:auto. (no review; just an unbitrotted backout)
b2c96bbed41dd1cb1856112eb32628df2b55a47aDaniel Holbert — Bug 984711 part 6: Add back special handling for min-width:auto in nsHTMLReflowState & getComputedStyle. (no review; just an unbitrotted backout)
24c2f03786ac671248e6497d985a8eb11246901aDaniel Holbert — Bug 984711 part 5: Add back handling for min-height:auto to nsFlexContainerFrame. r=mats
fc15aa6922065e4396084fb2d87e4486549a8bf6Daniel Holbert — Bug 984711 part 4: Add back handling for nsStylePosition::mMinHeight having "eStyleUnit_Auto" in style system & general layout code. (no review; just an unbitrotted backout)
e776a7beb9ea5f20440e1b13a2acc80241b3e5daDaniel Holbert — Bug 984711 part 3: Add back handling for nsStylePosition::mMinWidth having "eStyleUnit_Auto" in style system & general layout code. (no review; just an unbitrotted backout)
5988d4a17c5914443edf5e3d5b8c5ad1e27196e8Daniel Holbert — Bug 984711 part 2: Add back min-width:auto & min-height:auto in the parser and as default value (just computing to '0' for now). (no review; just an unbitrotted backout)
93019f345da9ec27e51ceeee5c67783aee6da748Daniel Holbert — Bug 984711 part 1: Revert tweaks to unit tests, now that 'min-width:auto' support is coming back. (no review; just an unbitrotted backout)
5c38e0a84b54ce795b11e9487636aa89db9891c9Neil Deakin — Bug 1026310, use proper check for popup visibility, r=MattN
f604cdbc6e85c1d7cf68d38592faf2e57495b0f1Luke Wagner — Bug 1041868 - Add #ifdef JS_IONs to fix --disable-ion bustage (r=me)
a1f9c0d19457100bfeaac4e64e4d7dc0f0998854Ben Hearsum — bug 1042078: fix fennec mozconfig ordering. r=rail, a=bustage
cd2bf43234a313a81feb21f1b442af75cfaa41f5Dan Gohman — Bug 1041746 - IonMonkey: GVN: Clear the IsGuard flag when simplifying an instruction too. r=nbp
beb02af9af1c09a574ad73e58556ef9cc7fa56dcMike Shal — Bug 978211 - run make from mach without a shell; r=gps
cde2d3f8ca515c04ed9ee4e998e7e3ff2839b4eaTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1041926 - Remove NS_HIDDEN introduced by selection carets. r=roc